Shingle Style (1880-1900)

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The Shingle Style evolved from the Queen Anne Style in New England and became popular in the San Francisco Bay Area under the name, First Bay Tradition.

Shingle Style houses are two or three stories and are completely covered in unpainted wood shingles from roof to foundation.

Some attributes are:

  • multi-gabled roof with long slopes
  • hipped roof dormers or shed-roofed dormers
  • grouped casement windows with multiple panes
  • bay windows
  • undulating patterns in the shingle siding
  • tower with conical or belled roof
  • one or more porches
  • rubblework chimney


Name Year Address City Sort Address Sort Name
Bartlett House 1907McQuillan and Booker StreetsTonopahMcQuillanBartlett House
Noyes Mansion19031750 1st StreetNapa0 Street 01 1750Noyes Mansion
St. John's Episcopal Church1904230 Salem Street ChicoSalem 0230St. John's Episcopal Church
St. Peter's Chapel1901Building 104Mare IslandBuilding 104St. Peter's Chapel
Waybur House19013232 PacificSan FranciscoPacific 3232Waybur House
Carson Mansion1885143 M StreetEureka M 143Carson Mansion
Arena Cove Coast Guard Captain's House1902Port RoadPoint ArenaPortArena Cove Coast Guard Captain's House

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