Historic Sites and Points of Interest in Alpine County

Highway 89 Near Woodfords
Highway 89 Near Woodfords
17 February 2007

Alpine County is located in the Sierra Nevada between Lake Tahoe and Yosemite National Park.

It is the smallest county, by population, in California. As of 2010, it had a population of 1,175, all rural. There are no incorporated cities in the county. The county seat is Markleeville.

Two of California's most historic and scenic highways traverse the Sierra Nevada in Alpine County:

State Route 4 is closed in the winter above Bear Valley. State Route 88 is an all-weather road.

Name Address City Year Authority ID Sort Address Sort Name
Alpine County Courthouse14777 State Route 89 Markleeville1928National2004001074SR 89-30Alpine County Courthouse
Alpine County Historical Complex 135 School StreetMarkleevillePOISchool 0135Alpine County Historical Complex
Alpine Hotel14830 State Route 89MarkleevillePOISR 89-10Alpine Hotel
Bedrock MortarsState Route 4Lake AlpinePOISR 04-20Bedrock Mortars
Caples LakeSR 88Caples LakePOISR 88-10Caples Lake
Carson Trail Marker 36Fredricksburg RoadMesa VistaPOIFredricksburgCarson Trail Marker 36
Carson Trail Marker 37SR 88Alpine VillagePOISR 88-90Carson Trail Marker 37
Carson Trail Marker 38Crystal Springs RoadAlpine VillagePOICrystal SpringsCarson Trail Marker 38
Carson Trail Marker 39Carson Pass HighwaySorensensPOICarson PassCarson Trail Marker 39
Carson Trail Marker 40Burnside RoadHope ValleyPOIBurnsideCarson Trail Marker 40
Carson Trail Marker 41Blue Lakes RoadHope Valley Snow ParkPOIBlue LakesCarson Trail Marker 41
Carson Trail Marker 42Red Vista RoadCarson PassPOIRed VistaCarson Trail Marker 42
Carson Trail Marker 43Red Vista RoadCarson PassPOIRed VistaCarson Trail Marker 43
Carson Trail Marker 44Woods Lake RoadCaples LakePOIWoods LakeCarson Trail Marker 44
Carson Trail Marker 45SR 88 Caples LakePOISR 88-10Carson Trail Marker 45
Carson Trail Marker 46Trail on South Side of Caples LakeKirkwoodPOICaplesCarson Trail Marker 46
Carson Trail Marker 47Rough Dirt RoadKirkwoodPOIRough Dirt RoadCarson Trail Marker 47
Carson Trail Marker 48Rough Dirt RoadKirkwoodPOIRough Dirt RoadCarson Trail Marker 48
Carson Trail Marker 49Rough Dirt RoadKirkwoodPOIRough Dirt RoadCarson Trail Marker 49
Ebbetts Pass RouteState Route 4 PM 18.5Toiyabe National ForestCalifornia318SR 04-35Ebbetts Pass Route
Harry SchimkeStation House RoadBear ValleyPOIStation HouseHarry Schimke
Hermit ValleyState Route 4Stanislaus National ForestPOISR 04-30Hermit Valley
Kit Carson MarkerState Route 88Carson PassCalifornia315SR 88-32Kit Carson Marker
Luther Pass Trail Marker 1Burnside RoadHope ValleyPOIBurnsideLuther Pass Trail Marker 1
Marklee's Cabin SiteSR 89 at Water StreetMarkleevilleCalifornia240SR 89-40Marklee's Cabin Site
Markleeville General StoreSR 89 Between Montgomery and Water StreetsMarkleevillePOISR 89-20Markleeville General Store
Old Emigrant RoadState Route 88Caples LakeCalifornia661SR 88-20Old Emigrant Road
Old Emigrant RoadStation House RoadBear ValleyPOIStation HouseOld Emigrant Road
Old Log Jail135 School StreetMarkleevillePOISchool 0135Old Log Jail
Old Webster School135 School StreetMarkleevilleNational2005000071SchoolOld Webster School
Pioneer Odd FellowsRed Vista RoadCarson PassCalifornia378Red VistaPioneer Odd Fellows
Pony Express Remount StationOld Pony Express WayWoodfords StationCalifornia805Old Pony ExpressPony Express Remount Station
Reynold’s HouseState Route 4Lake AlpinePOISR 04-10Reynold’s House
Reynolds PeakState Route 4Toiyabe National ForestPOISR 04-10Reynolds Peak
Silver MountainState Route 4Toiyabe National ForestPOISR 04-40Silver Mountain
Snowshoe ThompsonState Route 88Carson PassPOISR 88-30Snowshoe Thompson
Snowshoe Thompson Home Diamond Valley Road Woodfords StationPOIDiamond ValleySnowshoe Thompson Home
Webster SchoolMontgomery and LaramieMarkleevillePOIMontgomeryWebster School
Woodfords Station Old Pony Express WayWoodfords StationPOIOld Pony ExpressWoodfords Station
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