National Register of Historic Places in Siskiyou County, California

Mount Shasta and McCloud Railyard Mount Shasta and McCloud Railyard
30 April 2010
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National Register #90000444
McCloud Historic District
Bounded by Main, Columbero, West Minnesota, and Lawndale

The McCloud Historic District covers 130 acres and contains seventeen contributing buildings.

In 1896, William Van Arsdale and George Scott incorporated a company in the McCloud River Valley on the slopes of Mount Shasta, a dormant volcano. The McCloud River Railroad and Lumber Company remained independent until 1963 with McCloud as its company town.

Some Company Towns
Name Year Address Remarks Sort Address Sort Name
St. John's Episcopal Church1922416 California StreetCalifornia 416St. John's Episcopal Church
McCloud Community Presbyterian Church1905428 California StreetCalifornia 428McCloud Community Presbyterian Church
St. Joseph's Catholic Church1931213 Colombero DriveColombero 213St. Joseph's Catholic Church
St. Joseph's Rectory1905217 Colombero DriveColombero 217St. Joseph's Rectory
Park Motor Hotel1922309 Colombero DriveOriginally a boarding house for unmarried male employees. Now, Stoney Brook Inn for bed and breakfast lodging.Colombero 309Park Motor Hotel
McCloud River Lumber Company1903325 Lawndale CourtLawndale 325McCloud River Lumber Company
Company Manager's Home1900352 Lawndale CourtLawndale 352Company Manager's Home
Hogan House1904424 Lawndale CourtOriginally the residence of the town's second doctor.Lawndale 424Hogan House
McCloud River Mercantile Company1899222-245 Main StreetIn 1906, the McCloud River Lumber Company took over this store and made it the company store.Main 222McCloud River Mercantile Company
Piazza1904301-305 Main StreetOriginally a cleaning shop. A 1919 addition housed a barber shop.Main 301Piazza
McCloud Post Office1904310 Main StreetMain 310McCloud Post Office
Milky Way Restaurant1905316 Main StreetOriginally a restaurant.Main 316Milky Way Restaurant
McCloud Heritage Junction Museum1904320 Main StreetMain 320McCloud Heritage Junction Museum
McCloud River Railroad Depot1929325 Main StreetDestroyed by fire in 1990.Main 325McCloud River Railroad Depot
McCloud Hotel1916408 Main StreetMain 408McCloud Hotel
McCloud Cookhouse1934424 Main StreetBuilt in 1934 to replace a company cafeteria destroyed by fire.Main 424McCloud Cookhouse
Shoemaker's House and Workshop1905304 West Minnesota AvenueOriginally a church meeting hall, then a shoemaker's house and workshop. When the photo was taken on 19 Sep 2006, the building housed the McCloud Community Resource Center.Minnesota 304Shoemaker's House and Workshop
McCloud River Lumber Company 1 May 2010
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McCloud River Lumber Company

This building, built in 1903, contained the offices of McCloud River Lumber Company as well as the telephone switchboard and bank for the town of McCloud. The building was expanded in 1906 and again in September.

The building now houses the McCloud River Inn.

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McCloud Hotel 19 September 2006
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McCloud Hotel

The hotel was built to house unmarried employees. The top floor was a dorm, and the first and second floors had private rooms, some with baths. In 1925, the hotel had 116 beds and a library. Monthly rent for a bunk bed in the dorm was $11.00.

The building is still a hotel but is now open to the public.

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McCloud Heritage Junction Museum 1 May 2010
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McCloud Heritage Junction Museum

The building was originally a pool hall for white lumbermen. All others - including Latinos, Orientals and Greeks - were denied entrance. In 1943, when the workers succeeded in unionizing the McCloud River Lumber Company, this building became the union hall.

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