National Register of Historic Places in Sonoma County, California

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National Register #75000489
Sonoma Plaza
Center of Sonoma
Built 1835 By Mexico

The Sonoma Plaza Historic District is comprised of 80 acres containing 28 buildings and two objects of historic significance.

The National Register Statement of Significance reads:

Established June 1835 to check possible Russian expansion from Fort Ross and to control the Indians, Sonoma Pueblo was the chief military base of the Mexican Government in Alta California; Mission San Francisco Solano de Sonoma, founded 1823, is the last of the 21 California missions. On June 14, 1846, the raising of the Bear Flag in the Plaza marked the beginning of the American revolt against Mexican rule.

The eight-acre plaza itself was laid out by General Mariano Vallejo in 1835 as a parade ground for the Mexican soldiers stationed at the Sonoma Presidio. It is the largest central plaza in California, and as the site of the Bear Flag Revolt, it can reasonably claim to be the birthplace of modern California.


Name Year Address Remarks Sort Address Sort Name
Baptist Church1850First Street EastOriginally located on Napa Street between 5th and 6th, the church was moved to its present site in 1868, and the Christopher Wren style steeple was added. Street 01 EBaptist Church
Batto Building and Masonic Temple1909453-465 First Street WestThe Batto Building is Classical Revival. The Masonic Temple is late Victorian. Street 01 W 0453Batto Building and Masonic Temple
Bear Flat Flag Staff and Monument1913Plaza, Northeast CornerThe Bear Flag was raised on this spot on June 14, 1846, by the Bear Flag Party in their declaration of the freedom of California from Mexican rule. On July 9, 1846, the Bear Flag was hauled down and the American Flag was raised by Lieutenant Joseph W. Revere, U.S.N. Plaza 05Bear Flat Flag Staff and Monument
Blue Wing Inn1849133 East Spain StreetSpain E 0133Blue Wing Inn
Casa Grande (Site)Casa Grande (Site)
Casa Grande Servants QuartersCasa Grande Servants Quarters
Castagnasso House1850256 East Spain StreetThis wood frame building was originally a store located on East Spain Street across from the Blue Wing Inn. In 1856, it was moved to the southwest corner of First Street East and Napa Street where it continued to be used as a store. Finally, it was moved to 256 East Spain Street for use as a residence. Later, probably in the 1880's a second story was added.Spain E 0256Castagnasso House
Clewe Residence1880531 Second Street East Street 02 E 0561Clewe Residence
Country Inn1896110 West Spain StreetSpain W 0110Country Inn
Duhring Residence1860532 Second Street East Street 02 E 0562Duhring Residence
El Dorado Hotel1840411-17 First Street WestConstructed as a one-story adobe in the 1840's and in 1848-49, it housed a noted hostelry. In the l860's, the second frame story was added. The building has been considerably altered. Street 01 W 0411El Dorado Hotel
Italianate Commercial BuildingNapa Street70 feet east of First Street East.NapaItalianate Commercial Building
Jones Adobe143 West Spain StreetOne-story adobe house in the Monterey Colonial style which is little altered on the exterior and is in use as a residence.Spain W 0143Jones Adobe
Leese - Fitch Adobe1841487 First Street WestTwo-story adobe in the Monterey Colonial style with a wooden balcony across its front. From June 1849 to October 1851, the Pacific Division Headquarters of the War Department was located in the structure. Many junior officers, later to achieve fame and advancement, were associated with the adobe during the military period; including Colonel Joseph Hooker, later known as "Fighting Joe" Hooker, Ulysses Grant, Andrew Smith, Lieutenant William T. Sherman, General Gibbs, John C. Fremont, and Kit Carson. Street 01 W 0487Leese - Fitch Adobe
Mission Hardware1892498 First Street EastClassical Revival brick Victorian. Street 01 E 0498Mission Hardware
Mission San Francisco Solano de Sonoma1823114 East Spain StreetSpain E 0114Mission San Francisco Solano de Sonoma
Nash - Patton Adobe1847579 First Street East Street 01 E 0579Nash - Patton Adobe
Poppe House1850564 First Street East Street 01 E 0564Poppe House
Ray - Adler Adobe1848114 East Spain StreetSpain E 0114Ray - Adler Adobe
Ruggles Building433 First Street West Street 01 W 0433Ruggles Building
Sonoma Antique Shop1850447 First Street WestClassic revival wood frame building. Street 01 W 0447Sonoma Antique Shop
Sonoma Barracks1836West Spain Street and First Street EastSpain WSonoma Barracks
Sonoma City Hall1906Number 1, The PlazaPlaza 01Sonoma City Hall
Swiss Hotel184318 West Spain StreetSpain W 0018Swiss Hotel
Taylor House1852114 East Spain StreetMonterey Colonial style.Spain E 0114Taylor House
Toscano Hotel185720 Spain StreetHotel and Annex are behind the hotel.Spain 0020Toscano Hotel
Vallejo Adobe1843417 First Street WestBuilt by Indian labor, 1843-45, this structure was an income property of Captain Salvador Vallejo, younger brother of General Mariano G. Vallejo. Street 01 W 0417Vallejo Adobe
Vasquez House1851541 First Street WestIn 1851, Charles Lubeck, a Swedish sea captain, imported 40 pre-fab wooden houses to California, six of which were erected in Sonoma. This house is undoubtedly one of the imported houses and has retained its original appearance. The house is typical of many of the pre-fabs imported to California in the 1848 to 1851 period. Street 01 W 0541Vasquez House
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