National Register of Historic Places in Jackson County

National Register #95000420: Chicken Ridge Historic District in Juneau, Alaska
The Unspeakable Acts Research Centre
7th Street in the Chicken Ridge Historic District
20 May 2011
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National Register #95000420
Chicken Ridge Historic District
Seventh Street, Goldbelt Avenue, Dixon Street, Basin Road

Name Year Address Remarks Sort Address Sort Name
Alaska Juneau Gold Mining Company House1912638 Gold StreetCraftsmanGold 638Alaska Juneau Gold Mining Company House
Amundson House1930853 Basin RoadCraftsmanBasin 853Amundson House
Baggen House1915822 Basin RoadCraftsmanBasin 822Baggen House
Bevis House1915635 Main StreetCraftsmanMain 635Bevis House
Boyle House1920634 Harris StreetPrairie SchoolHarris 634Boyle House
Bradford House1910839 Dixon StreetCraftsmanDixon 839Bradford House
Britt House1916306 Seventh StreetClassical Revival Street 07 306Britt House
Cleveland House I1931411 Seventh StreetCraftsman Street 07 411Cleveland House I
Cleveland House II1913712 Basin RoadCraftsmanBasin 712Cleveland House II
Cobb House1912734 Goldbelt AvenueNo StyleGoldbelt 734Cobb House
Cole House1901640 Main StreetCraftsmanMain 640Cole House
Cole-Carter House1901624 Main StreetCraftsmanMain 624Cole-Carter House
Coughlin House1927119 Seventh StreetCraftsman Street 07 119Coughlin House
Creese House1894234 Seventh StreetNo StyleStreet 07 234Creese House
Dapcevich House1930850 Basin RoadCraftsmanBasin 850Dapcevich House
Drake House1915104 West Ninth StreetPrairie School Street 09 W 104Drake House
Dufresne House1936643 Main StreetCraftsmanMain 643Dufresne House
Dull Apartments1914803 Basin RoadCraftsmanBasin 803Dull Apartments
Dull House1914817 Basin RoadCraftsmanBasin 817Dull House
Erickson House1915911 Calhoun AvenueColonial RevivalCalhoun 911Erickson House
Faulkner-Sloane House1915227 Seventh StreetColonial Revival Street 07 227Faulkner-Sloane House
Ficken House1935707 Main StreetCraftsmanMain 707Ficken House
Folta House1937123 Seventh StreetTudor Revival Street 07 123Folta House
Freeburger House1915120 West Ninth StreetPrairie School Street 09 W 120Freeburger House
Geyer House1910725 Dixon StreetCraftsmanDixon 725Geyer House
Giovanetti House1920633 Calhoun AvenuePrairie SchoolCalhoun 633Giovanetti House
Gross House1914747 Goldbelt AvenueCraftsmanGoldbelt 747Gross House
Gucker House1925129 Seventh StreetNo Style Street 07 129Gucker House
Gunnison Mansion1914709 Gold StreetPrairie SchoolGold 709Gunnison Mansion
Hammond/Wickersham House (National Register #76000360)1899213 Seventh Street Street 07 213Hammond/Wickersham House (National Register #76000360)
Hellenthal Mansion1916943 Calhoun AvenueColonial RevivalCalhoun 943Hellenthal Mansion
Helps House1920965 Goldbelt AvenuePrairie SchoolGoldbelt 965Helps House
Henning House1937707 Dixon StreetCraftsmanDixon 707Henning House
Hermle House1915434 Seventh StreetNo Style Street 07 434Hermle House
Holland House1939717 Dixon StreetColonial RevivalDixon 717Holland House
Hughes House I1915831 Basin RoadCraftsmanBasin 831Hughes House I
Hughes House II1925900 Basin RoadCraftsmanBasin 900Hughes House II
James Davis House1927313 Seventh StreetCraftsman Street 313James Davis House
Jenne House1903633 North Franklin Avenue No StyleFranklin N 633Jenne House
Johnstone House1910835 Dixon StreetCraftsmanDixon 835Johnstone House
Karnes House1937102 Seventh StreetMinimal Traditional Street 07 102Karnes House
Krause Apartments1939401 Eighth StreetModerne Street 08 401Krause Apartments
Krause House I1927726 Basin RoadTudor RevivalBasin 726Krause House I
Krause House II1927418 Eighth StreetTudor Revival Street 08 418Krause House II
MacSpadden House1917801 Dixon StreetCraftsmanDixon 801MacSpadden House
McCloskey Mansion1893835 Calhoun AvenueColonial RevivalCalhoun 835McCloskey Mansion
Metcalf House1916949 Goldbelt AvenueTudor RevivalGoldbelt 949Metcalf House
Mill House1930125 Seventh StreetCraftsman Street 07 125Mill House
Mize House1910126 West Seventh StreetPrairie School Street 07 W 126Mize House
Newmarker House1918222 Seventh StreetCraftsman Street 07 222Newmarker House
Norton House1910825 Goldbelt AvenueCraftsmanGoldbelt 825Norton House
Nowell House1912623 Main StreetQueen AnnMain 623Nowell House
Pegues House1915873 Basin RoadPrairie SchoolBasin 873Pegues House
Perelle Apartments1927419 Seventh StreetNo Style Street 419Perelle Apartments
Perelle House1908730 Gold StreetCraftsmanGold 730Perelle House
R. Robertson House1925418 Seventh StreetPrairie School Street 418R. Robertson House
Rustgard House1900101 Goldbelt AvenueColonial RevivalGoldbelt 101Rustgard House
Sabin House1930117 Seventh StreetTudor Revival Street 07 117Sabin House
Scott House1920112 West Ninth StreetPrairie School Street 09 W 112Scott House
Simpson House1916954 Calhoun AvenueCraftsmanCalhoun 954Simpson House
Sommers House1914947 Goldbelt AvenueColonial RevivalGoldbelt 947Sommers House
Sprague House1927825 Calhoun AvenueCraftsmanCalhoun 825Sprague House
Stanyer House I1927633 Harris StreetNo StyleHarris 633Stanyer House I
Stanyer House II1930816 Dixon StreetCraftsmanDixon 816Stanyer House II
Stewart House1915925 Calhoun AvenueCraftsmanCalhoun 925Stewart House
Thane-Holbrook House1914206 Seventh StreetCraftsman Street 07 206Thane-Holbrook House
Thornton House1900636 Seward StreetCraftsmanSeward 636Thornton House
Tubbs House1916802 Goldbelt AvenueCraftsmanGoldbelt 802Tubbs House
W. Kirk House1918633 Gold StreetCraftsmanGold 633W. Kirk House
Waggoner House1915814 Goldbelt AvenueCraftsmanGoldbelt 814Waggoner House
Walker House1894327 Seventh StreetCraftsman Street 07 327Walker House
Wallis George House1916957 Goldbelt AvenueCraftsmanGoldbelt 957Wallis George House
Werner House1939845 Goldbelt AvenueNo StyleGoldbelt 845Werner House
Wicklander House1916969 Goldbelt AvenuePrairie SchoolGoldbelt 969Wicklander House
Wildes House1935308 Seventh StreetMinimal Traditional Street 07 308Wildes House
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