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Thompson's Dry Diggings Yreka Trail Marker 20 and Thompson's Dry Diggings

Thompson's Dry Diggings

Thompson's Dry Diggings Thompson and a Pack Animal

15 September 2014
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Thompson's Dry Diggings
Yama Street near Discovery Street

The marker reads:

Thompson's Dry Diggings

Gold was discovered here in March, 1851 by Abraham Thompson, member of a party which was enroute from Oregon to Scott Bar. Following a heavy rain storm, particles of gold in the roots of grass pulled up by pack animals caused Thompson to wash three pans of gravel. The results convinced the party that the area was rich enough to work. In the party were Dr. F. G. Hearn, Judge Silas J. Day and a Mr. Bell, Thompson’s partner. All staked claims on these flats, thirty feet square, and it was named “Thompson’s Dry Diggings”. Within six weeks 2,000 prospectors rushed here to mine, but need of water caused the settlement to move to the creek, and it became known as Shasta Butte City. This name being confused with Shasta in Shasta County, was changed to “I-E-KA”, the Indian word for Mt. Shasta, “now Yreka” in 1852.

Erected by Siskiyou County Historical Society

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