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Lazy B Guest Ranch

Lazy B Guest Ranch 14 March 2016
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Lazy B Guest Ranch
Lincoln Highway near Wildes Road
Near Naval Air Station Fallon

In 1986, three Clampers erected a commemorative marker in front of the Lazy B Guest Ranch. The Clampers were named Robert (Buckwheat) Harrison, Jim (The Kite) Sullivan and Robert (Pig) Pigman.

The marker read:

Want it known that in the State of Nevada, this site is dedicated not for it’s historical significance, but for the significance of the genuine gold diggers of Western history, the working girls who made a man forget the back breaking work and the struggle to survive in a country where survival was a day to day chore.

Dedicated to the genuine gold diggers of the Old West,the working girls who kept the West working when it was truly the Golden Age of Mining.

This site is dedicated to the true gold diggers in Western history, the ladies who gave a lonesome miner a few minutes of comfort and sent him on his way, short on dust, long on memories.

Dedicated to the original gold diggers, the ladies of the world’s oldest profession who kept the miners diggin’ and the West a workin’, while the East waited for the West to pay their way.

Source: Historical Marker Data Base

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When we visited in 2016, thirty years after the marker was erected, the building was derelict and we found no trace of the marker.
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