California Historical Landmarks in Mariposa County

California Historical Landmark 323
Mormon Bar
Fairground Road

California Historical Landmark #323: Mormon Bar
California Historical Landmark #323: Mormon Bar
20 December 2006
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Mormon Bar

In 1849, a group of Mormons established a tent encampment near here while searching for land to farm. After an influx of gold miners the Mormons moved on. Next, came thousands of Chinese miners, merchants and farmers. Mormon Bar became the largest Chinese community in Mariposa County boasting a hotel, blacksmith shop, stores and gambling dens.

Mormon Bar 1860 election returns reported the Secession candidates defeated the Union candidates 21 to 17. In 1864 President Abraham Lincoln received 11 votes in the Mormon precinct.

Mormon Bar was an important stagecoach stop for travelers to and from Yosemite. Granite used in building the Mariposa jail was quarried near here. Archaeological evidence shows that Native Americans lived in the area long before the Mormons arrived.

Dedicated by Matuca Chapter 1849
E Clampus Vitus
June 21, 2003 -6008-
Credo Quia Absurdum

Near Mormon Bar, California
State Route 140 Near Mormon Bar
20 December 2006
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Seven score and one years after the death of Lincoln, the patriots of Mormon Bar have made their peace with the Republican Party.
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