Historic Sites and Points of Interest in Churchill County

Cold Springs Station Resort on US 50 Cold Springs Station Resort on US 50
US 50 in Nevada is also known as The Old Pony Express Route, The Lincoln Highway and
The Loneliest Road in America
14 March 2016

On US 50 Between Naval Air Station Fallon and Salt Wells US 50 in Salt Wells Basin East of Naval Air Station Fallon
6 August 2008

Intersection of US 50 and US 95 in Fallon County Courthouse at the Intersection of US 50 and US 95 in Fallon
6 August 2008

Middlegate Middlegate
14 March 2016

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Name Address City Year Authority ID Sort Address Sort Name
California Trail MarkerI-80 and US 95Exit 93 to FallonPOI080-01California Trail Marker
Carson River Diversion DamPioneer Way at Carson River South of US 50NorthamNational1981000380050-20Carson River Diversion Dam
Carson Trail Marker 01SR 396Humboldt State Wildlife Management AreaPOI396-00Carson Trail Marker 01
Carson Trail Marker 02SR 396Humboldt State Wildlife Management AreaPOI396-10Carson Trail Marker 02
Carson Trail Marker 03US 95Forty Mile DesertPOI095-00Carson Trail Marker 03
Carson Trail Marker 04US 95Forty Mile DesertPOI095-05Carson Trail Marker 04
Carson Trail Marker 05US 95Forty Mile DesertPOI095-10Carson Trail Marker 05
Carson Trail Marker 06US 95Forty Mile DesertPOI095-12Carson Trail Marker 06
Carson Trail Marker 07US 95Forty Mile DesertPOI095-14Carson Trail Marker 07
Carson Trail Marker 08US 95Forty Mile DesertPOI095-16Carson Trail Marker 08
Carson Trail Marker 09US 95Forty Mile DesertPOI095-20Carson Trail Marker 09
Carson Trail Marker 10Soda Lake RoadForty Mile DesertPOISoda LakeCarson Trail Marker 10
Carson Trail Marker 11Workman RoadSoda LakePOIWorkmanCarson Trail Marker 11
Carson Trail Marker 12US 50 Near Trento LaneRagtown1852POI050-60Carson Trail Marker 12
Carson Trail Marker 13Pioneer WayFallonPOIPioneerCarson Trail Marker 13
Carson Trail Marker 14Unpaved Road off US 50Lahontan State Recreation AreaPOI050-60Carson Trail Marker 14
Carson Trail Marker 15Unpaved Road off US 50Lahontan State Recreation AreaPOI050-60Carson Trail Marker 15
Central Overland Trail Marker 26Old Overland RoadRuralPOIOld Overland RoadCentral Overland Trail Marker 26
Central Overland Trail Marker 27US 50RuralPOI050-85Central Overland Trail Marker 27
Central Overland Trail Marker 28SR 722Eastgate1864POI722-10Central Overland Trail Marker 28
Central Overland Trail Marker 29US 50Midddlegate1860POI050-85Central Overland Trail Marker 29
Central Overland Trail Marker 30US 50Westgate1867POI050-85Central Overland Trail Marker 30
Central Overland Trail Marker 31US 50Sand Springs1861POI050-85Central Overland Trail Marker 31
Central Overland Trail Marker 32US 50Rural1863POI050-85Central Overland Trail Marker 32
Central Overland Trail Marker 33US 50 Near Trento LaneRagtown1859POI050-60Central Overland Trail Marker 33
Central Overland Trail Marker 34Unpaved Road off US 95RuralPOI095-20Central Overland Trail Marker 34
Churchill County Courthouse10 West Williams AvenueFallonNevada161Williams Street 0010Churchill County Courthouse
Churchill County Courthouse10 West Williams AvenueFallonNational1992001258Williams Street 0010Churchill County Courthouse
Churchill County Jail10 West Williams AvenueFallonNational2001001546Williams Avenue W 0010Churchill County Jail
Cold Springs Station SiteUS 50Clan AlpineNational1972000762050-80Cold Springs Station Site
Douglass House10 South Carson StreetFallonNational2001000822Carson S 0010Douglass House
Edwards Creek ValleyUS 50RuralNevada111050-85Edwards Creek Valley
Eisenhower Highway MarkerI-80 and US 95Exit 93 to FallonPOI080-01Eisenhower Highway Marker
Emigrant Trail Marker 2US 95RuralPOI095-50Emigrant Trail Marker 2
Fairview (1905-1917)US 50 Wet of State Route 121MiddlegateNevada202050-50Fairview (1905-1917)
Fairview Peak Earthquake FaultsEarthquake Fault RoadMiddlegatePOIEarthquake FaultFairview Peak Earthquake Faults
Fallon City Hall55 East Williams AvenueFallonNational2004001197Williams Avenue E 0055Fallon City Hall
Forty-Mile DesertI-80 and US 95Exit 93 to FallonNevada26080-01Forty-Mile Desert
Grimes PointUS 50, Ten Miles East of FallonFallonNevada27050-30Grimes Point
Harmon SchoolKirn and Harmon RoadsFallonNational1989000055KirnHarmon School
Hazen600 Reno HighwayHazenNevada178RenoHazen
Hazen Store600 Reno HighwayHazenNational2001001547RenoHazen Store
Holy Trinity Episcopal Church507 Churchill StreetFallonNational2003000413Churchill 0507Holy Trinity Episcopal Church
Home of Early ManI-80 and US 95Exit 93 to FallonNevada147080-01Home of Early Man
Lahontan DamKaren RoadLahontan State Recreation AreaNevada215KarenLahontan Dam
Lahontan Dam and Power StationKaren RoadLahontan State Recreation AreaNational1981000381KarenLahontan Dam and Power Station
Lazy B Guest RanchUS 50 Near Wildes RoadNaval Air Station FallonPOI050-70Lazy B Guest Ranch
Middlegate StationUS 50 at SR 361MiddlegatePOI050-60Middlegate Station
New Pass StationUS 50 East of New PassPetersons MillNevada135050-90New Pass Station
Oats Park Grammar School151 East Park StreetFallonNational1990000715Parker E 0167Oats Park Grammar School
Oats Park School151 East Park StreetFallonNevada263Parker E 0151Oats Park School
Pony Express RouteSalt Wells RoadSalt Wells Power PlantNevada271Salt WellsPony Express Route
RagtownUS 50 at Pioneer WayFallonNevada19050-10Ragtown
Rock CreekUS 50Clan AlpineNevada83050-70Rock Creek
Sand MountainUS 50, Twenty Miles East of FallonFallonNevada10050-40Sand Mountain
Sand Mountain Pony Express StationUnpaved Road off US 50Sand Mountain Recreation AreaPOI050-60Sand Mountain Pony Express Station
StillwaterSR 116FallonNevada216116-01Stillwater
Truckee Trail Marker 1SR 396Humboldt State Wildlife Management AreaPOI396-00Truckee Trail Marker 1
Truckee Trail Marker 2SR 396Humboldt State Wildlife Management AreaPOI396-05Truckee Trail Marker 2
Truckee Trail Marker 3: Forty-Mile DesertUS 95Forty Mile DesertPOI95Truckee Trail Marker 3: Forty-Mile Desert
Truckee Trail Marker 4I-80Forty Mile DesertPOI080-100Truckee Trail Marker 4
Truckee Trail Marker 5I-80RuralPOI080-150Truckee Trail Marker 5
Truckee Trail Marker 6I-80RuralPOI080-200Truckee Trail Marker 6
Truckee Trail Marker 7I-80RuralPOI080-250Truckee Trail Marker 7
Truckee Trail Marker 8I-80 (Exit 65)RuralPOI080-300Truckee Trail Marker 8
Truckee Trail Marker 9I-80RuralPOI080-350Truckee Trail Marker 9
Wagon Jack ShelterState Route 722EastgateNevada110722-01Wagon Jack Shelter
Wonder Mining CampUS 50 at Dixie Valley RoadMiddlegateNevada201050-60Wonder Mining Camp
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