Historic Sites and Points of Interest in Beaver County

Hotel Milford in Milford, Utah
Hotel Milford in Milford

  IOOF Building in Milford, Utah
IOOF Building in Milford

  Milford Palimpset
Milford Palimpset
All Photos 5 August 2008
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Name Address City Year Authority ID Sort Address Sort Name
Beaver Relief Society51 North 100 EastBeaverNational1983003837100 East N 0051Beaver Relief Society
White House315 North 100 EastBeaverNational1983003944100 East N 0315White House
Gale House on 100 East Street495 North 100 EastBeaverNational1983003851100 East N 0495Gale House on 100 East Street
White (William) House510 North 100 EastBeaverNational1984002153100 East N 0510White (William) House
Crosby House115 East 100 NorthBeaverNational1983004396100 North E 0115Crosby House
Nowers House195 East 100 NorthBeaverNational1983003876100 North E 0195Nowers House
Meeting Hall100 North and 300 EastBeaverNational1982004094100 North E 0300Meeting Hall
Olcott House590 East 100 NorthBeaverNational1983003886100 North E 0590Olcott House
Shepherd (Warren) House50 West 100 NorthBeaverNational1983004412100 North W 0050Shepherd (Warren) House
Murdock House85 West 100 NorthBeaverNational1983003878100 North W 0085Murdock House
Murdock and Wolfenden House90 West 100 NorthBeaverNational1983003884100 North W 0090Murdock and Wolfenden House
Fotheringham (William) House190 West 100 NorthBeaverNational1983004403100 North W 0190Fotheringham (William) House
Cox House100 South and 400 EastBeaverNational1983003844100 South E 0120Cox House
Willden (Feargus) House120 East 100 SouthBeaverNational1983003947100 South E 0120Willden (Feargus) House
Lee House195 North 100 WestBeaverNational1982004092100 West N 0100Lee House
McEvan House205 North 100 WestBeaverNational1983004408100 West N 0205McEvan House
Moyes House395 North 100 WestBeaverNational1983003873100 West N 0395Moyes House
Black House595 North 100 WestBeaverNational1982004079100 West N 0595Black House
Fennemore (George) House90 South 100 WestBeaverNational1980003885100 West S 0090Fennemore (George) House
Greenwood House190 South 100 WestBeaverNational1982004088100 West S 0190Greenwood House
Yardley House210 South 100 WestBeaverNational1983003948100 West S 0210Yardley House
Dalten House270 South 100 WestBeaverNational1982004082100 West S 0270Dalten House
Ashworth House Also110 South 100 WestBeaverNational1983003830100 West S 1105Ashworth House Also
Shepherd (Harriet) House190 North 200 EastBeaverNational1980003888200 East N 0190Shepherd (Harriet) House
Fennemore (James) House195 North 200 EastBeaverNational1983004397200 East N 0195Fennemore (James) House
Grimshaw (John) House290 North 200 EastBeaverNational1982004089200 East N 0290Grimshaw (John) House
Stephens House495 North 200 EastBeaverNational1983003899200 East N 0495Stephens House
Twitchell House100 South 200 EastBeaverNational1984002146200 East S 0100Twitchell House
Puffer House195 South 200 EastBeaverNational1983003889200 East S 0195Puffer House
Jackson House215 South 200 EastBeaverNational1983003863200 East S 0215Jackson House
White (Maggie Gillies) House1591 East 200 NorthBeaverNational1984002149200 North E 1591White (Maggie Gillies) House
Harris (Louis) House55 East 200 NorthBeaverNational1983004405200 North E 0055Harris (Louis) House
Hawkins House95 East 200 NorthBeaverNational1983003852200 North E 0095Hawkins House
Tanner (Sidney) House195 East 200 NorthBeaverNational1983004414200 North E 0195Tanner (Sidney) House
Fernley (Edward) House215 East 200 NorthBeaverNational1983003846200 North E 0215Fernley (Edward) House
Maeser House295 East 200 NorthBeaverNational1983003871200 North E 0295Maeser House
Harris (Sarah Eliza) House375 East 200 NorthBeaverNational1983004406200 North E 0375Harris (Sarah Eliza) House
Structure at 490 East 200 North490 East 200 NorthBeaverNational1982004099200 North E 0490Structure at 490 East 200 North
Frazer (David) House817 East 200 NorthBeaverNational1983003850200 North E 0817Frazer (David) House
Harris Flour Mill915 East 200 NorthBeaverNational1982004090200 North E 0915Harris Flour Mill
Fernley (William) House1045 East 200 NorthBeaverNational1983003848200 North E 1045Fernley (William) House
Boyter Shop50 West 200 NorthBeaverNational1983004395200 North W 0050Boyter Shop
Boyter (James) House90 West 200 NorthBeaverNational1983004394200 North W 0090Boyter (James) House
Reeves House90 North 200 WestBeaverNational1983003890200 West N 0090Reeves House
Bradshaw House265 North 200 WestBeaverNational1983003839200 West N 0265Bradshaw House
School House325 North 200 WestBeaverNational1983003892200 West N 0325School House
Boyter (Alexander) House590 North 200 WestBeaverNational1983004393200 West N 0590Boyter (Alexander) House
Ashworth House115 South 200 WestBeaverNational1983003828200 West S 0115Ashworth House
Huntington House215 South 200 WestBeaverNational1983004407200 West S 0215Huntington House
Bohn House355 South 200 WestBeaverNational1982004080200 West S 0355Bohn House
Willden (John) House495 North 200 WestBeaverNational1982004105200 West S 0495Willden (John) House
Tanner (Jake) House580 South 200 WestBeaverNational1983003901200 West S 0580Tanner (Jake) House
Barton House295 North 300 EastBeaverNational1982004076300 EastN 0295Barton House
Atkin House260 West 300 NorthBeaverNational1982004075300 North W 0260Atkin House
Stoney (Robert W.) House305 West 300 NorthBeaverNational1983003900300 North W 0305Stoney (Robert W.) House
Willden (Charles) House180 East 300 SouthBeaverNational1983003945300 South E 0180Willden (Charles) House
Robinson (William) House95 North 300 WestBeaverNational1983004411300 West N 0095Robinson (William) House
Erickson House290 North 300 WestBeaverNational1982004084300 West N 0290Erickson House
Muir House295 North 300 WestBeaverNational1980003887300 West N 0295Muir House
Smith (Ellen) House395 North 300 WestBeaverNational1983003896300 West N 0395Smith (Ellen) House
Frazer (Thomas) House590 North 300 WestBeaverNational1978002650300 West N 0590Frazer (Thomas) House
House at 110 South 3rd West110 South 300 WestBeaverNational1983003861300 West S 0110House at 110 South 3rd West
Thompson (Mary) House25 North 400 EastBeaverNational1983003902400 East N 0025Thompson (Mary) House
Morris House110 North 400 EastBeaverNational1982004095400 East N 0110Morris House
Baldwin House195 South 400 EastBeaverNational1983003834400 East S 0195Baldwin House
White (Charles) House115 East 400 NorthBeaverNational1980003889400 North E 0115White (Charles) House
Tanner (Henry) House400 North and 300 EastBeaverNational1983004413400 North E 0300Tanner (Henry) House
Robinson (James) House415 East 400 NorthBeaverNational1982004096400 North E 0415Robinson (James) House
Thompson (William Jr.) House10 West 400 NorthBeaverNational1982004103400 North W 0010Thompson (William Jr.) House
Tolton (Edward) House210 West 400 NorthBeaverNational1982004104400 North W 0210Tolton (Edward) House
Grimshaw (Duckworth) House95 North 400 WestBeaverNational1980003886400 West N 0095Grimshaw (Duckworth) House
Powell House115 North 400 WestBeaverNational1983004410400 West N 0115Powell House
Tattersall House195 North 400 WestBeaverNational1982004100400 West N 0195Tattersall House
Stoney (Robert) House295 North 400 WestBeaverNational1982004098400 West N 0295Stoney (Robert) House
Atkins and Smith House390 North 400 WestBeaverNational1983004390400 West N 0390Atkins and Smith House
Thompson (W. O.) House415 North 400 WestBeaverNational1982004101400 West N 0415Thompson (W. O.) House
Limb House495 North 400 WestBeaverNational1982004093400 West N 0495Limb House
Cowdell House595 North 400 WestBeaverNational1982004081400 West N 0595Cowdell House
Jones, Thomas, House635 North 400 WestBeaverNational1982004091400 West N 0635Jones, Thomas, House
Gale House on 500 North Street95 East 500 NorthBeaverNational1983004404500 North E 0095Gale House on 500 North Street
Tolton (Walter) House195 West 500 NorthBeaverNational1983003910500 North W 0195Tolton (Walter) House
Dean House390 West 500 NorthBeaverNational1982004083500 North W 0390Dean House
Smith (Seth) House190 North 600 EastBeaverNational1982004097600 East N 0190Smith (Seth) House
Fotheringham (Caroline) House290 North 600 EastBeaverNational1982004087600 East N 0290Fotheringham (Caroline) House
Morgan House110 West 600 NorthBeaverNational1983004409600 North W 0110Morgan House
Orwin House390 West 600 NorthBeaverNational1983003888600 North W 0390Orwin House
Mansfield StoreWest Center and North Main StreetsBeaverNational1983003868CenterMansfield Store
Beaver Opera House55 East Center StreetBeaverNational1982004078Center E 0055Beaver Opera House
Beaver County Courthouse90 East Center StreetBeaverNational1970000622Center E 0090Beaver County Courthouse
Thompson (William) House160 East Center StreetBeaverNational1982004102Center E 0160Thompson (William) House
Smith House190 East Center StreetBeaverNational1983003898Center E 0190Smith House
Bird HouseCenter and 300 EastBeaverNational1983004392Center E 0300Bird House
Burt House515 East Center StreetBeaverNational1983003841Center E 0515Burt House
Beaver City Library50 West Center StreetBeaverNational1983004391Center W 0050Beaver City Library
Farnsworth Barn180 West Center Street (Rear)BeaverNational1982004085Center W 0180AFarnsworth Barn
Farnsworth House180 West Center StreetBeaverNational1982004086Center W 0180AFarnsworth House
Robinson (William) House om Utah 153Utah Highway 153 East of BeaverBeaverNational1983003891Highway 153Robinson (William) House om Utah 153
Upper Beaver Hydroelectric Historic DistrictUtah Highway 153 East of BeaverBeaverNational1989000282Highway 153Upper Beaver Hydroelectric Historic District
Tolton Block25 North Main StreetBeaverNational1983003905Main N 0025Tolton Block
Odd Fellows Hall33-35 North Main StreetBeaverNational1983003885Main N 0033Odd Fellows Hall
Low Hotel95 North Main StreetBeaverNational1983003865Main N 0095Low Hotel
Tyler House310 North Main StreetBeaverNational1983003943Main N 0310Tyler House
Beaver Main Post Office20 South Main StreetBeaverNational1989001992Main S 0020Beaver Main Post Office
Skinner House185 South Main StreetBeaverNational1983003894Main S 0185Skinner House
House at 325 South Main Street325 South Main StreetBeaverNational1983003862Main S 0325House at 325 South Main Street
Willden (Elliot) House340 South Main StreetBeaverNational1983003946Main S 0340Willden (Elliot) House
Fort CameronNavajo TrailBeaverNational1974001932Navajo TrailFort Cameron
Frisco Charcoal KilnsUtah Highway 12FriscoNational1982004793Highway 012Frisco Charcoal Kilns
Jenner - Griffiths House10 North 300 EastMinersvilleNational1985001118300 East N 0010Jenner - Griffiths House
Minersville City Hall60 Main StreetMinersvilleNational1985000795Main 0060Minersville City Hall
Rollins - Eyre House113 Main StreetMinersvilleNational1994001626Main 0113Rollins - Eyre House
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