National Register of Historic Places in Humboldt County

Vance Hotel in Eureka Old Town Historic District Vance Hotel
525 Second Street
7 July 2007
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National Register #91001523
Eureka Old Town Historic District
First, Second and Third Streets Between C and N Streets

This 350 acre historic district contains 154 contributing buildings and one contributing structure.

Name Year Address Remarks Sort Address Sort Name
Russ Boarding House1897200 First StreetGable-end vernacular Street 01 0200Russ Boarding House
Scandia Hotel1883225 First StreetGreek Revival Street 01 0225Scandia Hotel
L'Tosca Hotel1869233 First StreetGreek Revival Street 01 0233L'Tosca Hotel
Our Corner Saloon1880301 First Street Street 01 0301Our Corner Saloon
White Laundry1880307 First Street Street 01 0307White Laundry
E. E. Janssen Building1878422 First StreetItalianate Victorian Street 01 0422E. E. Janssen Building
H. H. Buhne Store1869423 First StreetClassically detailed fa├žade. Street 01 0423H. H. Buhne Store
Buhne Boarding House and Hardware Store1888424-432 First StreetItalianate Victorian Street 01 0424Buhne Boarding House and Hardware Store
Fior D'Italia Hotel1911110 Second StreetOriginally a four-story Renaissance Revival building, but the third and fourth stories were removed. Street 02 0110Fior D'Italia Hotel
Ferrari Building1910123-125 Second StreetMuch remodeled Italianate Victorian Street 02 0123Ferrari Building
Eagle House1886139 Second StreetStick Victorian Street 02 0139Eagle House
McGaraghan Commercial Building1891201-209 Second StreetItalianate Victorian Street 02 0210McGaraghan Commercial Building
Original Name Unknown1930219-221 Second StreetArt Deco Street 02 0219Original Name Unknown
Saloon1890223 Second StreetPredates 1890 Street 02 0223Saloon
Sawtelle Building1885301 Second StreetThe original cast-iron front was removed or covered over. Little remains of the original style. Street 02 0301Sawtelle Building
Healy Brothers' Building1908327 Second StreetModified Classical Revival Street 02 0327Healy Brothers' Building
Electric Motors (Bicycle Shop)/California Fruit Market1894324-328 Second StreetEastlake style commercial building Street 02 0324Electric Motors (Bicycle Shop)/California Fruit Market
Long Building1877403-411 Second StreetCast iron storefronts. Build was restored in 1976. Street 02 0403Long Building
Alonzo Monroe Building1876402-410 Second StreetBuilt as a series of five one-story brick buildings with twelve-inch thick walls for fire protection. Street 02 0402Alonzo Monroe Building
Harvey & McLaren Saloon1892412 Second StreetClassical Revival Street 02 0412Harvey & McLaren Saloon
Cousins Building1874414-418 Second StreetMission Revival Street 02 0414Cousins Building
Long Building1892417 Second StreetClassical elements and Eastlake detailing Street 02 0417Long Building
No Historical Name1880420-422 Second StreetClassical Revival. "Handsome example of a typical American building which combines ground-floor commercial space with offices or living quarters above." Street 02 0420No Historical Name
Loewenthal Building-The Louvre1879426 Second StreetEclectic Street 02 0426Loewenthal Building-The Louvre
Crystal Palace Saloon1872509 Second StreetMuch altered Neo-Baroque design Street 02 0509Crystal Palace Saloon
Vance Garage1930511 Second StreetMission Revival Street 02 0511Vance Garage
No Historical Name1886516 Second Street Street 02 0516No Historical Name
Vance Building1869521 Second StreetFlat-front Italianate Street 02 0521Vance Building
Vance Hotel1872525 Second StreetItalianate Street 02 0525Vance Hotel
Masonic Hall1893528 Second Street Street 02 0528Masonic Hall
Buhne Hall1870620 Second StreetItalianate Street 02 0620Buhne Hall
Axe Building/GAR Hall1881622 Second StreetFalse-front vernacular Street 02 0622Axe Building/GAR Hall
Victorian Commercial Building1886626 Second StreetItalianate Street 02 0626Victorian Commercial Building
Kimball Building1878630-638 Second StreetVernacular interpretation of Greek Revival Street 02 0630Kimball Building
No Historical Name1895715 Second StreetGable-end vernacular Street 02 0715No Historical Name
No Historical Name1895717 Second StreetGable-end vernacular Street 02 0717No Historical Name
No Historical Name1909723-725 Second StreetColonial Revival flats Street 02 0723No Historical Name
No Historical Name1920728 Second StreetCraftsman cottage Street 02 0728No Historical Name
No Historical Name1920731 Second StreetCraftsman cottage Street 02 0731No Historical Name
No Historical Name1889732 Second StreetWood-Frame, gable-end house remodeled in the Craftsman style Street 02 0732No Historical Name
No Historical Name1870737 Second StreetVernacular residential complex with a main dwelling from the 1870's and additions from various periods Street 02 0737No Historical Name
No Historical Name1944738 Second StreetVictorian building, original date unknown, which was remodeled in 1944. Street 02 0738No Historical Name
Connick House1871803 Second StreetItalianate dwelling Street 02 0803Connick House
No Historical Name1870811 Second StreetWood-Frame, gable-end house Street 02 0811No Historical Name
Johnson House1906812 Second StreetClassical Revival house Street 02 0812Johnson House
Johnson House1901816 Second StreetClassical Revival house Street 02 0816 1Johnson House
Vernacular Greek Revival House1860816 Second Street (Rear)Greek Revival Street 02 0816 2Vernacular Greek Revival House
No Historical Name1865817 Second StreetVernacular simplification of Greek Revival style Street 02 0817No Historical Name
Graham Doublehouse1873822-826 Second StreetItalianate duplex Street 02 0822Graham Doublehouse
No Historical Name1921825 Second StreetCraftsman bungalow Street 02 0825No Historical Name
No Historical Name1921829 Second StreetBungalow Street 02 0829No Historical Name
Graham House1870837 Second StreetWood-frame, vernacular duplex Street 02 0837 1Graham House
No Historical Name1920837 Second Street (Rear) Street 02 0837 2No Historical Name
No Historical Name1880901 Second StreetRemodeled in the 1920's Street 02 0901No Historical Name
Young House18881006 Second StreetQueen Anne/Eastlake Victorian moved to this site in 1978 Street 02 1006Young House
Murphy House18671020 Second StreetSimplified Greek Revival Street 02 1020Murphy House
Carson House19031034 Second StreetMoved to this site around 1985 Street 02 1034Carson House
Carson Carriage House and Servants' Quarters18891116 Second StreetWood-Frame, vernacular gable-end Street 02 1116Carson Carriage House and Servants' Quarters
Maffia and Brambini Building1917107 Third Street Street 03 0107Maffia and Brambini Building
Female Boarding House1898123 Third StreetEastlake Victorian Street 03 0123Female Boarding House
No Historical Name1887125-129 Third StreetVernacular, end gable Greek Revival Street 03 0125No Historical Name
Williams Building1904403 Third StreetNeoclassical commercial Street 03 0403Williams Building
Russ Building1883527 Third StreetVictorian commercial Street 03 0527Russ Building
No Historical Name1890Third and G StreetsRemodeled during the 1930's or 1940's Street 03 0600No Historical Name
Pioneer Hall1890621-623 Third StreetVictorian with recent remodeling Street 03 0621Pioneer Hall
Graham House1891711 Third StreetItalianate with Eastlake elements Street 03 0711Graham House
Graham House1895717-719 Third StreetQueen Anne with Eastlake elements Street 03 0717Graham House
Chamberlain Duplex1907804-806 Third StreetNeoclassical residence Street 03 0804Chamberlain Duplex
Sinclair House1903805 Third StreetNeoclassical residence Street 03 0805Sinclair House
Murray House1870813 Third StreetVernacular house Street 03 0813Murray House
Hart House1885816 Third StreetVernacular house Street 03 0816Hart House
No Historical Name1889833 Third Street Street 03 0833No Historical Name
Seward Apartment Building1907832-838 Third StreetColonial Revival Street 03 0832Seward Apartment Building
Graham House1892837 Third StreetQueen Anne/Eastlake duplex Street 03 0837Graham House
McFarland House1887905 Third StreetVictorian with probable modernizations Street 03 0905McFarland House
McFarland House1895911 Third StreetQueen Anne . One of six houses built by S. W. McFarland between 1894 and 1904. Street 03 0911McFarland House
McFarland House1895917 Third StreetQueen Anne Street 03 0917McFarland House
McFarland House1904923 Third StreetNeoclassical Street 03 0923McFarland House
McFarland House1895931 Third StreetDuplicate of 911 Third Street Street 03 0931McFarland House
McFarland House1901935 Third StreetQueen Anne rowhouse Street 03 0935McFarland House
Bell House18891023 Third StreetVictorian cottage Street 03 1023Bell House
Broderick House18801026 Third StreetVernacular Italianate Street 03 1026Broderick House
No Historical Name1027 Third Street Street 03 1027No Historical Name
Ellesmore House18701125 Third StreetVernacular gable-end house Street 03 1125Ellesmore House
No Historical Name18581134 Third StreetVernacular gable-end house Street 03 1134No Historical Name
No Historical Name18581125 Third StreetVernacular gable-end house Street 03 1125No Historical Name
Smith House18701228 Third StreetVernacular gable-end house Street 03 1228Smith House
Western States Gas & Electric Company Warehouse1890100 C Street Street C 0100Western States Gas & Electric Company Warehouse
Eagle House1880C Street and Snug AlleyItalianate Street C 0150Eagle House
Humboldt Engineering and Supply Company Building1908202-210 C Street and 118-138 Second StreetWooden commercial building Street C 0202Humboldt Engineering and Supply Company Building
1876 Philip Needs Building1876100 C StreetGreek Revival Street C 01001876 Philip Needs Building
No Historical NameFoot of D StreetWarehouse for goods shipped by train and boat Street D 0000No Historical Name
Hotel Metropolis217 D and 300-308 Second Street20th Century Classical Revival Street D 0217Hotel Metropolis
No Historical NameE Street at Waterfront (West Side)Warehouse Street E 0010No Historical Name
No Historical NameE Street at Waterfront (East Side)Warehouse Street E 0020No Historical Name
Feed and Seed Warehouse194065 E StreetFalse front warehouse with stepped parapet Street E 0065Feed and Seed Warehouse
Feuerwerker's191986 E StreetBuilt in 1919 and significantly modified in 1926 Street E 0086Feuerwerker's
Bell Building1892210-216 E Street and 320-334 Second Street Street E 0210Bell Building
Monroe Building1876213 E StreetBrick building with flat roof and false front. Identical to 217 E Street Street E 0213Monroe Building
Monroe Building1876217 E StreetIdentical to 213 E Street Street E 0217Monroe Building
Bank of Eureka1911240 E StreetClassical Revival designed by Albert Pissis who graduated from the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris Street E 0240Bank of Eureka
Carr Building1871312 E StreetItalianate false-front commercial building Street E 0312Carr Building
Hensel's Eureka Bakery & Confectionary1879314 E StreetItalianate false-front commercial building Street E 0314Hensel's Eureka Bakery & Confectionary
Georgeson Building/Central Hotel1903333-339 E StreetRenaissance Revival Street E 0333Georgeson Building/Central Hotel
No Historical Name1917350 E StreetReinforced concrete Classical Revival Street E 0350No Historical Name
Coggeshell Launch190069 F StreetBay warehouse converted into a railway depot in 1916 Street F 0069Coggeshell Launch
Weaver Building1892102 F StreetEastlake Victorian Street F 0102Weaver Building
McDonald Building (National Register Listing #82000966)1904108 F StreetClassical Revival Street F 0108McDonald Building (National Register Listing #82000966)
Antonsen/Snug Building1890109-117 F StreetItalianate Street F 0109Antonsen/Snug Building
Odd Fellows Hall1882123-131 F StreetSecond Empire Street F 0123Odd Fellows Hall
Rick's Building1878203-215 F Street and 525 Second StreetOriginally constructed of brick with cast -iron storefronts. Embodies the change from wooden commercial buildings to brick commercial buildings Street F 0203Rick's Building
Palmtag Building1893208-210 F Street and 432-434 Second StreetQueen Anne commercial building Street F 0208Palmtag Building
No Historical Name212 F Street Street F 0212No Historical Name
Carson Block Building1891227-239 F StreetBrick and terra cotta building designed by Samuel Newsom in the Sullivanesque style Street F 0227Carson Block Building
Jones Building1876234 F Street Street F 0234Jones Building
Buhne Building1884211 G StreetRenaissance Revival designed by Kennitzer and Raun Street G 0211Buhne Building
McGrath Boarding House1865112 I Street Street I 0112McGrath Boarding House
No Historical Name1870122 I StreetVernacular gable-end house and 1922 garage addition Street I 0122No Historical Name
No Historical Name1910206 I StreetCraftsman bungalow Street I 0206No Historical Name
No Historical Name1939215 I Street Street I 0215No Historical Name
No Historical Name1889233 I StreetVernacular house Street I 0233No Historical Name
Bullock House1880317 I StreetVernacular Italianate Street I 0317Bullock House
Northwest Pacific Railroad Tracks and Sign1916Foot of J Street Street J 0000Northwest Pacific Railroad Tracks and Sign
No Historical Name1920219 J StreetOriginally built as a garage behind the house at 905 Third Street Street J 0219No Historical Name
No Historical Name1870304 L StreetVernacular house Street L 0304No Historical Name
No Historical Name1880314 L StreetHipped-roof cottage Street L 0314No Historical Name
Dolbeer Carson Lumber Company1916100 M StreetRenaissance Revival Street M 0100Dolbeer Carson Lumber Company
Carson Mansion and Carriage House1884143 M Street"Encyclopedic array of Eastlake and Queen Anne forms and details" Street M 0143Carson Mansion and Carriage House
Carson (J. Milton) House1889202 M StreetQueen Anne with Eastlake detailing designed by Newsom brothers of San Francisco Street M 0202Carson (J. Milton) House
Brant House1905305 M StreetCraftsman bungalow Street M 0305Brant House
No Historical Name1930320 M Street Street M 0320No Historical Name
No Historical Name1915304 N StreetCraftsman house and 1920['s garage Street N 0304No Historical Name
Blacksmith and Wagon Works1889217 Snug AlleyPredates 1889Snug 0217Blacksmith and Wagon Works
Apartment and Garage1930Snug Alley Behind 223 Second StreetSnug 0217 1Apartment and Garage
No Historical Name1880Snug Alley Between F and G StreetsThree intact outbuildings built as livery stables and garages between 1880 and 1930Snug 0217 2No Historical Name
No Historical Name1920Snug Alley Behind 732 Second StreetTwo-car garage probably built between 1940 and 1940Snug 0217 3No Historical Name
No Historical Name1920Opera Alley Between B and C StreetsOne-car garage c.1920Opera 0000 1No Historical Name
No Historical Name1920Opera Alley Between B and C StreetsTwo-car garage probably built between 1940 and 1940Opera 0000 2No Historical Name
No Historical Name1880409 Opera AlleyTwo-story, false front building.Opera 0409No Historical Name
No Historical Name1900411-413 Opera AlleyTwo-story, false front building.Opera 0411No Historical Name
No Historical Name1900415 Opera AlleyOpera 0415No Historical Name
No Historical Name1890421 Opera AlleyOpera 0421No Historical Name
No Historical Name1889Opera Alley Between E and F StreetsOpera 0425No Historical Name
No Historical Name1890Opera Alley Behind 426 Second StreetOpera 0426No Historical Name
No Historical Name1900519 Opera AlleyVernacular, two-story, end gable building.Opera 0519No Historical Name
No Historical Name1880626 Opera AlleyTwo-story, false front building.Opera 0626No Historical Name
Sinclair Barn1900Opera Alley Behind 805 Third StreetVernacular outbuildingOpera 0805 1Sinclair Barn
Sinclair Garage1920Opera Alley Behind 805 Third StreetOpera 0805 1Sinclair Garage
Vernacular Dwelling1910Opera Alley Behind 817 Third StreetOpera 0817Vernacular Dwelling
No Historical Name1880Opera Alley Behind 911 Third StreetOne-room, rectangular outbuildingOpera 0911No Historical Name
No Historical Name1910Opera Alley Behind 931 Third StreetSingle-car garage probably built sometime between 1910 and 1930.Opera 0931No Historical Name
F. Bell Outbuilding1889Opera Alley Behind 1023 Third StreetOne-story, Victorian outbuildingOpera 1023F. Bell Outbuilding
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