Points of Interest in Mendocino County

U.S. Coast Guard Arena Cove Lifeboat Station No. 314

National Register #90001363: Arena Cove Coast Guard Captain's Residence 28 February 2018
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Arena Cove Coast Guard Captain's House
Port Road
Point Arena
Built 1902

This classical revival building is the centerpiece of a group of sturdily constructed station buildings. It was sited and designed to provide good visibility from the house to the port.

Although this building is commonly called the Captain's House, it also served as a dormitory for other crew members, at least for those without families at the station.

A few alterations have been made over the years but they do not compromise the architectural integrity of the building.

Source: Adapted from the NRHP nomination for Arena Cove Historic District submitted in 1990.

The NRHP nomination describes the Captain's House as a classical revival building, but I have difficulty seeing any classical revival elements. To me, the design appears to be inspired by modest New England shingle style buildings.

The Coast Guard Captain's Residence contributes to the Arena Cove Historic District.

When we photographed the Coast Guard Station in February of 2008, it appeared to be well-maintained but deserted.

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