California Historical Landmarks in Tuolumne County

California Historical Landmark 138
Mark Twain Cabin Historic Marker West
CA-49 West of Jackass Hill Road

California Historical Landmark #138: Mark Twain Cabin 14 April 2008

California Historical Landmark #138: Mark Twain Cabin 8 January 2009
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Mark Twain Cabin

Replica with original chimney and fireplace. Here on Jackass Hill, young Mark Twain, while guest of the Gillis Brothers in 1864-65, gathered material for "Jumping Frog of Calaveras", which first brought him fame, and for "Roughing It".

Historical Landmark No. 138
Department of Public Works - Division of Highways

California Historical Landmark #138: Mark Twain Cabin
Reconstructed Cabin on Jackass Hill
8 January 2009
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Two California plaques on CA-49 commemorate the Mark Twain cabin with identical wording. This plaque stands west of the intersection of CA-49 and Jackass Hill Road, and the other plaque stands east.

The reconstructed cabin on Jackass Hill is marked with two more plaques.

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