Historic Sites and Points of Interest in Siskiyou County

Cottonwood Basin Cottonwood Basin and Jefferson Davis Highway
Cottonwood Basin 8 September 2014
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Cottonwood Basin
Copco Road

The marker reads:

Cottonwood Basin

Originally this area was known as Cottonwood, for the trees that grew along the creek. Gold was discovered here in 1851 by John Thomas, and many rich mines were located nearby, the "Brasswire Mine" and the "Jillson Mine" among them. The name was changed to "Henley" in 1856, in honor of the local senator.

Dedicated by
E Clampus Vitus Humbug Chapter 73
Siskiyou County Historical Society
December 5, 1992

On 1 August 2010, Crystal Dreams Press published a novel, The Hornbrook Prophecy, wherein Maverick Senator Henley Hornbrook battles unscrupulous President Winston Dillard while a nationwide tax revolt plunges the country into chaos.

An excerpt reads: "During their 1300 mile trip from Los Angeles to McCall's home in Washington State, the Warner family face gas shortages, carjackers, roadblocks, armed renegades, and gunshot wounds. The previously quiet rural valley is shattered when an armed mob of militant activists, seeking vengeance against Henley Hornbrook..."


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