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Points of Interest in Esmeralda County

Goldfield Hotel 22 February 2007
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Goldfield Hotel
Southeast Corner Crook Avenue and Columbia Street
Built 1908

The Goldfield Hotel is the most outstanding architectural resource in the Goldfield Historic District. It is significant not only for its architectural characteristics but also as a symbol of the prowess and wealth of the community at the height of its development.

When the hotel opened in January 1908, it was the most elaborate building in Goldfield, and it rivaled the architecture of the rest of the state. Unfortunately, this edifice, symbolic of the success of the "worlds greatest mining camp" was completed after the peak of Goldfield's boom and never really achieved the long term status of a "Grand Hotel" in the declining years which followed.

The building continued to be operated as a hostelry through the 1940s.

Source: Adapted from the NRHP nomination for the Goldfield Historic District submitted in 1982.

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