Conrad Meussdorffer (1871–1945)

3320 Jackson Street by Conrad Meussdorffer 3320 Jackson Street
2 July 2012
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Conrad Alfred Meussdorffer was the son of German parents came to San Francisco in 1853.

He worked for the architectural firm of Salfield & Kohlberg, then in partnership with Victor de Prosse befor opening his own practice in 1897.

Meussdorffer designed the St. Regis apartments in Lafayette Park, the only private residence in San Francisco located in a public park. The luxirious Beaux-Arts building established Meussdorffer as the architect of choice for San Francisco's one percent. His buildings at 2006 Washington Street and 2500 Steiner Street are often considered the finest apartment buildings in San Francisco.

Name Year Address City Sort Address Sort Name
Apartment Building19172145 Franklin StreetSan FranciscoFranklin 2145Apartment Building
Apartment Building19231800 Gough StreetSan FranciscoGough 1800Apartment Building
Apartment Building19171810 Jackson StreetSan FranciscoJackson 1810Apartment Building
Apartment Building19161824 and 1830 Jackson StreetSan FranciscoJackson 1824Apartment Building
Apartment Building19232100 Jackson StreetSan FranciscoJackson 2100Apartment Building
Apartment Building19282299 Pacific AvenueSan FranciscoPacific 2299Apartment Building
Apartment Building19082135 Sacramento StreetSan FranciscoSacramento 2135Apartment Building
Apartment Building19082205 Sacramento StreetSan FranciscoSacramento 2205Apartment Building
Apartment Building19272500 Steiner StreetSan FranciscoSteiner 2500Apartment Building
Apartment Building19222000 Washington StreetSan FranciscoWashington 2000Apartment Building
Apartment Building19242006 Washington StreetSan FranciscoWashington 2006Apartment Building
Residence1904870-74 Chestnut StreetSan FranciscoChestnut 0870Residence
Residence18973016-18 Clay StreetSan FranciscoClay 3016Residence
Residence19023051-55 Clay StreetSan FranciscoClay 3051Residence
Residence19043295 Clay StreetSan FranciscoClay 3295Residence
Residence19063320 Jackson StreetSan FranciscoJackson 3320Residence
Residence19083349-51 Jackson StreetSan FranciscoJackson 3349Residence
Residence19063353-55 Jackson StreetSan FranciscoJackson 3353Residence
St. Regis Apartments19081925 Gough StreetSan FranciscoGough 1925St. Regis Apartments

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