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In Memory of the Lumberjack 24 September 2013
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Lumberjack Plaque
Willow Street and 1st Avenue

The marker reads:

In Memory of the Lumberjack

They were fallers, buckers, swampers, barkers, skidders, snipers, doggers, greasers, bull punchers, skinners, hook tenders, choker setters, rigging slingers, high climbers, donkey men, whistle punks, river pigs, and more. Once they were lumberjacks, as unique and hardy a legion as any page of history can produce. At work they were prodigious, at play preposterous, and although their skid road became skidrow, they gave the forest to our nation. In its strength we find their legacy.

Dedicated By
Las Plumas del Oro Chapter
E Clampus Vitus
June 17, 1972

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