Historic Sites and Points of Interest in Siskiyou County

Frogtown in Hawkinsville 15 September 2014
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SR 263 Near Long Gulch Road

The marker reads:

Near this spot in 1851 Frogtown was founded. It became the center of trade for the miners working on the nearby flats and gulches. When the Oregon Stage Road was made the town was moved to higher ground and in 1852 was renamed Hawkinsville. In 1858 a red brick church was erected in the center of town. It is still standing.

This monument dedicated
Sept. 3, 1977
E Clampus Vitus
Humbug Chapter 73

Following the discovery of gold in Yreka in 1851, three miles of miners' cabins were built along Yreka Creek from Greenhorn to Frogtown.

Located down on the creek, Frogtown became a center of commerce. Sometimes called Lower Town, the area had a staggering population for the time of five thousand people.

They say the original town got its name from fall rains when all the tree frogs migrate west up the hill away from the creek. Thousands of frogs can cover the road during heavy rains.

Source: Jefferson Backroads, October 2012

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