National Register of Historic Places in Kings County

National Register #72000226: Taoist Temple in Hanford, California 24 June 2006
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National Register #72000226
Taoist Temple
12 China Alley
Built 1893

The Taoist Temple is similar to many commercial buildings of that time in the Central Valley. Applied to this indigenous framework is a small amount of oriental detailing: a frieze toward the front of the building set in the brick coursing at the roof level, similar capitals on the tops of the two projecting end walls facing China Alley, and a carved wooden fascia above the upstairs porch. Doors and windows on the south and north sides are protected by metal shutters.

China Alley is the last Chinatown in California's San Joaquin Valley which remains culturally and physically intact. It represents some of the last traces of the Chinese culture that immigrated, in the 1800s, from the Far-Yuen region of China to the San Joaquin Valley.

The construction of California's railroads and the production of fruit and vegetables in the San Joaquin Valley were in large part due to the labor of these Chinese.

Source: NRHP nomination dated 13 June 1972.

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