National Register of Historic Places in Mariposa County, California

National Register #91000560: Mariposa Town Historic Distric 19 December 2006
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National Register #91000560
Mariposa Town Historic District
Bounded by Charles, 11th, Jones and 4th Streets

The Mariposa Town Historic District is associated with the development of mining, industry and commerce in Mariposa County. It was owned John C. Fremont, a major figure in the exploration of the West and a prominent figure in local and state politics. The district contains sixty-three historic buildings which are among the oldest in California and are good examples of Gold Rush era architecture.

Name Year Address Remarks Sort Address Sort Name
Christian Science Church18934997 4th Street Street 04 4997Christian Science Church
Methodist Parish House19204993 6th StreetCirca 1920's Street 06 4993Methodist Parish House
Masonic Lodge19174994 6th Street Street 06 4994Masonic Lodge
Holt Cottage 119305005 6th StreetCirca 1930's Craftsman cottage Street 06 5005Holt Cottage 1
Holt Cottage 219305007 6th StreetCirca 1930's Craftsman cottage Street 06 5007Holt Cottage 2
Holt Cottage 319305009 6th StreetCirca 1930's Craftsman cottage Street 06 5009Holt Cottage 3
Doug McElligott House19304979 7th StreetCirca 1930's Street 07 4979Doug McElligott House
Stolder House18804971 8th Street Street 08 4971Stolder House
Ellingham House and Garage19304990 8th StreetCirca 1930's Street 08 4990Ellingham House and Garage
Tiscornia-Ivers Mariposa Funeral Home19354981 9th StreetCirca 1935 Street 09 4981Tiscornia-Ivers Mariposa Funeral Home
Helm House19374980 10th Street Street 10 4980Helm House
Doctor's Office-Offield-May Ballentyne House18994990 and 4990A Bullion StreetBullion 4990Doctor's Office-Offield-May Ballentyne House
Mariposa County Jail18585012 Bullion StreetCirca 1858Bullion 5012Mariposa County Jail
Bertken House19015018 Bullion StreetBullion 5018Bertken House
Obarr House18965026 Bullion StreetCirca 1896Bullion 5026Obarr House
John Trabucco House19365028 Bullion StreetMid-1930'sBullion 5028John Trabucco House
Schlageter House19015038 Bullion StreetCirca 1901Bullion 5038Schlageter House
Judge Schottky House19305054 Bullion StreetCirca 1930'sBullion 5054Judge Schottky House
F.A. Bondshu House19305060 Bullion StreetCirca 1930'sBullion 5060F.A. Bondshu House
Farnsworth House18905068 Bullion StreetBullion 5068Farnsworth House
Mariposa County Courthouse18545088 Bullion StreetBullion 5088Mariposa County Courthouse
George Lind House18975089 Bullion StreetBullion 5089George Lind House
John Lind-Dexter House and Garage18964990 Bullion StreetHouse circa 1896 and garage circa 1920'sBullion 5090John Lind-Dexter House and Garage
Milburn House18985091 Bullion StreetBullion 5091Milburn House
Henry Garber Jr.-Pendola House and Shed18965101A Bullion StreetBullion 5101AHenry Garber Jr.-Pendola House and Shed
Garber House and Shed18615101B Bullion StreetBullion 5101BGarber House and Shed
Fremont Office-Adobe18505021A Charles StreetCirca 1850/1866Charles 5021AFremont Office-Adobe
Trabucco Store18965024 Charles StreetCharles 5024Trabucco Store
Bogan and Company Building18665027 Charles StreetCharles 5027Bogan and Company Building
Stolder Building19015029 Charles StreetCharles 5029Stolder Building
IOOF Hall18675030 Charles StreetCharles 5030IOOF Hall
W.S. Zellers House18905031 Charles StreetCharles 5031W.S. Zellers House
Womack House19305014 Highway 140Circa 1930'sHighway 140 5014Womack House
Trabucco Warehouse18585017 Highway 140Highway 140 5017Trabucco Warehouse
Mariposa Hotel18665022 Highway 140Highway 140 5022Mariposa Hotel
Highway Patrol Office19355027 Highway 140Highway 140 5027Highway Patrol Office
Emile Trabucco House and Garage19325024 Jones StreetCirca 1932Jones 5024Emile Trabucco House and Garage
Robinson House19005029 Jones StreetCirca 1900-1902jones 5029Robinson House
Lawrence-Prouty House18605038 Jones StreetVernacular cottage built in 1860's.Jones 5038Lawrence-Prouty House
Plaskett-Spriggs-Fellows House19205057 Jones StreetCirca 1920-1930Jones 5057Plaskett-Spriggs-Fellows House
Counts House18655064 Jones StreetVernacular Greek Revival.Jones 5064Counts House
The Corner Store and Mother Lode Apartments19305069 Jones StreetCirca 1930-1931Jones 5069The Corner Store and Mother Lode Apartments
Adair- Castagnetto House and Garage18965073 Jones StreetHouse circa 1896 and garage circa 1920'sJones 5073Adair- Castagnetto House and Garage
Judge J.J. Trabucco House19015074 Jones StreetJones 5074Judge J.J. Trabucco House
Old Mariposa Gazette Office18505077 Jones StreetVernacular cottage circa 1850's.Jones 5077Old Mariposa Gazette Office
Jones-McElligott House, Garage and Shed18585092 Jones StreetHouse circa 1858. Garage and shed circa 1920-1930.Jones 5092Jones-McElligott House, Garage and Shed
Thorn/May Kleiman House18965092 Jones StreetJones 5092Thorn/May Kleiman House
Bondshu Rental Residence 219285096 A Jones StreetBuilt in late 1920'sJones 5096ABondshu Rental Residence 2
Bondshu Rental Residence 319285096 B Jones StreetBuilt in late 1920'sJones 5096BBondshu Rental Residence 3
Bondshu Rental Residence 1 and Garage19205100 Jones StreetJones 5100Bondshu Rental Residence 1 and Garage
Stewart-Greenameyer House19305101 Jones StreetBuilt in 1930's.Jones 5101Stewart-Greenameyer House
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