National Register of Historic Places in the City and Borough of Juneau

National Register #94000603: Juneau Downtown Historic District, Alaska 20 May 201
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Although attractive in its own right, the Senate Building does not contribute to the historic district. According to the National Register nomination form: two buildings, Juneau Iron Works (1898) and the Central Building (1913) were joined in 1944, the building was completely remodelled including addition of a third floor. In 1984, a fourth floor was added. The building has lost its historical integrity.

National Register #94000603
Juneau Downtown Historic District
Franklin from 2nd to Ewing, 1st and 2nd from Franklin to Main, Front

The discovery of placer gold on Gold Creek in 1880 led to the creation of Juneau. Subsequent development of lode gold mines in the 1890's secured the future of the town.

Commercial establishments lined Front Street adjacent to the wharves on Gastineau Channel. During the 1890's more permanent buildings replaced the hastily erected boom town buildings. The oldest building standing in the historic district is Madsen's Rooming House, constructed in 1889.

The commercial district continued to grow in the early 1900s when the territorial government offices moved from Sitka to Juneau and when construction of a cold storage plant brought commercial fishermen to Juneau. Construction of the Baranof Hotel in 1939 signaled the end of the era. The Federal Government ordered lode gold mining operations shut down during World War II and mining did not resume after the war.

Today, forty-two contributing buildings from 1889-1939 stand in the Juneau Downtown Historic District . Only eleven buildings of recent construction are in the historic district and they complement the earlier buildings in size and massing. Five others have been altered and no longer reflect their periods of construction.

The district is an excellent representation of early twentieth century commercial architecture in a small Pacific coast community. Late Victorian, Late 19th and Early 20th Century American Movements, and Modern Movement architectural styles are represented.

Name Year Address Remarks Sort Address Sort Name
Gross 20th Century Building1939222 Front StreetArt DecoFront 0222Gross 20th Century Building
Alaska Electric Light and Power Building1936134 North Franklin StreetArt DecoFranklin N 134Alaska Electric Light and Power Building
Alaska Steam Laundry (National Register #78000527)1901170-174 South Franklin StreetLate Victorian architectural styleFranklin S 174Alaska Steam Laundry (National Register #78000527)
Alaskan Hotel (National Register #78000526)1913167 South Franklin StreetFranklin S 167Alaskan Hotel (National Register #78000526)
Arctic Poolroom1910148-152 South Franklin StreetFranklin S 148Arctic Poolroom
Baranof Hotel1938127 North Franklin StreetModerne with Art Deco influencesFranklin N 127Baranof Hotel
Blomgren Building1924233 Front StreetTwentieth Century Commercial architectural style.Front 0233Blomgren Building
Boroff House1914425 South Franklin StreetFranklin S 425Boroff House
Brunswick (Harrisburgh) Building1913281-291 South Franklin StreetFranklin S 281Brunswick (Harrisburgh) Building
C.W. Young Building1896205-213 Front StreetFront 0205C.W. Young Building
Crescent Apartments1896373 South Franklin StreetFranklin S 373Crescent Apartments
Decker Building1935231-233 South Franklin Street.Art DecoFranklin S 231Decker Building
Dispatch Building (Gross Apartments)1915307 South Franklin StreetFranklin S 307Dispatch Building (Gross Apartments)
Elks Hall1908109 South Franklin StreetModerne architectural style with classical influences.Franklin S 109Elks Hall
Germania Dance Hall and Saloon1895162 South Franklin StreetFranklin S 162Germania Dance Hall and Saloon
Goldstein Building1914130 Second Street Street 02 0130Goldstein Building
Goldstein Building (Orpheum)1912245 Marine WayMarine 245Goldstein Building (Orpheum)
Goldstein Store1909251 South Franklin StreetFranklin S 251Goldstein Store
Graves Building1910170 South Franklin Street.Franklin S 170Graves Building
Guffy Building1914159 South Franklin StreetFranklin S 159Guffy Building
Hellenthal Building-Palace Theatre1916238 Front StreetFront 0238Hellenthal Building-Palace Theatre
J & E Building-Hotel Cain1913127 South Franklin StreetFranklin S 127J & E Building-Hotel Cain
Jaeger Building I1920195-197 South Franklin StreetFranklin S 195Jaeger Building I
Jorgenson's Hardware1897225 Front StreetFront 0225Jorgenson's Hardware
Juneau Laundry Building1930112, 116 and 118 Franklin Street.Franklin 112Juneau Laundry Building
Juneau Liquor Company1913218 Front StreetFront 0218Juneau Liquor Company
Koosher Building1893119 Second Street Street 02 0119Koosher Building
Kubach-Studebaker Building1898124 Front StreetFront 0124Kubach-Studebaker Building
Lewis Building1899140 Front StreetFront 0140Lewis Building
Madsen's Rooming House (Franklin Building)1889369 South Franklin StreetFranklin S 369Madsen's Rooming House (Franklin Building)
New York Tavern1898180-184 South Franklin StreetFranklin S 180New York Tavern
Northway Building1917431 South Franklin StreetFranklin S 431Northway Building
Occidental Bar (Miner's Hall)1926418-426 South Franklin StreetFranklin S 418Occidental Bar (Miner's Hall)
Scandinavian Rooms1898455 South Franklin StreetFranklin S 455Scandinavian Rooms
Seward Building1913145 South Franklin StreetFranklin S 145Seward Building
Stocker Building1906241 Front StreetThird floor added in 1935Front 0241Stocker Building
Theile Building1903157 South Franklin StreetFranklin S 157Theile Building
Triangle Building1929254 Front StreetTwentieth Century Commercial architectural style.Front 0254Triangle Building
Valentine Building (National Register #85001275)1904202 Front StreetFront 0202Valentine Building (National Register #85001275)
Warner Building (Alaska Litho)1915406 South Franklin StreetFranklin S 406Warner Building (Alaska Litho)
Waterfront Building - Scandinavian Grocery (Peoples Wharf)1916432 South Franklin StreetFranklin S 432Waterfront Building - Scandinavian Grocery (Peoples Wharf)
Winter and Pond Building1900249-251 Front StreetFront 0249Winter and Pond Building
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