Historic Sites and Points of Interest in Esmeralda County

US Route 95 Near Goldfield
US Route 95 Near Goldfield
23 February 2007
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Esmeralda County, with a population of fewer than 1,300 souls in 2006, is the emptiest county in Nevada. Three square miles (about seven square kilometers) for each person.

The mountainous terrain contains Nevada's highest elevation, Boundary Peak, 13,147 feet (4,007 meters) above sea level. Just west of Esmeralda County the mountains descend into Death Valley, California.

Esmeralda County was created in 1861 as one of the nine original Nevada counties and took its name from the Esmeralda Mining District which had been named by the miner J. M. Corey. Although esmeralda is Spanish for emerald, Corey probably named the mining district not after the precious stone but after the gypsy in The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Goldfield, the county seat, is situated on US 95, The Silver Trail, between Tonopah and Las Vegas. Goldfield was incorporated in 1902 when gold was discovered nearby. By 1906, eight hundred tons of gold had been mined in the district. At the apex of its glory in 1907, Goldfield was the largest and most powerful city in Nevada with its population somewhere north of 15,000. Today Goldfield has fewer than five hundred souls.

Wyatt Earp was a deputy sheriff in Goldfield for a few months. He left town in 1905 when his brother Virgil died.

Name Address City Year Authority ID Sort Address Sort Name
BlairSR 265BlairNevada174Highway 265Blair
ColumbusUS 95 Columbus1865Nevada20Highway 095 Columbus
Esmeralda County Courthouse233 CrookAvenueGoldfield1908POICrook 0233Esmeralda County Courthouse
Fish Lake ValleySR 264 DyerNevada133Highway 264Fish Lake Valley
Gold PointSR 774Gold Point1880POIHighway 774Gold Point
Gold Point Nevada MarkerSR 266 at SR 774Gold Point1880Nevada156Highway 266Gold Point Nevada Marker
GoldfieldEast Crook Aveneue at North Euclid AvenueGoldfield1902Nevada14CrookGoldfield
Goldfield Fire Station No. 1Euclid Avenue and Crook AvenueGoldfield1908POIEuclidGoldfield Fire Station No. 1
Goldfield Historic DistrictBounded by 5th Street, Miner, Spring, Crystal and Elliott AvenuesGoldfieldNational1982003213Goldfield Historic District
Goldfield HotelCrook Avenue and Columbia StreetGoldfield1908POICrookGoldfield Hotel
LidaSR 266LidaNevada157Highway 266Lida
MillersUS 95Millers Rest Area1904Nevada101Highway 095 Millers
PalmettoSR 266PalmettoNevada158Highway 266Palmetto
Silver Peak Ghost TownUS 95 at SR 265Goldfield1863Nevada155Highway 095 Silver Peak Ghost Town
Silver Peak MarkerUS 95 at SR 265Goldfield1863Nevada155Highway 095 Silver Peak Marker
Southern Nevada Consolidated Telephone-Telegraph Company Building206 East Ramsey Street GoldfieldNevada242RamseySouthern Nevada Consolidated Telephone-Telegraph Company Building
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