Historic Sites and Points of Interest in Siskiyou County

Berryvale Post Office Near Mount Shasta City, California 29 April 2010
Old Stage Road Near City of Mt. Shasta
Old Stage Road a Little South
Of Berryvale Post Office
29 April 2010
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Berryvale Post Office
South Old Stage Road Near Hatchery Lane
Town of Mt Shasta

A notice in the window reads:

The Berryvale Post Office was established April 15, 1870 as the first post office in the Mt. Shasta area, serving approximately 75 families.

It was built by Sophia Fellows in front of her Berryvale Hotel. Justin Sisson was the first postmaster, followed by Sophia Fellows who served from 1879 to 1887.

The post office was also a stage stop and store which stocked yardage, yarn and other sewing items.

The building was restored during 1991-1993 by the Berryvale Post Office Restoration Committee. The sugar pine clapboard siding, cedar shakes and posts were milled to resemble the original as closely as possible, and square nails were used throughout the restoration.

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