Historic Sites and Points of Interest in Siskiyou County

Site of Clyde Johnson Lynching in Yreka 15 September 2014
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Site of Moonlit Oaks Dance Pavilion
150 Moonlit Oaks Avenue

The marker reads:

Moonlit Oaks Dance Pavilion

Near this location on July 3, 1926, Moonlit Oaks Open Air Dance Platform opened, hosting dances most Saturday nights. Pints of illicit spirits were obtained from the man in the parking lot with the many-pocketed long black overcoat. In those days, dancing was a major social and entertainment event. World War II and post war lifestyle changes brought an end to the grand age of open air dance pavilions, and the demise of Moonlit Oaks.

Dedicated August 18, 2012/6017
Humbug Chapter #73 and
Umpqua Joe Chapter #1859
The Ancient and Honorable Order of
E Clampus Vitus

Unless you are waiting for a bus, you might not notice that a small commemorative marker is mounted on the other side of the base:

Near this spot at 3:00 AM August 3, 1935 Clyde Johnson, native of Alabama, was lynched by a yet unknown group of masked men for the murder of Dunsmuir Chief of Police Frank R. (Jack) Daw, after robbing Padula's Bar in Castella, Shasta Co. of $35.00

This Monument Dedicated
August 3, 1919 by
Humbug Chapter #73
E Clampus Vitus

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