National Register of Historic Places in Jackson County

National Register #02001008: Siskiyou-Hargadine Historic District in Ashland E. V. Carter House
505 Siskiyou Boulevard
Built in 1886
Photographed 11 July 2007
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National Register #02001008
Siskiyou-Hargadine Historic District
Bounded By East Main, Morse, Beach, Iowa, and Pioneer Streets

The Siskiyou-Hargadine Historic District remains one of Ashland's earliest and most intact residential neighborhoods.

Bisected by Siskiyou Boulevard, the grand entrance to the town developed in the last years of the 19th century, the area retains high integrity in design and association, reflecting the growth of this portion of the city of Ashland that began in the late 1880s with the arrival of the railroad and that continued though increased infill development in this historic neighborhood in the years following World War II.

Settled in 1852, Ashland developed around the area now known as the Plaza, the town's physical and economic core. By 1880 residents were beginning to construct homes along Main Street extending south from the Plaza and, after 1888 along the city's newly laid out Siskiyou Boulevard and within the several additions platted above and below this thoroughfare.

Adapted from the NRHP nomination submitted in 2002.

Name Year Address Remarks Sort Address Sort Name
Briggs-Blaylock House192058 Dewey StreetBungalowDewey 0058Briggs-Blaylock House
Davidson (John & Florence) House194772 Dewey StreetPost WWII cottageDewey 0072Davidson (John & Florence) House
Taylor (John) House191076 Dewey StreetVernacular hipped-roof cottageDewey 0076Taylor (John) House
Taylor-Potter House190084 Dewey StreetVernacular L-shape farmhouseDewey 0084Taylor-Potter House
Childers (Frank & Myrtle)195192 Dewey StreetRanchDewey 0092Childers (Frank & Myrtle)
Meeterry (Mary) House1905835 Blaine StreetVernacular hipped-roof cottageBlaine 0835Meeterry (Mary) House
Combs (Sarah) House1904787 Blaine StreetVernacular hipped-roof cottageBlaine 0787Combs (Sarah) House
Harrington (George & Lizzie) House190395 Dewey StreetVernacular L-shape farmhouseDewey 0095Harrington (George & Lizzie) House
Speece (Dalton & Ada) Rental House195094 Morton StreetPost WWII cottageMorton 0094Speece (Dalton & Ada) Rental House
Datema House194075 Dewey Street40's Era cottageDewey 0075Datema House
Creighton (George) House191152 Morton StreetVernacular hipped-roof cottageMorton 0052Creighton (George) House
Bush (Sarah) House190644 Morton StreetVernacular front-facing gableMorton 0044Bush (Sarah) House
Autry (House) Hiram190536 Morton StreetVernacular hipped-roof cottageMorton 0036Autry (House) Hiram
Veghte-Oscar House191083 Morton StreetBungalowMorton 0083Veghte-Oscar House
Veghte-Carson House1905117 Morton StreetVernacular hipped-roof cottageMorton 0117Veghte-Carson House
Hevener (William & Mary) House1900685 Siskiyou BoulevardQueen AnneSiskiyou 0685Hevener (William & Mary) House
Unknown House I1944675 Siskiyou BoulevardWWII Era cottageSiskiyou 0675Unknown House I
Thompson (Nels) Rental House I1906657 Siskiyou BoulevardVernacular hipped-roof cottageSiskiyou 0657Thompson (Nels) Rental House I
Thompson (Nels) Rental House II1911647 Siskiyou BoulevardBungalowSiskiyou 0647Thompson (Nels) Rental House II
Thompson (Nels) House1907641 Siskiyou BoulevardVernacular hipped-roof cottageSiskiyou 0641Thompson (Nels) House
Coburn-Merrill House1901631 Siskiyou BoulevardVernacular front-facing gableSiskiyou 0631Coburn-Merrill House
Bush (Charles) House1904635 Siskiyou BoulevardVernacular with Queen Anne elementsSiskiyou 0635Bush (Charles) House
Carter House (National Register Listing #79002065)1886505 Siskiyou BoulevardQueen AnneSiskiyou 0505Carter House (National Register Listing #79002065)
Boyd (Henry) House190863 Alida StreetVernacular hipped-roof cottageAlida 0063Boyd (Henry) House
Anderson (G.S.) Rental House191075 Alida StreetBungalowAlida 0075Anderson (G.S.) Rental House
Athanas (William) House193081 Alida StreetBungalowAlida 0081Athanas (William) House
Hevener-Conner House1890865 Blaine StreetVernacular I-HouseBlaine 0865Hevener-Conner House
Wenner (Gerald & Grace)1925107 Alida StreetBungalowAlida 00107Wenner (Gerald & Grace)
Ruger (John & Maude) House1939100 Alida StreetPeriod Revival English CottageAlida 0100Ruger (John & Maude) House
Van Dyke-Powell House192092 Alida StreetBungalowAlida 0092Van Dyke-Powell House
Van Dyke (William) House189184 Alida StreetVernacular front-facing gableAlida 0084Van Dyke (William) House
Anderson (George) House76 Alida StreetVernacular hipped-roof cottageAlida 0076Anderson (George) House
Mansfield (Dennis & Loula)194166 Alida StreetCape Cod Colonial RevivalAlida 0066Mansfield (Dennis & Loula)
Moore-May House193346 Alida Street40's Era cottageAlida 0046Moore-May House
Yates (William & Geraldine) House1920140 South PioneerCraftsman bungalowPioneer S 0140Yates (William & Geraldine) House
Yates Rental Unit & Garage1920138 South PioneerCraftsman bungalowPioneer S 0138Yates Rental Unit & Garage
Cleveland (William) House1909130 South PioneerVernacular hipped-roof cottagePioneer S 0130Cleveland (William) House
Stanley-Marks House1910128 South PioneerVernacular hipped-roof cottagePioneer S 0128Stanley-Marks House
Stanley (Mary) House1910126 South PioneerCraftsman bungalowPioneer S 0126Stanley (Mary) House
Laseter-Shaver House1907107 Fork StreetBungalowFork 0107Laseter-Shaver House
King House1930108 South Pioneer40's Era cottagePioneer S 0108King House
Jackson Rental House1920106 South PioneerCape Cod Colonial RevivalPioneer S 0106Jackson Rental House
Nininger House (National Register Listing #82001506)190980 Hargadine StreetCraftsman bungalowHargadine 0080Nininger House (National Register Listing #82001506)
Putnam-Jones House1915183 Vista StreetBungalowVista 0183Putnam-Jones House
Hargadine (George) House1888166 Hargadine StreetVernacular hipped-roof cottageHargadine 0166Hargadine (George) House
Edwards Repair Shop1948166 Hargadine StreetModern commercialHargadine 0166Edwards Repair Shop
Evans-Mattern House1905208 Hargadine StreetBungalowHargadine 0208Evans-Mattern House
Aikens House1946220 Hargadine StreetModerneHargadine 0220Aikens House
Grisez (Frank & Mary) House1898104 South 1st StreetOriginally built c.1898 and remodeled in the craftsman bungalow style in 1913 Street 01 S 0104Grisez (Frank & Mary) House
Countryman-Fox House1884244 Hargadine StreetQueen AnneHargadine 0244Countryman-Fox House
Grainger-Stanley House1900298 Hargadine StreetEnglish cottageHargadine 0298Grainger-Stanley House
Chattin (Charles) House1911314-318 Hargadine StreetBungalowHargadine 0314Chattin (Charles) House
Humboldt-Pracht House (National Register Listing #81000489)1908234 Vista StreetCraftsman bungalowVista 0234Humboldt-Pracht House (National Register Listing #81000489)
Watson (C. B.) House1891232 Vista StreetEnglish cottageVista 0232Watson (C. B.) House
Hicks (Blanche) House1922212 Vista StreetCraftsman bungalowVista 0212Hicks (Blanche) House
Provost (J. H.) House1909190 Vista StreetCraftsman bungalowVista 0190Provost (J. H.) House
Stevens (W. J.) House1931180 Vista StreetCraftsman bungalowVista 0180Stevens (W. J.) House
Galey (Henry) House1899460 Siskiyou BoulevardQueen AnneSiskiyou 0460Galey (Henry) House
Carter-Bybee House1900470 Siskiyou BoulevardQueen AnneSiskiyou 0470Carter-Bybee House
Mills (E. V.) House1890478 Siskiyou BoulevardVernacular with Queen Anne elementsSiskiyou 0478Mills (E. V.) House
Sanderson (W. P.) House1909486 Siskiyou BoulevardBungalowSiskiyou 0486Sanderson (W. P.) House
Burnett-Neil House1904502 Siskiyou BoulevardAmerican Foursquare, Colonial RevivalSiskiyou 0502Burnett-Neil House
Carter-Fortmiller House (National Register Listing #81000487)1909514 Siskiyou BoulevardCraftsman bungalowSiskiyou 0514Carter-Fortmiller House (National Register Listing #81000487)
Sayle (Harry) House191239 Union StreetBungalowUnion 0039Sayle (Harry) House
Mitchell-Kinsman House190547 Union StreetBungalowUnion 0047Mitchell-Kinsman House
Pengra (E. F.) House1905501 Allison StreetVernacular hipped-roof cottageAllison 0501Pengra (E. F.) House
Martin-Dickey House1902489 Allison StreetVernacular with Queen Anne elementsAllison 0489Martin-Dickey House
Inglerock-Dennis House1902477 Allison StreetBungalowAllison 0477Inglerock-Dennis House
Sutton-Winter House1901469 Allison StreetBungalowAllison 0469Sutton-Winter House
Webster (Pamela) House1889463 Allison StreetVernacular L-shaped farmhouseAllison 0463Webster (Pamela) House
Davis (William & Minnie) House1900453 Allison StreetAmerican Foursquare, CraftsmanAllison 0453Davis (William & Minnie) House
Walters (Frederica) House1910443 Allison StreetVernacular hipped-roof cottageAllison 0443Walters (Frederica) House
Poley (William) House190664 Gresham StreetAmerican Foursquare, CraftsmanGresham 0064Poley (William) House
Polk Rental House193054 Gresham Street40's Era cottageGresham 0054Polk Rental House
Hilty-Polk House191548 Gresham StreetBungalowGresham 0048Hilty-Polk House
Gillette (Hugh) House190025 Gresham StreetVernacular with Queen Anne elementsGresham 0025Gillette (Hugh) House
Swingle (Frank) House188531 Gresham StreetVernacular hipped-roof cottageGresham 0031Swingle (Frank) House
Miller (Judd) House1903370 Hargadine StreetVernacular hipped-roof cottageHargadine 0370Miller (Judd) House
Hilleary-Miller House1900364 Hargadine StreetVernacular hipped-roof cottageHargadine 0364Hilleary-Miller House
Beach (Baldwin) House (National Register Listing #79002064)1884348 Hargadine StreetItalianate VictorianHargadine 0348Beach (Baldwin) House (National Register Listing #79002064)
Veghte-Ellis House19094 Beach AvenueVernacular hipped-roof cottageBeach 0004Veghte-Ellis House
Allrad-King House19096 Beach AvenueVernacular hipped-roof cottageBeach 0006Allrad-King House
Beach Rental House 119088 Beach AvenueVernacular hipped-roof cottageBeach 0008Beach Rental House 1
Beach-Hughes House190912 Beach AvenueVernacular hipped-roof cottageBeach 0012Beach-Hughes House
Beach Rental House 2190914 Beach AvenueVernacular hipped-roof cottageBeach 0014Beach Rental House 2
Beach (Baldwin) House II190141 Gresham StreetBungalowGresham 0041Beach (Baldwin) House II
Veghte (C. H.) House191051 Gresham StreetCraftsman bungalowGresham 0051Veghte (C. H.) House
Reader (J. K.) Rental House 1189863 Gresham StreetVernacular with Queen Anne elementsGresham 0063Reader (J. K.) Rental House 1
Reader (J. K.) Rental House 21910373 Vista StreetVernacular hipped-roof cottageVista 0373Reader (J. K.) Rental House 2
Scullen (Willard) House1905365 Vista StreetVernacular with Queen Anne elementsVista 0365Scullen (Willard) House
Cox (Allen) House1910357 Vista StreetVernacular hipped-roof cottageVista 0357Cox (Allen) House
Rice (John) House1889492 Allison StreetVernacular hipped-roof cottageAllison 0492Rice (John) House
Brady (Charles) House1902486 Allison StreetBungalowAllison 0486Brady (Charles) House
Veghte (Willard) House1910478 Allison StreetBungalowAllison 0478Veghte (Willard) House
Bomar (Archibald) House1905470 Allison StreetBungalowAllison 0470Bomar (Archibald) House
Miller-Stephens Outbuilding1901462 Allison StreetBarnAllison 0462Miller-Stephens Outbuilding
Stremming (Annie) House1910446 Allison StreetCraftsman bungalowAllison 0446Stremming (Annie) House
Carey (George) House1920120 Gresham StreetCraftsman bungalowGresham 0120Carey (George) House
Veghte-Carlton House1900493 Fairview StreetVernacular front-facing gableFairview 0493Veghte-Carlton House
Sohler (Leo & Estel) House1946505 Fairview Street40's Era cottageFairview 0505Sohler (Leo & Estel) House
Veghte (C. H.) Rental House190185 Union StreetVernacular with Queen Anne elementsUnion 0085Veghte (C. H.) Rental House
Carlton (S. A.) House191299 Union StreetCraftsman bungalowUnion 0099Carlton (S. A.) House
Meggers-Bradshaw House1947121 Union StreetMinimal traditionalUnion 0121Meggers-Bradshaw House
Boyd-Howard House1912502 Fairview StreetCraftsman bungalowFairview 0502Boyd-Howard House
Cole (G. W.) House1888494 Fairview StreetVernacular with Queen Anne elementsFairview 0494Cole (G. W.) House
James (Walter & Margaret) House1947155 Union StreetMinimal traditionalUnion 0155James (Walter & Margaret) House
Jeter-Hughes House1905518 Auburn StreetVernacular front-facing gableAuburn 0518Jeter-Hughes House
Fordney-McKercher House1901517 Iowa StreetVernacular L-shaped farmhouseIowa 0517Fordney-McKercher House
Patty (John) House1911549 Auburn StreetCraftsman bungalowAuburn 0549Patty (John) House
Bradford-Mitchell House1908534 Fairview StreetCraftsman bungalowFairview 0534Bradford-Mitchell House
McLeod (Alex) Rental House II1908542 Fairview StreetVernacular hipped-roof cottageFairview 0542McLeod (Alex) Rental House II
McLeod (Alex) House1908550 Fairview StreetVernacular hipped-roof cottageFairview 0550McLeod (Alex) House
Good (David) House1901566 Fairview StreetVernacular hipped-roof cottageFairview 0566Good (David) House
Plaisted-Swedenburg House1904406 Iowa StreetQueen Anne VictorianIowa 0406Plaisted-Swedenburg House
Houck (J. G. & Lena) House1948390 Iowa Street40's Era cottageIowa 0390Houck (J. G. & Lena) House
Fitch (Frank) House1905372 Iowa StreetBungalowIowa 0372Fitch (Frank) House
Templer (V. J. & Georgia) House1948348 Iowa StreetSplit LevelIowa 0348Templer (V. J. & Georgia) House
Reeder (T. T.) House1910345 Iowa StreetBungalowIowa 0345Reeder (T. T.) House
McLeod-Leslie House1904353 Iowa StreetBungalowIowa 0353McLeod-Leslie House
Hooper-Simons House1905363 Iowa StreetVernacularIowa 0363Hooper-Simons House
Pennebaker-Barney House1898231 Gresham StreetVernacular with Queen Anne elementsGresham 0231Pennebaker-Barney House
Hatcher (J. W.) House1888215 Gresham StreetVernacular L-shaped farmhouseGresham 0215Hatcher (J. W.) House
Miller Rental House1950185-187 Gresham Street40's Era cottageGresham 0185Miller Rental House
Sayle (J. P.) House1888183 Gresham StreetVernacular I-HouseGresham 0183Sayle (J. P.) House
Daugherty (John & Louise) House1938165 Gresham StreetCape Cod Colonial RevivalGresham 0165Daugherty (John & Louise) House
Woods (Clarence) House1905151 Gresham StreetVernacular hipped-roof cottageGresham 0151Woods (Clarence) House
Carter (H. B.) House (National Register Listing #77001101)188891 Gresham StreetQueen Anne VictorianGresham 0091Carter (H. B.) House (National Register Listing #77001101)
Eddings-Provost House (National Register Listing #80003318)1889364 Vista StreetQueen Anne VictorianVista 0364 1Eddings-Provost House (National Register Listing #80003318)
McClung-McGee House1906342 Vista StreetVernacular with Queen Anne elementsVista 0342McClung-McGee House
Poley Rental House I1942364 Vista Street (Rear)Post WWII Era cottageVista 0364 2Poley Rental House I
Barker House1946360 Pearl Street40's Era cottagePearl 0360Barker House
Johnson (Mary) House1910216 Meade StreetVernacular front-facing gableMeade 0216Johnson (Mary) House
Pelton-Van Buskirk House1904227 Meade StreetVernacular hipped-roof cottageMeade 0227Pelton-Van Buskirk House
Shelley (Lewis) House1903219 Meade StreetCraftsman bungalowMeade 0219Shelley (Lewis) House
Hill (Aubrey & Mollie) House1950198 Hillcrest Street40's Era cottageHillcrest 0198Hill (Aubrey & Mollie) House
Ness-Agee House1909175 Meade StreetVernacular side-facing gableMeade 0175Ness-Agee House
Neill (Richard & Mollie) House1942165 Meade StreetBungalowMeade 0165Neill (Richard & Mollie) House
Bushnell (Wilbur & Dorothea) House1942135 Meade Street40's Era cottageMeade 0135Bushnell (Wilbur & Dorothea) House
Provost (P. S.) House190495 Meade StreetVernacular with Colonial Revival elementsMeade 0095Provost (P. S.) House
Boslough-Claycomb House (National Register Listing #81000486)19091 Hillcrest StreetCraftsman bungalowHillcrest 0001Boslough-Claycomb House (National Register Listing #81000486)
Howard (Rose) House19133 Hillcrest StreetCraftsman bungalowHillcrest 0003Howard (Rose) House
Coggins (Arthur) House19325 Hillcrest StreetBungalowHillcrest 0005Coggins (Arthur) House
Dean (Frank & Margaret) House19129 Hillcrest StreetBungalowHillcrest 0009Dean (Frank & Margaret) House
Conway-Delsman House191519 Hillcrest StreetCraftsman bungalowHillcrest 0019Conway-Delsman House
Reedy (John & Ruth) House1947320 Iowa StreetRanch styleIowa 0320Reedy (John & Ruth) House
Chastain (Mervyn & Ethel) House1946249 Hillcrest StreetSplit LevelHillcrest 0249Chastain (Mervyn & Ethel) House
Thompson-Hargadine House1905124 Alida StreetCraftsman bungalowAlida 0124Thompson-Hargadine House
Mayberry (Henry & Myrtle) House1924140 Alida StreetBungalowAlida 0140Mayberry (Henry & Myrtle) House
Mellinger (A. C.) House1906148 Alida StreetCraftsman bungalowAlida 0148Mellinger (A. C.) House
Thompson (Jacob) Rental House1900172 Alida StreetQueen Anne VictorianAlida 0172Thompson (Jacob) Rental House
Kluth (O. R.) House1926180 Alida StreetBungalowAlida 0180Kluth (O. R.) House
Nelson (Frank) House1901188 Alida StreetVernacular hipped-roof cottageAlida 0188Nelson (Frank) House
Klum (C. Waldo) House1900823 Siskiyou BoulevardVernacular L-shaped farmhouseSiskiyou 0823Klum (C. Waldo) House
Robertson (Charles) House1922819 Siskiyou BoulevardCraftsman bungalowSiskiyou 0819Robertson (Charles) House
Klum (Charles) House1898773 Siskiyou BoulevardVernacular with Queen Anne elementsSiskiyou 0773Klum (Charles) House
Garrett (Pete) House1910765 Siskiyou BoulevardCraftsman bungalowSiskiyou 0765Garrett (Pete) House
Myers-Lay House1939163 Alida StreetBungalowAlida 0163Myers-Lay House
Myers (James & Emily) House1905753 Siskiyou BoulevardVernacular hipped-roof cottageSiskiyou 0753Myers (James & Emily) House
Collins-Wright House1948159 Alida Street40's Era cottageAlida 0159Collins-Wright House
Murphy (John & Dorothy) House1945145 Alida Street40's Era cottageAlida 0145Murphy (John & Dorothy) House
Youngs (James & Viola) House1942133 Alida Street40's Era cottageAlida 0133Youngs (James & Viola) House
Abbott (William) House1903866 Blaine StreetVernacular hipped-roof cottageBlaine 0866Abbott (William) House
Ferguson-Spindler House1907842 Blaine StreetVernacular front-facing gableBlaine 0842Ferguson-Spindler House
Denny (Carol & Gladys) House1949812 Blaine Street40's Era cottageBlaine 0812Denny (Carol & Gladys) House
Logan-Smith House1903124 Morton StreetVernacular L-shaped farmhouseMorton 0124Logan-Smith House
Laidlaw (Ralph & Bessie) House1950136 Morton StreetRanch styleMorton 0136Laidlaw (Ralph & Bessie) House
First Congregational Church of Ashland1926717 Siskiyou BoulevardCraftsman bungalowSiskiyou 0717First Congregational Church of Ashland
Dickey (Floyd & Dorothy) House1927727 Siskiyou BoulevardCraftsman bungalowSiskiyou 0727Dickey (Floyd & Dorothy) House
Cole (Jules) House1900737 Siskiyou BoulevardVernacular hipped-roof cottageSiskiyou 0737Cole (Jules) House
Poor-Murray House1901872 Iowa StreetAmerican Foursquare, Colonial RevivalIowa 0872Poor-Murray House
Poor-Murray Rental House1940872 1/2 Iowa Street40's Era cottageIowa 0872 1/2Poor-Murray Rental House
Lahr Rental House1945276 Liberty Street40's Era cottageLiberty 0276Lahr Rental House
Murray-Dalkenberg House1920280 Liberty StreetVernacular front-facing gableLiberty 0280Murray-Dalkenberg House
Wright-Lynch House1910302 Liberty StreetVernacular hipped-roof cottageLiberty 0302Wright-Lynch House
Murray-Cully House1920308 Liberty StreetBungalowLiberty 0308Murray-Cully House
Lovesee House1910324 Liberty StreetVernacular I-HouseLiberty 0324Lovesee House
Bates-Adamson House1910329 Beach StreetBungalowBeach 0329Bates-Adamson House
Norcross (Alta Pearl) House1930295 Beach StreetCraftsman bungalowBeach 0295Norcross (Alta Pearl) House
Woodall-Singmaster House1940285 Beach StreetCape Cod Colonial RevivalBeach 0285Woodall-Singmaster House
Erwin (Ivor & Norma) House1940271 Beach StreetTudor RevivalBeach 0271Erwin (Ivor & Norma) House
Jansen-Kaegi House1937900 Iowa StreetCape Cod Colonial RevivalIowa 0900Jansen-Kaegi House
Jansen-Kaegi Apartment Unit1937900 1/2 Iowa StreetCape Cod Colonial RevivalIowa 0900 1/2Jansen-Kaegi Apartment Unit
Hildreth-Beaver House1900916 Iowa StreetVernacular with Queen Anne elementsIowa 0916Hildreth-Beaver House
Putnam (J. A. & Grace) Rental House1930284 Beach StreetBungalowBeach 0284Putnam (J. A. & Grace) Rental House
Mitchell (Ethel) House1944296 Beach Street40's Era cottageBeach 0296Mitchell (Ethel) House
Bibby House1923300 Beach StreetBungalowBeach 0300Bibby House
Lincoln Elementary School1926320 Beach StreetBeaux Arts, American Renaissance. Built in 1926 with additions in 1949.Beach 0320Lincoln Elementary School
Triangle Park1907Siskiyou Boulevard Between Beach Avenue and Liberty StreetSiskiyou 0700Triangle Park
Grubbs Rental House 21910203 Liberty StreetBungalowLiberty 0203Grubbs Rental House 2
Biegel (Elmer & Margaret) House1938787 Iowa StreetMinimal traditionalIowa 0787Biegel (Elmer & Margaret) House
Graves (Gerrod) House1903712 Siskiyou BoulevardDutch Colonial RevivalSiskiyou 0712Graves (Gerrod) House
Biegel (August & Charlotte) Rental House1906197 Morton StreetVernacular with Queen Anne elementsMorton 0197Biegel (August & Charlotte) Rental House
Biegel (August) House1904195 Morton StreetVernacular with Queen Anne elementsMorton 0195Biegel (August) House
Shaw-Portland House1902678 Siskiyou BoulevardCraftsman bungalowSiskiyou 0678Shaw-Portland House
Straton (Nial & Mary) House1890725 Iowa StreetVernacular L-shaped farmhouseIowa 0725Straton (Nial & Mary) House
Elder (James) House1922220 Harrison StreetCraftsman bungalowHarrison 0220Elder (James) House
Fraley (Milton) House1924208 Harrison StreetCraftsman bungalowHarrison 0208Fraley (Milton) House
Mastier (Amy) House1905180 Harrison StreetVernacular hipped-roof cottageHarrison 0180Mastier (Amy) House
Richardson (J. W.) House1904696 Siskiyou BoulevardColonial RevivalSiskiyou 0696Richardson (J. W.) House
Walker (Roy) House1911670 Siskiyou BoulevardBungalowSiskiyou 0670Walker (Roy) House
Hunsacker-Shepard House1888658 Siskiyou BoulevardItalianate VictorianSiskiyou 0658Hunsacker-Shepard House
Lininger (Ellis & Olive) House1935161 Harrison StreetColonial RevivalHarrison 0161Lininger (Ellis & Olive) House
Cotter (Charles & Della) House1912167 Harrison StreetBungalowHarrison 0167Cotter (Charles & Della) House
Walker (Marie) House1938183 Harrison StreetVernacular hipped-roof cottageHarrison 0183Walker (Marie) House
Williams-Fulgham1928187-189 Harrison StreetBungalowHarrison 0187Williams-Fulgham
Woodworth (J. Dexter & Helen) Apartments1950205-215 Harrison Street40's Era cottageHarrison 0205Woodworth (J. Dexter & Helen) Apartments
Wendt (Philip & Hattie) House 11936170 Sherman StreetEnglish cottageSherman 0170Wendt (Philip & Hattie) House 1
Wendt (Philip & Hattie) House 21930166 Sherman StreetVernacular hipped-roof cottageSherman 0166Wendt (Philip & Hattie) House 2
Galbraith-Winne House1904160 Sherman StreetVernacular hipped-roof cottageSherman 0160Galbraith-Winne House
Galbraith (James) House1904152 Sherman StreetVernacular hipped-roof cottageSherman 0152Galbraith (James) House
Eaton-Galbraith House1920136 Sherman StreetBungalowSherman 0136Eaton-Galbraith House
Downing (Thomas) Rental House1904638 Siskiyou BoulevardVernacular hipped-roof cottageSiskiyou 0638 1Downing (Thomas) Rental House
Downing (Thomas) Rental House, 2nd Unit1904638 Siskiyou Boulevard (Rear)Vernacular front-facing gableSiskiyou 0638 2Downing (Thomas) Rental House, 2nd Unit
Downing (Thomas) House1888630 Siskiyou BoulevardClassical RevivalSiskiyou 0630Downing (Thomas) House
Sheldon (Elmer & Dorothy) House1946622 Siskiyou BoulevardAmerican RusticSiskiyou 0622Sheldon (Elmer & Dorothy) House
Minkler (Ray & Emma) House1907614 Siskiyou BoulevardAmerican Foursquare ColonialSiskiyou 0614Minkler (Ray & Emma) House
Dodge (Will) House1935600 Siskiyou BoulevardBungalowSiskiyou 0600Dodge (Will) House
Watts-Dodge House1888590 Siskiyou BoulevardItalianate VictorianSiskiyou 0590Watts-Dodge House
Hildreth-Merrill House1898115 Sherman StreetVernacular hipped-roof cottageSherman 0115Hildreth-Merrill House
Merrill (Edward) House1914570 Siskiyou BoulevardCraftsman bungalowSiskiyou 0570Merrill (Edward) House
Casaloma Court1930560 Siskiyou BoulevardBungalowSiskiyou 0560Casaloma Court
George (Lawrence) House1901550 Siskiyou BoulevardVernacular with Queen Anne elementsSiskiyou 0550George (Lawrence) House
Dennis (J. N.) House1914542 Siskiyou BoulevardBungalowSiskiyou 0542Dennis (J. N.) House
Engle (Fred & Grace) House1909534 Siskiyou BoulevardAmerican Foursquare CraftsmanSiskiyou 0534Engle (Fred & Grace) House
DeWiss (Louis) House1904549 Allison StreetVernacular with Queen Anne elementsAllison 0549DeWiss (Louis) House
Everton (Walter) Street1914585 Allison StreetBungalowAllison 0585Everton (Walter) Street
Helm (Herman & Vera) House1944125 Sherman Street40's Era cottageSherman 0125Helm (Herman & Vera) House
Marske (Albert) House1920145 Sherman StreetBungalowSherman 0145Marske (Albert) House
Keller (A. C.) Rental House 21915606 Allison StreetBungalowAllison 0606Keller (A. C.) Rental House 2
Keller (A. C.) Rental House 11920590 Allison StreetBungalowAllison 0590Keller (A. C.) Rental House 1
Keller (Amos) House1900582 Allison StreetVernacular with Queen Anne elementsAllison 0582Keller (Amos) House
Henning (Agnes) House1938574 Allison Street40's Era cottageAllison 0574Henning (Agnes) House
Robison (Wray & Mabel) House1945560 Allison Street40's Era cottageAllison 0560Robison (Wray & Mabel) House
Goff-Hart House1899550 Allison StreetVernacular hipped-roof cottageAllison 0550Goff-Hart House
Winter (Otto) Rental House I1901532 Allison StreetVernacular with Queen Anne elementsAllison 0532Winter (Otto) Rental House I
Winter Rental House, Jackson Units192874-76 Union Street40's Era cottageUnion 0074Winter Rental House, Jackson Units
Boon-Crouch House1901100 Union StreetVernacular I-HouseUnion 0100Boon-Crouch House
McLeod-Boon House1905541 Fairview StreetAmerican FoursquareFairview 0541McLeod-Boon House
McLeod-Erickson House1910555 Fairview StreetCraftsman bungalowFairview 0555McLeod-Erickson House
Siemann (A. Harvey & Ruth) House1944555 Fairview Street40's Era cottageFairview 0555Siemann (A. Harvey & Ruth) House
Jackson-Wallace Rental House1943593 Fairview Street40's Era cottageFairview 0593Jackson-Wallace Rental House
Jackson-Pittman House1946181 Sherman Street40's Era cottageSherman 0181Jackson-Pittman House
Keller (Amos) Rental House IV1904187 Sherman StreetBungalowSherman 0187Keller (Amos) Rental House IV
Nickerson (C. E.) House1915215 Sherman StreetCraftsman bungalowSherman 0215Nickerson (C. E.) House
Keller (Amos) Rental House I1908595 Iowa StreetCraftsman bungalowIowa 0595Keller (Amos) Rental House I
Butterfield-Purdin House1947607 Fairview Street40's Era cottageFairview 0607Butterfield-Purdin House
Powell-Spencer House1904620 Iowa StreetBungalowIowa 0620Powell-Spencer House
Holt (William) House1907558 Holly StreetBungalowHolly 0558Holt (William) House
Bond (Dorothy) Duplex1926625 Holly StreetBungalowHolly 0625Bond (Dorothy) Duplex
Johnson-Starnes House1904309 Harrison StreetAmerican Foursquare ColonialHarrison 0309Johnson-Starnes House
Erwin (Ivor & Norma) House1950291 Harrison Street40's Era cottageHarrison 0291Erwin (Ivor & Norma) House
Drew and Lamb House1951630-634 Iowa StreetRanch styleIowa 0630Drew and Lamb House
Elliott (Otis & Lola) House1930724 Iowa StreetBungalowIowa 0724Elliott (Otis & Lola) House
Wolfe (Donald & Thelma) House1951710 Iowa StreetRanch styleIowa 0710Wolfe (Donald & Thelma) House
Smith (George) House1888726 Iowa StreetVernacular L-shaped farmhouseIowa 0726Smith (George) House
Smith-Cavin Rental House1900272 Harrison StreetVernacular I-HouseHarrison 0272Smith-Cavin Rental House
Eaton-Locke House1948276 Harrison StreetRanch styleHarrison 0276Eaton-Locke House
Cooley Walker House1947300 Harrison Street40's Era cottageHarrison 0300Cooley Walker House
Cooly-Pendleton House1947308 Harrison Street40's Era cottageHarrison 0308Cooly-Pendleton House
Peterson (Nellie) House1945307 Morton StreetMinimal traditionalMorton 0307Peterson (Nellie) House
King-Randles House1926305 Morton StreetBungalowMorton 0305King-Randles House
McGee (Ida) Rental House1905271 Morton StreetVernacular front-facing gableMorton 0271McGee (Ida) Rental House
Gray Rental House1920745 Alaska StreetBungalowAlaska 0745Gray Rental House
Stevens (Andrew) Rental House1900756 Iowa StreetVernacular I-HouseIowa 0756Stevens (Andrew) Rental House
Stevens (Andrew) Rental House1900770 Iowa StreetVernacular with Queen Anne elementsIowa 0770Stevens (Andrew) Rental House
Sugg (J. H. & Grace) House1921788 Iowa StreetBungalowIowa 0788Sugg (J. H. & Grace) House
Loveland (Carl) House1922790 Iowa StreetBungalowIowa 0790Loveland (Carl) House
Hardy (Robert & Alicia) House1946820 Iowa StreetMinimal traditionalIowa 0820Hardy (Robert & Alicia) House
Saxman (Margaret) House1889830 Iowa StreetVernacular with Queen Anne elementsIowa 0830Saxman (Margaret) House
Whitaker (J. C. and Flora) House1924285 Liberty StreetCraftsman bungalowLiberty 0285Whitaker (J. C. and Flora) House
Vail Rental House1940289 Liberty Street40's Era cottageLiberty 0289Vail Rental House
Herndon (Walter & May) House1925363 Beach StreetBungalowBeach 0363Herndon (Walter & May) House
Hughes (T. R. and Martha) House1910347 Beach StreetBungalowBeach 0347Hughes (T. R. and Martha) House
Wright (Wirt and Leota) House1924341 Beach StreetCraftsman bungalowBeach 0341Wright (Wirt and Leota) House
Barnthouse Rental House1948332 Liberty Street40's Era cottageLiberty 0332Barnthouse Rental House
Bolz-Wolters House1910354 Liberty StreetVernacular hipped-roof cottageLiberty 0354Bolz-Wolters House
Funkhouser (Myrtle) House1940364 Liberty Street40's Era cottageLiberty 0364Funkhouser (Myrtle) House
Roberts-Randles House1920390 Liberty StreetBungalowLiberty 0390Roberts-Randles House
Randles Rental House1933865 Henry Street40's Era cottageHenry 0865Randles Rental House
Siskiyou Boulevard1888Siskiyou BoulevardSiskiyou 0000Siskiyou Boulevard
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