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Deadwood 15 September 2014
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Deadwood Creek Road at McAdams Creek Road
Klamath National Forest

The main marker reads:

1851 - 1861

The town of Deadwood, in its brief existence, was one of the most important business centers in early Siskiyou County. In 1857 there wee three stores, three saloons, two butcher shops, a bakery, a blacksmith shop, two stables, and a dairy. Among the Deadwood businessmen were William Davidson, owner of a general store and butcher shop; C.H. Pyle, operator of another butcher shop; and William Pool, owner of a trading post. The drugstore was owned by Dr, Daniel Ream. Other businessmen included Caleb Gartrell, Nathaniel Sawyer, S.E. Stone, A.B. Carlock, and M. Rosenberg. In comparison to the large business section with its two hotels, there were few residences in town. Most of the miners lived in tents, log cabins, and shelters of all types scattered along the creeks and gulches. In 1856 the town was second to Yreka in population and cast 475 votes at the county convention of 1857. Deadwood came within a few votes of winning the county seat. By 1858 the glory of Deadwood had begun to fade. On December 26, 1861 a disastrous fire burned most of the town and soon after other fires completely destroyed the town of Deadwood.

Erected by
Siskiyou County Historical Society

The secondary marker reads:

Plaque restored in cooperation with the
Siskiyou County Historical Society
And rededicated October 3, 2009 by
Humbug Chapter No. 73 and Oregon Outpost Umpqua Joe No. 1859
E Clampus Vitus

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