Nevada Historic Markers in White Pine County: Copper Country

Nevada Historical Marker 9
Copper Country
US 50
Near Keystone

Nevada Historic Marker 9: Copper Country

Note the Lincoln Highway marker next to the Copper Country marker.
See Nevada Marker 66: Jacobsville
for more information about the Lincoln Highway.

Nevada Historic Marker 9: Copper Country

15 July 2008
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1864 Copper Country 1964

The famed open-pit copper mines of eastern Nevada including the Liberty Pit, largest in the state, are located two miles south of this point. Through the first half of the 20th century, this area produced nearly a billion dollars in copper, gold and silver. The huge mounds visible from here are waste rock which was removed to uncover the ore.

Two miles east of here, near Lane City, was the Elijah, the first mine discovered in the Robinson Mining District. Lane City, originally called Mineral City, was settled in 1869 and had a population of 400. At Mineral City was the Ragsdale Station, one hotel and a stage station.

Nevada Centennial Marker No. 9

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