Historic Sites and Points of Interest in Salt Lake County

Utah Capitol Building and the Mormon Battalion Monument
State Capitol Building and the Mormon Battalion Monument
16 June 2011
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Name Address City Year Authority ID Sort Address Sort Name
19th Ward Meetinghouse and Relief Society Hall168 West 500 NorthSalt Lake CityNational197600182000500 N W 016819th Ward Meetinghouse and Relief Society Hall
Allen House1047 East 13200 SouthDraperNational198000391213200 S E 1047Allen House
Allsop-Jensen House8829 South 400 EastSandyNational199600088500400 E S 8829Allsop-Jensen House
Altadena Apartments310 South 300 EastSalt Lake CityNational200900129100300 E S 0310Altadena Apartments
Anderberg House28 East Pioneer AvenueSandyNational2004001420Pioneer E 0028Anderberg House
Anderson (Alfred) House8850 South 60 EastSandyNational199900155600060 E S 8850Anderson (Alfred) House
Anderson (Charles) House498 East Locust StreetSandyNational1999001558Locust E 0498Anderson (Charles) House
Anderson (Frederick) House8650 South Center StreetSandyNational1997000641Center S 8850Anderson (Frederick) House
Anderson (John) House510 East 8800 SouthSandyNational199200106608800 S E 0510Anderson (John) House
Anderson (Y. Martin) House8832 South 90 EastSandyNational199900154900090 E S 8832Anderson (Y. Martin) House
Anselmo House164 South 900 EastSalt Lake CityNational197900249900900 E S 0164Anselmo House
Arbuckle House747 East 1700 SouthSalt Lake CityNational198200413001700 S E 0747Arbuckle House
Armista Apartments555 East 100 SouthSalt Lake City1927National198900173600100 S E 0555Armista Apartments
Armstrong House667 East 100 SouthSalt Lake CityNational198000391400100 S E 0667Armstrong House
Ashby Apartments358 East 100 SouthSalt Lake CityNational200600106700100 S E 0358Ashby Apartments
Avenues Historic DistrictRoughly bounded by 1st and 9th Avenues, State and Virginia StreetsSalt Lake CityNational1980003915State SAvenues Historic District
Baldwin (Charles) House229 South 1200 EastSalt Lake City1890National198200413101200 EBaldwin (Charles) House
Baldwin (Nathaniel) House2374 Evergreen AvenueSalt Lake CityNational1985000963Evergreen 2374Baldwin (Nathaniel) House
Bamberger House623 East 100 SouthSalt Lake City1880National197500181400100 S E 0623Bamberger House
Bateman Agriculture and Development Company198 East 8760 SouthSandyNational199600088808760 S E 0198Bateman Agriculture and Development Company
Beattie House655 East 200 SouthSalt Lake CityNational198300442100200 S E 0655Beattie House
Beehive House67 East South Temple StreetSalt Lake CityNational1970000626Temple S E 0067Beehive House
Beer Estate 222 4th Avenue and 181 B StreetSalt Lake CityNational197700130600004 Ave 0181Beer Estate
Beesley House80 West 200 NorthSalt Lake CityNational197900250000200 N W 0080Beesley House
Benworth-Chapman Apartments and Chapman Cottages227 South 400 EastSalt Lake CityNational200400141700400 E S 0227Benworth-Chapman Apartments and Chapman Cottages
Bertolini Block143 1/2 West 200 SouthSalt Lake CityNational197600182200200 S W 0143Bertolini Block
Best-Cannon House1146 South 900 EastSalt Lake CityNational198000391600900 E S 1146Best-Cannon House
Bigelow Apartments225 South 400 EastSalt Lake CityNational200400141800400 E S 0225Bigelow Apartments
Bingham Canyon Open Pit Copper MineRoute 48CoppertonNational1966000736Route 48Bingham Canyon Open Pit Copper Mine
B'nai Israel Temple249 South 400 EastSalt Lake CityNational197800266600400 E S 0249B'nai Israel Temple
Bonnyview Elementary School4984 South 300 WestMurrayNational200100047300300 W 4984Bonnyview Elementary School
Brady-Brady House8395 South 1000 EastSandyNational200400141901000 E S 8395Brady-Brady House
Brigham Young Complex63-67 East South Temple StreetSalt Lake CityNational1966000739Temple S E 0063Brigham Young Complex
Brinton (David) House1981 East 4800 SouthHolladayNational197800266504800 S E 1981Brinton (David) House
Brinton-Dahl House1501 Spring LaneSalt Lake CityNational1980003917SpringBrinton-Dahl House
Broadway Hotel222 West 300 SouthSalt Lake CityNational198200413200300 S W 0222Broadway Hotel
Brooks Arcade260 South State StreetSalt Lake CityNational1982004133State S 0260Brooks Arcade
Building at 561 West 200 South561 West 200 SouthSalt Lake CityNational198200484800200 S W 0561Building at 561 West 200 South
Building at 592-98 West 200 South592-98 West 200 SouthSalt Lake CityNational198200413400200 S W 0592Building at 592-98 West 200 South
Building at Rear of 537 West 200 South537 West 200 SouthSalt Lake CityNational198200484900200 S W 0537Building at Rear of 537 West 200 South
Butler-Wallin House1045 East 4500 SouthSalt Lake CityNational200500059304500 S E 1045Butler-Wallin House
Cahoon House4872 South Poplar StreetMurrayNational1983003186Poplar S 4872Cahoon House
Cannon House720 East Ashton AvenueSalt Lake CityNational1983004419Ashton E 0720Cannon House
Capitol BuildingCapitol Hill at Head of State StreetSalt Lake CityNational1978002667State N 0001Capitol Building
Capitol Hill Historic DistrictCapitol Hill at Head of State StreetSalt Lake CityNational1982004135State N 0002Capitol Hill Historic District
Capitol Hill Historic District (Boundary Increase)Roughly bounded by 300 North, 400 West, 800 North, Wall St., and 200 WestSalt Lake CityNational200100145100300 N W 0458Capitol Hill Historic District (Boundary Increase)
Carlson Hall369 South University StreetSalt Lake CityNational1996000414UniversityCarlson Hall
Casto House2731 Casto LaneSalt Lake CityNational1983004422CastroCasto House
Cathedral of the Madeleine331 East South Temple StreetSalt Lake CityNational1971000845Temple S E 0331Cathedral of the Madeleine
Centennial Home307 Virginia StreetSalt Lake CityNational2001000960VirginiaCentennial Home
Central City Historic DistrictRoughly bounded by S Temple, 900 South, 500 East, and 700 EastSalt Lake CityNational1996000940Temple SCentral City Historic District
Central City Historic District (Boundary Increase)Roughly bounded by South Temple, 400 South, 700 East and 1100 EastSalt Lake CityNational2001000823Temple SCentral City Historic District (Boundary Increase)
Central Warehouse520 West 200 SouthSalt Lake CityNational198200413600200 S W 0520Central Warehouse
Chapman Branch Library577 South 900 WestSalt Lake CityNational198000391800900 W S 0577Chapman Branch Library
Chase MillLiberty Park,0600 EastSalt Lake CityNational197000062700600E EChase Mill
Cheesman House2320 Walker LaneSalt Lake CityNational1982004137WalkerCheesman House
Christopher son House8847 South 360 EastSandyNational199900155400360 E S 8847Christopher son House
City Creek Canyon Historic DistrictBounded by Canyon Road, Capitol, A Street, 4th AvenueSalt Lake CityNational1980003919Canyon 0000City Creek Canyon Historic District
Clark House1430 East Federal WaySalt Lake CityNational2001001452FederalClark House
Clift Building272 South Main Street and 10 West BroadwaySalt Lake CityNational1982004139Main S 0272Clift Building
Cluff Apartments1270-1280 East 200 SouthSalt Lake CityNational198900173900200 S E 1270Cluff Apartments
Cohn House1369 East Westminster AvenueSalt Lake CityNational1996000871Westminster E 1369Cohn House
Congregation Montefiore355 South 300 EastSalt Lake CityNational198500139500300 E S 0355Congregation Montefiore
Congregation Sharey Tzedek Synagogue833 South 200 EastSalt Lake CityNational198500139600200 E S 0833Congregation Sharey Tzedek Synagogue
Continental Bank Building200 South Main StreetSalt Lake CityNational1982004850Main S 0200Continental Bank Building
Converse Hall1840 South 1300 EastSalt Lake CityNational197800268501300 E S 1840Converse Hall
Copperton Community Methodist Church410 East Hillcrest RoadCoppertonNational2007000080Hillcrest 0410Copperton Community Methodist Church
Copperton Historic DistrictBounded by Route 48, Fifth, Hillcrest, SecondCoppertonNational1986002642Route 48Copperton Historic District
Cornell Apartments101 South 600 EastSalt Lake CityNational198900174100600 E S 0101Cornell Apartments
Corona Apartments335 South 200 EastSalt Lake CityNational198900174200200 E S 0335Corona Apartments
Council HallCapitol Hill at Head of State StreetSalt Lake CityNational1971000846State N 0000Council Hall
Covey (Almon) House1211 East 100 SouthSalt Lake CityNational198000392000100 S E 1211Covey (Almon) House
Covey (Hyrum) House1229 East 100 SouthSalt Lake CityNational198000392100100 S E 1229Covey (Hyrum) House
Cramer House241 Floral StreetSalt Lake CityNational1982004140FloralCramer House
Crescent Elementary School11020 South State StreetSandyNational2000001303State S 11020Crescent Elementary School
Crown Cleaning and Dyeing Company Building1989 South 1100 EastSalt Lake CityNational200300063301100 E S 1989Crown Cleaning and Dyeing Company Building
Culmer House33 C StreetSalt Lake CityNational1974001935C 0033Culmer House
Cummings House936 East 1700 SouthSalt Lake CityNational198300394901700 S E 0936Cummings House
Cushing (Arthur) House123 East PioneerSandyNational2000001304Pioneer E 0123Cushing (Arthur) House
Cushing (Ernest) House60 East Pioneer AvenueSandyNational1996000887Pioneer E 0060Cushing (Ernest) House
Cushing (James) House68 East Pioneer AvenueSandyNational1999001546Pioneer E 0068Cushing (James) House
Daft Block128 South Main StreetSalt Lake CityNational1976001823Main S 0128Daft Block
Dansie Farmstead12494 South 1700 WestRivertonNational197900249801700 W S 12494Dansie Farmstead
Deaconess, Davis, Home347 South 400 EastSalt Lake CityNational199400158300400 E S 0347Deaconess, Davis, Home
Denver and Rio Grande Railroad Station300 South and Rio GrandeSalt Lake CityNational197500181500300 S W 0500Denver and Rio Grande Railroad Station
Devereaux House334 West South Temple StreetSalt Lake CityNational1971000847Temple S W 0334Devereaux House
Dininny House925 East Logan AvenueSalt Lake CityNational1983003950Logan E 0925Dininny House
Dinwoody House411 East 100 SouthSalt Lake CityNational197400193600100 S E 0411Dinwoody House
Dobbs House578 East 8885 SouthSandyNational199600088908885 S E 0578Dobbs House
Dowding House8830 South 60 EastSandyNational200000130500060 E S 8830Dowding House
Dowding-Rasmussen House98 East Main StreetSandyNational2000001306Main E 0098Dowding-Rasmussen House
Draper Park School12441 South 900 EastDraperNational198000391300900 E S 12441Draper Park School
Draper Poultrymen and Egg Producers Plant1071 East Pioneer Rd.DraperNational2004000403Pioneer E 1071Draper Poultrymen and Egg Producers Plant
Draper-Steadman House13518 South 1700 WestRivertonNational199200105701700 W S 13518Draper-Steadman House
Emigration CanyonEmigration Canyon RoadSalt Lake CityNational1966000737EmigrationEmigration Canyon
Empress Theatre9104 West 2700 SouthMagnaNational198500096202700 S W 9104Empress Theatre
Evergreen Avenue Historic DistrictBounded by Evergreen, 2300 East, 3300 South, 2700 EastEast Mill CreekNational2007000081EvergreenEvergreen Avenue Historic District
Exchange Place Historic DistrictExchange Place and South Main StreetSalt Lake CityNational1978002669Exchange 0000Exchange Place Historic District
Fairbanks House1228 Bryan AvenueSalt Lake CityNational1984002198Bryan 1228Fairbanks House
Farrer (Benjamin) House530 East 8800 SouthSandyNational199200106508800 S E 0530Farrer (Benjamin) House
Farrer (John) House39 East PioneerSandyNational1992001064Pioneer E 0039Farrer (John) House
Felt Electric165 South Regent StreetSalt Lake CityNational1982004141Regent S 0165Felt Electric
Fifth Ward Meetinghouse740 South 300 WestSalt Lake CityNational197800267000300 W S 0740Fifth Ward Meetinghouse
Firestation No. 8258 South 1300 EastSalt Lake CityNational198300442301300 E S 0258Firestation No. 8
First Church of Christ Scientist352 East 300 SouthSalt Lake CityNational197600182400300 S E 0352First Church of Christ Scientist
First Methodist Episcopal Church200 South 200 EastSalt Lake City1905National199400158200200 E S 0200First Methodist Episcopal Church
First National Bank163 South Main StreetSalt Lake CityNational1976001825Main S 0163First National Bank
First Security Bank Building405 South Main StreetSalt Lake CityNational2005001107Main S 0405First Security Bank Building
Fisher Mansion and Carriage House1206 West 200 SouthSalt Lake CityNational198300467500200 S W 1206Fisher Mansion and Carriage House
Fitzgerald House1144 East Pioneer Rd.DraperNational2004000404Pioneer E 1144Fitzgerald House
Ford Motor Company Service Building280 South 400 WestSalt Lake CityNational200000130200400 W S 0280Ford Motor Company Service Building
Forest Dale Historic DistrictBounded by 700 East, I-80, Commonwealth, 900 EastSalt Lake CityNational200900024100700 EForest Dale Historic District
Fort DouglasFort Douglas BoulevardFort Douglas Military ReservationNational1970000628Fort DouglasFort Douglas
Fritsch Block158 East 200 SouthSalt Lake City1890National197600182600200 S E 0158Fritsch Block
Fuller Paint Company Office and Warehouse404 West 400 SouthSalt Lake CityNational200500103700400 S W 0404Fuller Paint Company Office and Warehouse
Gardner Mill1050 West 7800 SouthWest JordanNational198200415307800 S W 1050Gardner Mill
Gardner, Archibald R. and Violet Clark, House31 East Pioneer AvenueSandyNational1997000642Pioneer E 0031Gardner, Archibald R. and Violet Clark, House
Garside-McMullin House10481 South 1300 WestSouth JordanNational198200485201300 W S 10481Garside-McMullin House
General Engineering Company Building159 West Pierpont AvenueSalt Lake City1906National1980003922Pierpont WGeneral Engineering Company Building
Gibbs-Thomas House137 NW Temple StreetSalt Lake CityNational1984002202Temple NW 137Gibbs-Thomas House
Gilmer Park Historic DistrictBounded by Harvard Avenue, 1100 East, 900 South, 1300 EastSalt Lake CityNational1996000314HarvardGilmer Park Historic District
Granite Hydroelectric Power Plant Historic DistrictEast Big Cottonwood Canyon RoadWasatch National ForestNational1989000283CottonwoodGranite Hydroelectric Power Plant Historic District
Granite LDS Stake Tabernacle2005 South 900 EastSalt Lake CityNational200300063000900 E S 2005Granite LDS Stake Tabernacle
Granite LDS Ward Chapel-Avard Fairbanks Studio9800 South 3100 EastSandyNational200500036403100 E S 9800Granite LDS Ward Chapel-Avard Fairbanks Studio
Granite Lumber Company Building1090 East 2100 SouthSalt Lake CityNational200300062902100 S E 1090Granite Lumber Company Building
Granite Paper Mill6900 Big Cottonwood Canyon RoadWasatch National ForestNational1971000848CottonwoodGranite Paper Mill
Grant Steam Locomotive No. 223Liberty ParkSalt Lake CityNational1979002501LibertyGrant Steam Locomotive No. 223
Graves House8585 South 100 EastSandyNational199900155900100 E S 8585Graves House
Green House8400 Danish RoadSandyNational2000000356Danish 8400Green House
Greenwald Furniture Company Building35 West 300 SouthSalt Lake CityNational198200485100300 S W 0035Greenwald Furniture Company Building
Hall House1340 2nd AvenueSalt Lake CityNational198000392300002 Ave 1340Hall House
Hansen House1797 South 1400 EastSalt Lake CityNational199900156201400 E S 1797Hansen House
Hardcastle House8751 South 40 EastSandyNational199900156000040 E S 8751Hardcastle House
Harris Apartments836 South 500 EastSalt Lake CityNational199100144500500 E S 0836Harris Apartments
Hawarden4396 South 3200 WestSalt Lake CityNational198000392403200 W S 4396Hawarden
Hawk Cabin458 North 300 WestSalt Lake CityNational197800267100300 W N 0458Hawk Cabin
Henderson Block375 West 200 SouthSalt Lake CityNational197800267200200 S W 0375Henderson Block
Hepworth House725 West 200 NorthSalt Lake CityNational200000040400200 N W 0725Hepworth House
Herald Building165-169 South Main StreetSalt Lake CityNational1976001827Main S 0165Herald Building
Highland Park Historic DistrictBounded by Parkway Avenue, 1500 East, 2700 South, Elizabeth StreetSalt Lake CityNational1998000405ParkwayHighland Park Historic District
Hills House425 East 100 SouthSalt Lake City1885National197700130700100 S E 0425Hills House
Hills House126 South 200 WestSalt Lake CityNational199000114100200 W 0126Hills House
Hintze-Anders House4249 South 2300 EastSalt Lake CityNational198300442402300 E S 4249Hintze-Anders House
Hollywood Apartments234 East 100 SouthSalt Lake CityNational199400030200100 S E 0234Hollywood Apartments
Holman Block142 East MainSandyNational1992001063Main E 0142Holman Block
Holt Farmstead10317 South 1300 WestSouth JordanNational20010009631300 W S 10317Holt Farmstead
Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church279 South 200 WestSalt Lake CityNational197500181600200 W S 0279Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church
Hotel Albert121 Southwest Temple StreetSalt Lake CityNational1982004142Temple SW 0121Hotel Albert
Hotel UtahSouth Temple and Main StreetSalt Lake CityNational1978002673Temple SHotel Utah
Hotel Victor155 West 200 SouthSalt Lake CityNational198200414300200 S W 0155Hotel Victor
Immanuel Baptist Church401 East 200 SouthSalt Lake CityNational197800266800200 S E 0401Immanuel Baptist Church
Independent Order of Odd Fellows Hall41 Market StreetSalt Lake CityNational1977001308Market 0041Independent Order of Odd Fellows Hall
Iris Theater, Apartments and Commercial Building4861 South State StreetMurrayNational2001000959State S 4861Iris Theater, Apartments and Commercial Building
Irving Junior High School1179 East 2100 SouthSalt Lake CityNational197800267402100 S E 1179Irving Junior High School
Ivanhoe Apartments417 East 300 SouthSalt Lake CityNational198900173800300 S E 0417Ivanhoe Apartments
Jacobson, Hyrum and Selma Erickson, House8908 South 220 EastSandyNational199900155000220 E 8908Jacobson, Hyrum and Selma Erickson, House
Japanese Church of Christ268 West 100 SouthSalt Lake CityNational198200414400100 S W 0268Japanese Church of Christ
Jensen (Amos) House387 East 8800 SouthSandyNational200000130708800 S E 0387Jensen (Amos) House
Jensen (James) House95 East Pioneer AvenueSandyNational1997000635Pioneer E 0095Jensen (James) House
Jensen (Joseph) House428 East 8800 SouthSandyNational199800064008800 S E 0428Jensen (Joseph) House
Jensen (Michael) House565 East 8800 SouthSandyNational199900155708800 S E 0565Jensen (Michael) House
Jensen-Clark House32 East Main StreetSandyNational2000001298Main E 0032Jensen-Clark House
Jensen-Jensen House55 East Pioneer AvenueSandyNational2000001299Pioneer E 0055Jensen-Jensen House
Johnson (David) House8649 South 90 EastSandyNational199900155300090 E S 8649Johnson (David) House
Johnson (John) House21 East Pioneer AvenueSandyNational1999001547Pioneer E 0021Johnson (John) House
Jordan School District Administration Building9361 West 400 EastSandyNational198500081000400 E W 9361Jordan School District Administration Building
Judd House918 East Logan AvenueSalt Lake CityNational1983003952Logan E 0918Judd House
Judge Building8 East 300 SouthSalt Lake CityNational197900250200300 S E 0008Judge Building
Kahn House678 East South Temple StreetSalt Lake CityNational1977001309Temple S E 0678Kahn House
Karrick Block236 South Main StreetSalt Lake CityNational1976001828Main S 0236Karrick Block
Kearns Building132 South Main StreetSalt Lake CityNational1982004145Main S 0132Kearns Building
Kearns Mansion and Carriage House603 East South Temple StreetSalt Lake CityNational1970000631Temple S E 0603Kearns Mansion and Carriage House
Kearns-St. Ann's Orphanage430 East 2100 SouthSalt Lake CityNational198000392502100 S E 0430Kearns-St. Ann's Orphanage
Keith Mansion and Carriage House529 East South Temple StreetSalt Lake CityNational1971000849Temple S E 0529Keith Mansion and Carriage House
Keith-O'Brien Building242-256 South Main StreetSalt Lake CityNational1977001310Main S 0242Keith-O'Brien Building
Kelly (Albert) House418 South 200 WestSalt Lake City1884National198300442000200 W 0418Kelly (Albert) House
Kelly (John) House422 South 200 WestSalt Lake City1865National198300317200200 W 0422Kelly (John) House
Keyser House381 East 11th AvenueSalt Lake CityNational200800088100011 Ave 381 EKeyser House
Keyser-Cullen House941 East 500 SouthSalt Lake CityNational199900156100500 S $ 0941Keyser-Cullen House
Kuhre House8586 South Center Street SandyNational1987001175Center S 8586Kuhre House
Ladies Literary Club Clubhouse850 East South Temple StreetSalt Lake CityNational1978002675Temple S E 0850Ladies Literary Club Clubhouse
Landenberger House58 North Virginia StreetSalt Lake CityNational2004001567Virginia NLandenberger House
Langton House648 East 100 SouthSalt Lake CityNational198200175000100 S E 0648Langton House
Lefler-Woodman Building859 East 900 SouthSalt Lake CityNational199200168700900 S E 0859Lefler-Woodman Building
Lewis House1403 East Westminster AvenueSalt Lake CityNational2001001283Westminster E 1403Lewis House
Liberty ParkBounded by South 500 East, South 700 East, East 900 South, East 1300 SouthSalt Lake CityNational198000392600500 E S 0900Liberty Park
Lincoln Arms Apartments242 East 100 SouthSalt Lake CityNational198900173700100 S E 0242Lincoln Arms Apartments
Little Dell StationRoute 65 Near Emigrant Canyon RoadSalt Lake CityNational1971000850Route 65Little Dell Station
Livingston House2491 East Valley View AvenueHolladayNational2002001182Valley ViewLivingston House
Lollin Block238 South Main StreetSalt Lake CityNational1977001311Main S 0238Lollin Block
Luce House921 East 1700 SouthSalt Lake CityNational198300395301700 S E 0921Luce House
Lyne House1135 East South Temple StreetSalt Lake CityNational1979003495Temple S E 1135Lyne House
Mabry-Van Pelt House946 East 1700 SouthSalt Lake CityNational198300395401700 S E 0946Mabry-Van Pelt House
Magna Community Baptist Church2908 South 8900 WestMagnaNational198600123308900 W S 2908Magna Community Baptist Church
Malin House133 South 400 EastSalt Lake CityNational198300317300400 E S 0133Malin House
Marriott House8543 South 100 EastSandyNational200000130000100 E S 8543Marriott House
Mattson House239 East Main StreetSandyNational1996000886Main E 0239Mattson House
McAllister House306 Douglas StreetSalt Lake CityNational1982001751DouglasMcAllister House
McCormick Building10 West 100 SouthSalt Lake CityNational197700131200100 S W 0010McCormick Building
McCune Mansion200 North Main StreetSalt Lake CityNational1974001937Main N 0200McCune Mansion
McDonald Chocolate Company Building155-159 West 300 SouthSalt Lake CityNational197800267600300 S W 0155McDonald Chocolate Company Building
McDonald House4659 Highland DriveSalt Lake CityNational1980003927Highland 4659McDonald House
McIntyre Building68-72 South Main StreetSalt Lake CityNational1977001313Main S 0068McIntyre Building
McIntyre House259 7th AvenueSalt Lake CityNational197800267700007 Ave 0259McIntyre House
McLachlan Farmhouse4499 South 3200 WestSalt Lake CityNational198000392803200 W S 4499McLachlan Farmhouse
McRae House452 East 500 SouthSalt Lake CityNational200200155500500 S E 0452McRae House
Meek House12782 South Fort StreetDraperNational2001001282Fort S 12782Meek House
Meyer House929 East 200 SouthSalt Lake CityNational198300317400200 S E 0929Meyer House
Mickelsen (Joseph) House782 East Pioneer Rd.DraperNational2004000405Pioneer E 0782Mickelsen (Joseph) House
Mickelsen Hardware Store and Lumber Yard12580-12582 South Fort StreetDraperNational2004000406Fort S 12580Mickelsen Hardware Store and Lumber Yard
Mickelson (Hyrum) House8850 South 120 EastSandyNational199900155100120 E S 8850Mickelson (Hyrum) House
Midvale City Hall12 East Center StreetMidvaleNational1994000293Center E 0012Midvale City Hall
Mitchell House1620 South 1000 EastSalt Lake CityNational198300395501000 E S 01620Mitchell House
Morris House314 Quince StreetSalt Lake CityNational1980003929Quince 0314Morris House
Morrison-Merrill Lumber Company Office and Warehouse205 North 400 WestSalt Lake CityNational199800153400400 W N 0250Morrison-Merrill Lumber Company Office and Warehouse
Mountain Dell DamI-80 Exit 133Wasatch National ForestNational1980003930I80Mountain Dell Dam
Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph Co. Garage1075 East Hollywood AvenueSalt Lake CityNational1998000827Hollywood E 1075Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph Co. Garage
Murray Downtown Historic DistrictBounded by 4800 South, Poplar, Vine, CenterMurrayNational20060009284800 S PoplarMurray Downtown Historic District
Murray Downtown Residential Historic DistrictBounded by 4800 South, Clark, Vine, CenterMurrayNational20040015664800 S ClarkMurray Downtown Residential Historic District
Murray LDS Second Ward Meetinghouse5056 South 300 West StreetMurrayNational200100047500300 W 5056Murray LDS Second Ward Meetinghouse
Murray Theater4961 South State StreetMurrayNational2001000476State S 4961Murray Theater
Nelden House1172 East 100 SouthSalt Lake CityNational197800267800100 S E 1172Nelden House
Nelson (August) House427 East 8800 SouthSandyNational199700064308800 S E 0427Nelson (August) House
Nelson (Nels) House8840 South 90 EastSandyNational199200106200090 E S 8840Nelson (Nels) House
Nelson-Beesley House533 11th AvenueSalt Lake CityNational198000393100011 Ave 0533Nelson-Beesley House
Neuhausen House1265 East 100 SouthSalt Lake CityNational198000393200100 S E 1265Neuhausen House
New York Hotel42 Market StreetSalt Lake CityNational1980003933Market 0042New York Hotel
Oakwood2610 Evergreen StreetSalt Lake CityNational1979002503Evergreen 2610Oakwood
Old Clock at Zion's First National BankMain Street at 100 SouthSalt Lake CityNational1982001752Main S 0100Old Clock at Zion's First National Bank
Old Pioneer Fort Site400 South and 200 WestSalt Lake CityNational197400193800200 W 0400Old Pioneer Fort Site
Oldham House511 East 8800 SouthSandyNational199700063608800 S E 0511Oldham House
Oquirrh School350 South 400 EastSalt Lake CityNational200800115600400 E S 0350Oquirrh School
Oregon Shortline Railroad Company Building126-140 Pierpont AvenueSalt Lake CityNational1976001829Pierpont 0126Oregon Shortline Railroad Company Building
Orem House274 South 1200 EastSalt Lake CityNational198300317501200 E S 0274Orem House
Orpheum (Capitol) Theatre46 West 200 SouthSalt Lake City1912National197600225700200 S W 0046Orpheum (Capitol) Theatre
Orton-Malstrom House9325 South 700 EastSandyNational199700064000700 E S 9325Orton-Malstrom House
Ostler House589 East 8800 SouthSandyNational199900155208800 S E 0589Ostler House
Ottinger Hall233 Canyon Rd.Salt Lake CityNational1971000851Canyon 0233Ottinger Hall
Park Hotel422-432 West 300 SouthSalt Lake CityNational199200169000300 S W 0422Park Hotel
Parmley House5580 South 220 EastSandyNational200000130100220 E S 5580Parmley House
Pearsall House950 East Logan AvenueSalt Lake CityNational1983003957Logan E 0950Pearsall House
Peery Hotel102-120 West 300 SouthSalt Lake CityNational197800267900300 S W 0102Peery Hotel
Peter Pan Apartments446 East 300 SouthSalt Lake CityNational200800088000300 S E 0446Peter Pan Apartments
Peterson House82 East 8880 SouthSandyNational199200106108800 S E 0082Peterson House
Piccardy Apartments115 South 300 EastSalt Lake CityNational200800087900300 E S 0115Piccardy Apartments
Pierson House31 East 8680 SouthSandyNational199900154808680 S E 0031Pierson House
Platts House364 Quince StreetSalt Lake CityNational1972001259Quince 0364Platts House
Price House and Barn1205 East 1300 SouthSalt Lake CityNational199800101601300 S E 1205Price House and Barn
Pugh House1299 East 4500 SouthSalt Lake CityNational197800268004500 S E 1299Pugh House
Ramsey House128 South 1000 EastSalt Lake CityNational199900062101000 E S 0128Ramsey House
Redman Van and Storage Company Building1240 East 2100 SouthSalt Lake CityNational200300063502100 S E 1240Redman Van and Storage Company Building
Richardson-Bower Building1019 East 2100 SouthSalt Lake CityNational200300063602100 S E 1019Richardson-Bower Building
Riverton Elementary School12830 South Redwood Rd.RivertonNational1996000872Redwood S 12380Riverton Elementary School
Riverton Historic District12300-12600 South Redwood RoadRivertonNational2003001484Redwood S 12300Riverton Historic District
Rowland Hall-St. Mark's School205 1st AvenueSalt Lake CityNational197900250400001 Ave 0205Rowland Hall-St. Mark's School
Royle House635 East 100 SouthSalt Lake City1875National198300317600100 S E 0635Royle House
Rumel House358 South 500 EastSalt Lake CityNational198300317700500 E S 0358Rumel House
Salt Lake City and County Building451 Washington Sq.Salt Lake CityNational1970000629WashingtonSalt Lake City and County Building
Salt Lake City East Side Historic District (Boundary Increase)Roughly bounded 400 South, University Street, 900 South, and 700 EastSalt Lake CityNational200200173900400 SSalt Lake City East Side Historic District (Boundary Increase)
Salt Lake City Public Library15 South State StSalt Lake CityNational1979002505State S 0015Salt Lake City Public Library
Salt Lake County Library80 East Center StreetMidvaleNational1982004129Center E 0080Salt Lake County Library
Salt Lake Engineering Works-Bogue Supply Company Building741 West 400 SouthSalt Lake CityNational200300015600400 S W 0741Salt Lake Engineering Works-Bogue Supply Company Building
Salt Lake Hardware Company Warehouse155 North 400 WestSalt Lake CityNational200100108200400 W N 0155Salt Lake Hardware Company Warehouse
Salt Lake Northwest Historic DistrictBounded by 1100 West, 600 North, 500 West, and North TempleSalt Lake CityNational200100032001100 WSalt Lake Northwest Historic District
Salt Lake Stamp Company Building43 West 200 SouthSalt Lake CityNational198200175300200 S W 0043Salt Lake Stamp Company Building
Salt Lake Stock and Mining Exchange Building39 Exchange PlaceSalt Lake CityNational1976001830Exchange 0039Salt Lake Stock and Mining Exchange Building
Salt Lake Union Pacific Railroad StationSouth Temple at 400 WestSalt Lake CityNational1975001818Temple S W 0400Salt Lake Union Pacific Railroad Station
Sampson Apartments276 East 300 SouthSalt Lake CityNational200900129200300 S E 0276Sampson Apartments
Sandy City Bank212 East Main StreetSandyNational1997000637Main E 0212Sandy City Bank
Sandy Co-Op Block8750 South Center Street SandyNational1992001060Center S 8750Sandy Co-Op Block
Sandy Historic DistrictBounded by State, 9000 South, 700 East, PioneerSandyNational2007000084StateSandy Historic District
Sandy LDS Stake Recreational Hall295 East 8800 SouthSandyNational200000131608800 S E 0295Sandy LDS Stake Recreational Hall
Sandy Second Ward Chapel8630 South 60 EastSandyNational199700063800060 E S 8630Sandy Second Ward Chapel
Sandy Tithing Office326 South 280 EastSandyNational198500027900280 E S 0326Sandy Tithing Office
Sarah Daft Home for the Aged737 South 1300 EastSalt Lake CityNational200200104101300 E S 0737Sarah Daft Home for the Aged
Seventh-Day Adventist Meetinghouse and School1840 South 800 EastSalt Lake CityNational200600093000800 E S 1840Seventh-Day Adventist Meetinghouse and School
Silver Brothers' Iron Works Office and Warehouse550 West 700 SouthSalt Lake CityNational199900062200700 S W 0550Silver Brothers' Iron Works Office and Warehouse
Smith (George) House1302 East Yale AvenueSalt Lake CityNational1993000066Yale E 1302Smith (George) House
Smith (Joseph) House12357 South Relation Street (1565 East)DraperNational1994000291Relation S 12357Smith (Joseph) House
Smith (Lauritz H.) House12423 South Relation StreetDraperNational2005001633Relation S 12423Smith (Lauritz H.) House
Smith (Lauritz) House1350 East 12400 SouthDraperNational198300317912400 S E 1350Smith (Lauritz) House
Smith (Mary) House12544 South Relation Street (1565 East)DraperNational1994000292Relation S 12544Smith (Mary) House
Smith Apartments228 South 300 EastSalt Lake CityNational198900174000300 E W 0228Smith Apartments
Smith-Bailey Drug Company Building171 West 200 SouthSalt Lake CityNational198200414600200 S W 0171Smith-Bailey Drug Company Building
South Temple Historic DistrictSouth Temple StreetSalt Lake CityNational1982004147Temple SSouth Temple Historic District
Sprague Branch of the Salt Lake City Public Library2131 South Highland DriveSalt Lake CityNational2003000637Highland S 2131Sprague Branch of the Salt Lake City Public Library
St. Mark's Episcopal Cathedral231 East 100 SouthSalt Lake CityNational197000063000100 S E 0231St. Mark's Episcopal Cathedral
Stairs Station Hydroelectric Power Plant Historic DistrictEast Big Cottonwood Canyon RoadWasatch National ForestNational1989000284CottonwoodStairs Station Hydroelectric Power Plant Historic District
Stratford Hotel175 East 200 SouthSalt Lake CityNational198200175400200 S E 0175Stratford Hotel
Sugar House LDS Ward Building1950 South 1200 EastSalt Lake CityNational200300063101200 E S 01950Sugar House LDS Ward Building
Sugar House Monument1100 East and 2100 SouthSalt Lake CityNational200300063802100 S E 1100Sugar House Monument
Sweet Candy Company Building224 South 200 WestSalt Lake CityNational200000158400200 W 0224Sweet Candy Company Building
Tampico Restaurant169 Regent StreetSalt Lake CityNational1982001755Regent 0169Tampico Restaurant
Technical High School241 North 300 WestSalt Lake CityNational198000393400300 W N 0241Technical High School
Temple SquareTemple SquareSalt Lake CityNational1966000738TempleTemple Square
Tenth Ward Square400 South and 800 EastSalt Lake CityNational197700131400400 S Tenth Ward Square
Third Presbyterian Church Parsonage1068 East Blaine AvenueSalt Lake CityNational2000000522BlaineThird Presbyterian Church Parsonage
Thompson House485 East 8800 SouthSandyNational199700063908800 S E 0485Thompson House
Tracy Loan and Trust Company Building151 South Main StreetSalt Lake CityNational1978002681Main S 0151Tracy Loan and Trust Company Building
Trinity A.M.E. Church239 East 600 SouthSalt Lake CityNational197600183100600 S E 0239Trinity A.M.E. Church
Ulmer House1458 South 1300 EastSalt Lake CityNational200200155601300 E S 1458Ulmer House
University Neighborhood Historic DistrictRoughly bounded by 500 South, South Temple, 100 East and University StreetSalt Lake CityNational1995001430Temple SUniversity Neighborhood Historic District
University of Utah CircleUniversity of Utah campusSalt Lake CityNational1978002682UniversityUniversity of Utah Circle
US Post Office-Sugar House2155 South Highland DriveSalt Lake CityNational1993000409Highland S 2155US Post Office-Sugar House
Utah Commercial and Savings Bank Building22 East 100 SouthSalt Lake CityNational197500181900100 S E 0022Utah Commercial and Savings Bank Building
Utah Copper Company Mine Superintendent's House104 Bingham Highway EastCoppertonNational1985003422Bingham 101Utah Copper Company Mine Superintendent's House
Utah Slaughter Company Warehouse370 West 100 SouthSalt Lake CityNational198200414800100 S W 0370Utah Slaughter Company Warehouse
Utah State Fair Grounds1000 West and North Temple StreetsSalt Lake CityNational198100058301000 WUtah State Fair Grounds
Utah State Liquor Agency 221938 South 1100 EastSalt Lake CityNational200300063901100 EUtah State Liquor Agency 22
Van Dam, Louis E. and Florence Jensen, House407 East 8800 SouthSandyNational199900155508800 S E 0407Van Dam, Louis E. and Florence Jensen, House
Veterans Administration Hospital401 East 1200 StreetSalt Lake CityNational199600063001200 S E 0401Veterans Administration Hospital
Vincent House92 East Pioneer AvenueSandyNational1997000644Pioneer E 0092Vincent House
Walbeck House12875 South Boulter StreetDraperNational2005001630Boulter S 12875Walbeck House
Walker Bank Building175 South Main StreetSalt Lake CityNational2006000929Main S 0175Walker Bank Building
Walton House5197 South Wesley Rd.Salt Lake CityNational1995000983Wesley S 5197Walton House
Warehouse District200 South and Pierpont Avenue between 300 and 400 WestSalt Lake CityNational1982004149Pierpont 0200Warehouse District
Warenski-Duvall Commercial Building and Apartments4867 South State StreetMurrayNational2000000521State S 4867Warenski-Duvall Commercial Building and Apartments
Wasatch Mountain Club LodgeEast Big Cottonwood Canyon RoadWasatch National ForestNational1980003935CottonwoodWasatch Mountain Club Lodge
Wasatch Springs Plunge840 North 300 WestSalt Lake CityNational198000393600300 W N 0840Wasatch Springs Plunge
Weeks House935 East Logan AvenueSalt Lake CityNational1983003959Logan E 0935Weeks House
Wells Historic DistrictBounded by 700 East, State, 1300 South, 2100 SouthSalt Lake CityNational2010000210State S 1700Wells Historic District
West Jordan Ward Meetinghouse1140 West 7800 SouthWest JordanNational199500041507800 S W 1140West Jordan Ward Meetinghouse
Westminster College President's House1733 South 1300 EastSalt Lake CityNational200100096101300 E S 1733Westminster College President's House
Wheeler Farm6343 South 900 EastSalt Lake CityNational197600183200900 E S 6342Wheeler Farm
Whipple House564 West 400 NorthSalt Lake CityNational197900250600400 N W 0564Whipple House
Whitaker House975 Garfield AvenueSalt Lake CityNational1978002684GarfieldWhitaker House
Wilson House113 East 8680 SouthSandyNational200400142108680 S E 0113Wilson House
Woodruff (Asahel) House1636 West 500 EastSalt Lake CityNational198200415100500 E S 1636Woodruff (Asahel) House
Woodruff (Wilford) Farm House1604 South 500 EastSalt Lake CityNational198200415200500 E S 1604Woodruff (Wilford) Farm House
Woodruff Villa1622 South 500 EastSalt Lake CityNational198200415000500 E S 1622Woodruff Villa
Woodruff-Riter House225 North State StSalt Lake CityNational1979002507State N 0225Woodruff-Riter House
Yalecrest Historic DistrictBounded by Sunnyside, 1300 South, 1300 East, 1800 EastSalt Lake CityNational2007001168SunnysideYalecrest Historic District
Yardley House955 East Logan AvenueSalt Lake CityNational1983003961Logan E 0935Yardley House
ZCMI Cast Iron Front15 South Main StreetSalt Lake City1875National1970000632Main S 0015ZCMI Cast Iron Front
ZCMI General Warehouse230 South 500 WestSalt Lake CityNational200500148700500 W S 0230ZCMI General Warehouse
Salt Lake County Map
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