Points of Interest in the City and Borough of Juneau

Madsen's Rooming House 20 May 2011
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Madsen's Rooming House
369 South Franklin Street
Built 1889

This wood frame building on a sloping lot has a concrete foundation, horizontal wood siding, and a flat roof. The first floor has storefront windows and the second floor has double hung windows. Originally located on the hillside, the building slipped down the hill in 1937. In the late 1930s, an apartment was built on the original foundation. In 1982, the apartment was converted to offices and the two buildings were connected by an interior walkway. The building looks like it did during the 1930s.

[Webmaster Note: In researching historic properties, I'm always surprised by the number of buildings which were moved from their original locations, for example the Frances House in Juneau. However, I can't recall another building which successfully relocated itself without human assistance.]

The Madsen's Rooming House contributes to the Juneau Downtown Historic District.

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