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Old Stanislaus County Jail in La Grange, California 7 October 2007
Old Stanislaus County Jail and Stage in La Grange, California Old County Jail and Stage Stop
28 October 2012
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Old Stanislaus County Jail
Yosemite Boulevard and La Grange Road
La Grange
Built 1900

Of the several old jails pictured on NoeHill, this is the only one made of wood.

A plaque on the front of the jail reads:

The Old Jail

Formerly at the foot of Main Street. Replaced one built in 1858, which burned in June 1900. A few Clampers may have slept here, but Clampers helped restore this building in 1976.

Estanislao Chapter No. 58
E Clampus Vitus

April 25, 1976

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