California Historical Landmarks in Sonoma County

California Historical Landmark 4
Vallejo Estate
AKA Lachryma Montis
North Terminus of 3rd Street West
Sonoma State Historic Park
Built 1851

California Historical Landmark #4: Vallejo Estate

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Lachryma Montis
Home of General M.G. Vallejo
Erected 1851

Purchased by State Park Commission through funds furnished by the General Vallejo Memorial Association and the people of the state of California. Donors names within building.

Tablet donated by Historic Landmarks Committee, Native Sons of the Golden West.

California Historical Landmark #4: Vallejo Estate
4 June 2004
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The home of General Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo, known as 'Lachryma Montis' (Tears of the Mountain), was built in 1850. Its name was derived from the springs that now are the source of Sonoma's water supply. General Vallejo, born at Monterey July 7, 1808, was commander of the northern Mexican frontier, founder of the Pueblo of Sonoma, and a member of the first Constitutional Convention of California.

From the California Office of Historical Preservation (OHP Website)

The Hermitage at the Vallejo Estate
12 June 2005
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The Hermitage

Napoleon, the youngest son of General Vallejo moved into his new quarters in 1865 at the age of 15. Here, he surrounded himself with the objects of his great love: the outdoors. At one time, he had in this room (and the lean-to behind), shotguns, rifles, pistols, fishing equipment, 14 dogs, 2 monkeys, 3 cats, and one parrot. All this Napoleon left behind when he entered the College of Santa Clara in 1867.

The Vallejo Estate contributes to the Sonoma Plaza Historic District National Register Listing #75000489 and is individually listed on the National Register of Historic Places as Listing #72000262.

We were unable to locate a bear flag plaque for this landmark. Here's a list of other California Historical Landmarks which had no bear flag marker when we visited them.

Sonoma State Historic Park contains six historic buildings:

Mission San Francisco Solano
Sonoma Barracks
Casa Grande Servants' Quarters
Blue Wing Inn
Toscano Hotel
Vallejo Estate Lachryma Montis

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