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Points of Interest in Esmeralda County

Esmeralda County Court House 22 February 2007
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Esmeralda County Court House
233 Crook Street
Built 1907

As early as the fall of 1905, the citizens of Goldfield had voiced opinions that the center of county government should be transferred to the boom camp. They argued that the area contained four-fifths of the population, three-fourths of the taxable wealth of the county. Additionally, Goldfield had become the commercial center of the county and the present county seat at Hawthorne 125 miles distant caused expense and difficulty for business transactions.

The State legislature took up the question in 1906-07 and on May 2, 1907 the county seat was officially transferred to Goldfield. The county officials immediately purchased a site for the new courthouse and had awarded the contract for its construction to Salt Lake City contractor John Shea by July, 1907.

The Courthouse is a bold, two story stone structure detailed with unique crenelated parapets and is the largest example of cut stone architecture in Goldfield. The interior design and detailing of the building are well preserved and contribute to its architectural integrity.

Goldfield has remained the county seat since 1907 despite the decline of the district by 1912. Its function as a governmental center is one of the primary factors which has kept the town in existence.

The Esmeralda County Court House contributes to the Goldfield Historic District.

Source: Adapted from the NRHP nomination for the Goldfield Historic District submitted in 1982.

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