National Register of Historic Places in Sonoma County

National Register #92000293
Sonoma Plaza Boundary Increase
Center of Sonoma
Built 1835 By Mexico

Sonoma was the last town under Hispanic control laid out under the Laws of the Indies. Sonoma retains its integrity to this plan with the size and location of the Plaza, orientation of the buildings, and the grid pattern of streets surrounding the Plaza.

General Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo laid out the pueblo in 1835. He brought in the earliest settlers and supervised the dissolution of Mission San Francisco Solano.

The first commercial wineries in California were established here. Other early industries included stone quarrying and fish ranching.

This historic district is the northernmost outpost for adobe buildings in the Monterey architectural style. Later residential and commercial buildings are textbook examples of architectural styles popular in America between the years 1835 and 1945: Classical Revival, Italianate, Eastlake, Queen Anne and bungalow.

Adapted from the NRHP nomination submitted in 1992.

Name Year Address Remarks Sort Address Sort Name
First Baptist Church (Ames Chaple)1850First Street East Street 01 EFirst Baptist Church (Ames Chaple)
Batto Building1909453 First Street West Street 01 W 0453Batto Building
Masonic Hall1909465 First Street West Street 01 W 0465Masonic Hall
Bear Flat Flag Staff and Monument1913Plaza, Northeast CornerPlaza 05Bear Flat Flag Staff and Monument
IOOF1911521 BroadwayClassic RevivalBroadway 0521IOOF
Commercial Building1870526 BroadwayItalianateBroadway 0526Commercial Building
Commercial Building1880530 BroadwayItalianateBroadway 0530Commercial Building
Industrial Building1880530 Broadway RearVernacular former blacksmith shopBroadway 0530 RearIndustrial Building
Commercial Building1910536 BroadwayVernacularBroadway 0536Commercial Building
Residence1870548 BroadwayBroadway 0548Residence
Residence1880578 BroadwayQueen AnneBroadway 0578Residence
Residence124 ChurchBungalowChurch 0124Residence
Commercial Building191515 East Napa StreetMission RevivalNapa E 0015Commercial Building
Commercial Building191025 East Napa StreetNapa E 0025Commercial Building
Commercial Building190029 East Napa StreetSpanish Colonial RevivalNapa E 0029Commercial Building
Boccoli Building1896101-103 East Napa StreetVernacularNapa E 0101Boccoli Building
Dal Poggetto Buildings1908107-118 East Napa StreetVernacularNapa E 0107Dal Poggetto Buildings
Andre Castex Building1904127 East Napa StreetNapa E 0127Andre Castex Building
Residence1880139 East Napa StreetEastlakeNapa E 0139Residence
Commercial Building1910146-148 East Napa StreetFormer GarageNapa E 0146Commercial Building
Residence1900151-155 East Napa StreetNapa E 0151Residence
Residence1880156 East Napa StreetEastlakeNapa E 0156Residence
Residence1910161 East Napa StreetBungalowNapa E 0161Residence
Residence1910168 East Napa StreetVernacularNapa E 0168Residence
Residence1870180 East Napa StreetVernacularNapa E 0180Residence
Swiss Hotel185018 Spain StreetMonterey Colonial adobeSpain 0018Swiss Hotel
Toscano Hotel and Kitchen185720 Spain StreetSpain 0020Toscano Hotel and Kitchen
Water Tower190020 Spain StreetSpain 0020-3Water Tower
Cuneo (Sebastiani) Apartments193830 Spain StreetMission RevivalSpain 0030Cuneo (Sebastiani) Apartments
Bus Depot193938-100 Spain StreetMission RevivalSpain 0038Bus Depot
Mission San Francisco Solano de Sonoma1824114 East Spain StreetSpain E 0114Mission San Francisco Solano de Sonoma
Residence1886130 East Spain StreetSpain E 0130Residence
Blue Wing Inn1835133-135 East Spain StreetMonterey Colonial adobeSpain E 0133Blue Wing Inn
Residence1886146 East Spain StreetSpain E 0146Residence
Residence1906147-149 East Spain StreetSpain E 0147Residence
Residence1922165 East Spain StreetBungalowSpain E 0165Residence
Residence1890196 East Spain StreetQueen AnneSpain E 0196Residence
Barn1900196 East Spain Street RearSpain E 0196-1Barn
Ray Adler Adobe1848205 East Spain StreetSpain E 0205Ray Adler Adobe
Residence1911206 East Spain StreetClassic RevivalSpain E 0206Residence
Residence1911220 East Spain StreetBungalowSpain E 0220Residence
Residence1900227 East Spain StreetSpain E 0227Residence
Cooke House1852245 East Spain StreetSpain E 0245Cooke House
Castagnasso House,1849256 East Spain StreetVernacular. The building was enlarged and moved twice.Spain E 0256Castagnasso House,
Sonoma Hotel1872110 West Spain StreetSpain W 0110Sonoma Hotel
Sonoma City Hall19061 The PlazaMission RevivalPlaza 0001Sonoma City Hall
Commercial Building1930400 First Street EastMission Revival Street 01 E 0400Commercial Building
Commercial Building1891408 First Street EastVernacular. Built by Italian stone worker Augostino Pinelli. Street 01 E 0408Commercial Building
Commercial Building1891412-416 First Street EastVernacular. Built by Italian stone worker Augostino Pinelli. Street 01 E 0412Commercial Building
Commercial Building1912420 First Street EastVernacular Street 01 E 0420Commercial Building
Carnegie Library1913453 First Street EastClassic Revival Street 01 E 0453Carnegie Library
Commercial Building1911466 First Street EastSullivanesque style Street 01 E 0466Commercial Building
Sebastiani Theater1933482 First Street EastSpanish Colonial Revival Street 01 E 0482Sebastiani Theater
Commercial Building1900484 First Street East Street 01 E 0484Commercial Building
Commercial Building1900521 First Street EastVernacular Street 01 E 0521Commercial Building
Commercial Building1900525 First Street EastVernacular Street 01 E 0525Commercial Building
Julius Poppe House1847564 First Street East Street 01 E 0564Julius Poppe House
Residence1910567 First Street EastShingle Style Street 01 E 0567Residence
Aguillon-Ruggles Building1875435-439 First Street WestVernacular Street 01 W 0435Aguillon-Ruggles Building
Residence1860447 First Street West Street 01 W 0447Residence
Batto Building1912457 First Street WestClassic Revival Street 01 W 0457Batto Building
Masonic Lodge1909465 First Street WestClassic Revival Street 01 W 0465Masonic Lodge
Commercial Building1890481 First Street WestItalianate Street 01 W 0481Commercial Building
Clewe (Johann Frederick) House1880531 Second Street EastItalianate Street 02 E 0531Clewe (Johann Frederick) House
Duhring House1860532 Second Street EastRemodeled by Bliss & Faville in 1928 Street 02 E 0532Duhring House
Clewe (William) House1915553 Second Street East Street 02 E 0553Clewe (William) House
Residence1910558 Second Street EastBungalow Street 02 E 0558Residence
Second Street Bridge and Retaining WallSecond Street and East Napa Street Street 02Second Street Bridge and Retaining Wall
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