National Register of Historic Places in Marin County

National Register #72000236: Dixie Schoolhouse in San Rafael
National Register #72000236: Dixie Schoolhouse in San Rafael Both Photos 20 October 2005
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Dixie Schoolhouse

The Dixie Schoolhouse is the oldest one-room school in Marin County and has been in continuous use since its construction in 1864. The property was deeded to James Miller by Don Timoteo Murphy and is part of the Las Gallinas Ranch granted to Murphy by the Mexican government. The building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1971. It is the last mid-Victorian schoolhouse in Marin County and is used for educational purposes and community events.

The building was used by the Dixie School District until 1957, when the last teacher, Josephine Codoni Leary, moved to one of the new schools built to accommodate the children of the post-war population explosion. Mrs. Leary, a lifelong resident of Marin County, served Dixie School District until her retirement in 1971.

Dedicated June 4, 1994
By The Native Sons of the Golden West,
Fred Codoni, Grand President

National Register #72000236
Dixie Schoolhouse
2255 Las Gallinas Avenue
San Rafael
Built 1864

This one-story, wood-frame Italianate building is Marin County's only unaltered one-room schoolhouse.

James Miller donated the land for the school. Mr. Miller was one of the first American settlers in California. He had arrived in 1844 with the Stephens-Townsend-Murphy party of approximately fifty men, women and children. While his wagon train was camped on the Oregon Trail at Independence Rock, Wyoming, his wife gave birth to a baby girl whom they named Ellen Independence Miller.

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