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Westwood Firehouse
24 September 2013
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Westwood Firehouse
206 3rd Street

The marker reads:

Westwood Firehouse

Built in 1913, this building has been the home of the Westwood Fire Department since its beginning. O. L. Lunt was the 1st Chief until 1918. Maurice Hertzig was appointed Chief in 1946 and served for 32 years. He was the last official chief. Once the home of horse drawn fire wagons & sleds, it is now the home of state of the art equipment. As in the beginning, it's still manned by the bravest & most loyal men and women of Westwood.

Dedicated August 2, 6008 (2003) by the Vigilante Outpost #1911 of the Las Plumas del Oro Chapter 8 of the Ancient and Honorable order of E Clampus Vitus Credo Quia Absurdum

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