National Register of Historic Places in Humboldt County

S. H. Paine Building in the Ferndale Main Street Historic District The S. H. Paine Building
(484 Main Street at Washington Street)
was built in 1901.

Photographed 7 July 2007
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National Register #93001461
Ferndale Main Street Historic District

Before American settlement, Ferndale was a glade of giant ferns reaching more than six feet, surrounded by alder, willow, Sitka spruce, Douglas fir, coast redwood, swampy land and windswept prairies. The area was populated by the southern Wiyot people, centered along the Eel River where they caught lamprey eels, salmon and sturgeon in iris leaf fish nets, collected shellfish along the river and at its mouth,[8] while cultivating only a California species of tobacco.

The town was established in 1852 from settlement by Willard Allard, Seth Louis Shaw and his brother Stephen W. Shaw.

Source: Wikipedia

This forty-six acre Historic District contains thirty-nine contributing buildings and one contributing object.

Name Year Address Remarks Sort Address Sort Name
Alford Drug Store1877409 Main StreetMain 0409Alford Drug Store
Alford House1884207 Francis StreetFrancis 0201Alford House
Brown's Office Building1902350 Main StreetMain 0350Brown's Office Building
Charles A. Doe Building1901561-563 Main StreetNeo-ClassicalMain 0561Charles A. Doe Building
D. A. Branstetter Building1902361 Main StreetMain 0361D. A. Branstetter Building
Dahlquist Plumbing & Electrical Shop1936468 Main StreetMain 0468Dahlquist Plumbing & Electrical Shop
Eel River & Southern Telephone Company Building1924460 Main StreetMain 0460Eel River & Southern Telephone Company Building
Enterprise Building1923334 Main StreetMain 0334Enterprise Building
Enterprise Office1881219 Francis StreetFrancis 0219Enterprise Office
Faulkner House1899230 Francis StreetFrancis 0230Faulkner House
Ferndale Bank1911394 Main StreetMain 0394Ferndale Bank
Ferndale Meat Market1900376 Main StreetMain 0376Ferndale Meat Market
Gill Building/Hiller Building1891476 Main StreetMain 0476Gill Building/Hiller Building
Gill House/Blackburn Building1876444 Main StreetMain 0444Gill House/Blackburn Building
Grangreen-Ward-Gill House1870452 Main StreetMain 0452Grangreen-Ward-Gill House
Hart Theatre1920441-451 Main StreetMarquee added in 1935Main 0441Hart Theatre
Hiram Hatch Building1901543 Main StreetMain 0543Hiram Hatch Building
Hotel Ivanhoe1875315 Main StreetMain 0315Hotel Ivanhoe
Kemp Building1930513-525 Main StreetMission RevivalMain 0513Kemp Building
Loewenthal's Ferndale Reliable Store1900344 Main StreetMain 0344Loewenthal's Ferndale Reliable Store
Masonic Temple1891212 Francis StreetFrancis 0212Masonic Temple
Masonic-Odd Fellows Hall1875425-431 Main StreetMain 0425Masonic-Odd Fellows Hall
Meng Building1891430-436 Main StreetMain 0430Meng Building
Mullady Building1894424 Main StreetMain 0424Mullady Building
New Hart Building1924399-405 Main StreetMain 0399New Hart Building
Old Red Front Store1900505 Main StreetRemodeled in the late 1940sMain 0505Old Red Front Store
P. F. Hart Building1896393 Main StreetMain 0393P. F. Hart Building
Paine Building1901484 Main StreetSee photograph at top of page.Main 0484Paine Building
Palace Saloon1902341-353 Main StreetMain 0341Palace Saloon
Petersen's Service Station1930524 Main StreetMain 0524Petersen's Service Station
Post Office/Drug Store Building1889337 Main StreetMain 0337Post Office/Drug Store Building
R. H. Edwards Building1901535 Main StreetMain 0535R. H. Edwards Building
Rings Pharmacy1896362 Main StreetMain 0362Rings Pharmacy
Rose Mullady's Millinery & Art Needlework Store1928358 Main StreetMain 0358Rose Mullady's Millinery & Art Needlework Store
Russ Bank Building (Victorian Inn)1891400 Ocean AvenueOcean 0400Russ Bank Building (Victorian Inn)
S&E Garage and Ford Dealership1927580 Main StreetFalse front building.Main 0580S&E Garage and Ford Dealership
Taylor Building1898325-327 Main StreetMain 0325Taylor Building
Town Clock1923385 Main StreetMain 0385Town Clock
Williams Building (Gazebo)1888475 Main StreetRemodeled in 1920, 1948 and 1954Main 0475Williams Building (Gazebo)
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