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Point of Historical Interest: Markleeville General Store
Point of Historical Interest: Markleeville General Store, California
5 November 2012
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Markleeville General Store
State Route 89 Between Montgomery and Water Streets

The plaque reads:

Markleeville General Store

On August 2, 1885, fire broke out in the town of Markleeville destroying several buildings, including Harvey and Rask's butcher shop and smokehouse. Later on in the fall, the building was rebuilt and reopened as Rask's Butcher Shop.

The building today, contains the original section plus additions, made in the 1890's and 1950's. The old cooler room, now referred to as the antiques room, has 12 inches of sawdust in its 14 inch walls for insulation.

In the early 1900's it changed into a general store. Through the years a soda fountain, service station and post office have been added and taken away, as the needs of the area and the times dictated. It still stands in the shadow of the Sierra's [sic] to serve the needs of both residents and travelers alike throughout Alpine County.

Dedicated July 30, 2005 (6010)
Snowshoe Thompson Chapter 1827
E Clampus Vitus,

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