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Mariposa County's Old Stone Jail
19 December 2006
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Mariposa County's Old Stone Jail
5012 Bullion Street
Built 1858

The plaque reads:

Mariposa County's Old Stone Jail

This 33 x 26 foot structure was built in 1858 from granite blocks quarried near Mormon Bar at a cost of 14,744.00 by J. O. Lovejoy. It originally had two stories and a gallows at the east end. In 1892 a fire gutted the building, taking the life of its only occupant, Thomas Truitt. Reconstruction called for removal of the upper story, the surplus granite to be used as retaining walls at the fairgrounds. Several prisoners have escaped over the years, usually by overpowering the guards. In 1935 two inmates escaped with outside help. Rivets were cut, an iron plate removed, and a stone block worked loose. Both escapees were captured in Oregon. The Old Stone Jail was condemned in 1963 and replaced by a facility near the courthouse.

Dedicated by Matuca Chapter 1849
E Clampus Vitus june 9, 1979
Rededicated With New Plaque April 4, 1992
By Matuca Chapter (5997)

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