Historic Sites and Points of Interest in White Pine County

On US 50 Between Naval Air Station Fallon and Salt Wells
US 50 in Ely
Mural of Ward Charcoal Ovens by Local Artist Chris Kreider

Intersection of US 50 and US 95 in Fallon
Miners at Sundberg Hot Spring in Cherry Creek
A Mural by Wei Luan
7th and Aultman Streets in Ely

Both Photos 6 August 2008
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Name Address City Year Authority ID Sort Address Sort Name
American Legion Hall24 4th StreetMcGillNational1994001404 Street 04 0024American Legion Hall
Baker Ranger StationSR 487BakerNational1995001224487-00Baker Ranger Station
Capital Theater460 Aultman StreetElyNational1993000692Aultman 0460Capital Theater
Central Overland Trail Marker 01State Route 2RuralPOI002-10Central Overland Trail Marker 01
Central Overland Trail Marker 02State Route 2RuralPOI002-10Central Overland Trail Marker 02
Central Overland Trail Marker 03Unamed RoadRuralPOIUnamedCentral Overland Trail Marker 03
Central Overland Trail Marker 04County Road 31RuralPOI031-10Central Overland Trail Marker 04
Central Overland Trail Marker 05Unamed RoadRock SpringsPOIUnamedCentral Overland Trail Marker 05
Central Overland Trail Marker 06County Road 18Schell CreekPOI018-10Central Overland Trail Marker 06
Central Overland Trail Marker 07Unamed RoadRuralPOIUnamedCentral Overland Trail Marker 07
Central Overland Trail Marker 08Unamed RoadRuralPOIUnamedCentral Overland Trail Marker 08
Central Overland Trail Marker 09Unamed RoadRuralPOIUnamedCentral Overland Trail Marker 09
Central Overland Trail Marker 10Overland RoadRuralPOIOverlandCentral Overland Trail Marker 10
Central Overland Trail Marker 11Overland RoadRuralPOIOverlandCentral Overland Trail Marker 11
Central Overland Trail Marker 12County Road 6RuralPOI006-10Central Overland Trail Marker 12
Central Overland Trail Marker 13County Road 6RuralPOI006-10Central Overland Trail Marker 13
Central Overland Trail Marker 14County Road 6Rural1863POI006-10Central Overland Trail Marker 14
Central Overland Trail Marker 15Telegraph Canyon RoadOverland Pass1864POITelegraph Canyon RoadCentral Overland Trail Marker 15
Central Theater145 West 15th StreetElyNational1993000691 Street15Central Theater
Cherry CreekSR 489Cherry CreekNevada52489-00Cherry Creek
Copper CountryHighway 50 Near KeystoneKeystoneNevada9050-00Copper Country
East Ely Depot1100 Avenue AEast ElyNational1984002082 Avenue AEast Ely Depot
Ely LDS Stake Tabernacle900 Aultman StreetElyNational1993000685Aultman 0900Ely LDS Stake Tabernacle
Fort RubySR 3HobsonNational1966000460003-00Fort Ruby
Fort SchellbourneSR 2SchellbourneNational1972000768002-00Fort Schellbourne
Fort Schellbourne (Boundary Increase)SR 2SchellbourneNational1977001544002-00Fort Schellbourne (Boundary Increase)
HamiltonUS 50HamiltonNevada53050-00Hamilton
Hastings Cutoff Marker 22County Road 6RuralPOI006-10Hastings Cutoff Marker 22
Hastings Cutoff Marker 23County Road 6RuralPOI006-10Hastings Cutoff Marker 23
Jedediah Strong SmithUS 93RuralNevada84093-00Jedediah Strong Smith
Johnson Lake Mine Historic DistrictSR 488Great Basin National ParkNational1995001225488-00Johnson Lake Mine Historic District
Lehman Orchard and AqueductLehman Caves National MonumentGreat Basin National ParkNational1975000181Great BasinLehman Orchard and Aqueduct
McGill Drug Store11 4th StreetMcGillNational1997001301 Street 04McGill Drug Store
Nevada Northern Railway2000 Aultman Street at White Pine MuseumElyNevada100Aultman 2000Nevada Northern Railway
Nevada Northern Railway East Ely Yards and ShopsNorth Terminus of East 11th StreetElyNational1993000693 Street 11Nevada Northern Railway East Ely Yards and Shops
Osceola (1872-1940)Routes 50/6 at Osceola RoadOsceolaNevada98050-00Osceola (1872-1940)
Osceola (East) DitchHalf Mile East of Grouse Canyon to Lehman Creek (Eighteen Miles)Great Basin National ParkNational1996000584Great BasinOsceola (East) Ditch
Rhodes CabinLehman Caves National MonumentGreat Basin National ParkNational1975000180Great BasinRhodes Cabin
Schellbourne Historic MarkerHighway 93 at State Route 18SchellbourneNevada51093-00Schellbourne Historic Marker
TaylorRoutes 50/93/6 Southeast of ElyTaylorNevada99050-00Taylor
Ward Charcoal OvensCR 45/16Ward Charcoal Ovens Historic State MonumentNevada184045-00Ward Charcoal Ovens
Ward Charcoal OvensCR 45/16Ward Charcoal Ovens Historic State MonumentNational1971000491045-00Ward Charcoal Ovens
Ward Mining DistrictRoutes 50/93/6 Southeast of ElyWardNevada54050-00Ward Mining District
White Pine County Courthouse995 Campton StreetElyNational1986001958Campton 0995White Pine County Courthouse
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