Bay Area Architects: Edward E. Young

Park Lane Apartments on Nob Hill Park Lane Apartments at 1100 Sacramento
Brocklebank Apartments to Right
10 July 2012
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Edward E. Young (1870-1934)

Edward Eyestone Young, born in Missouri, moved to San Francisco in 1902. He obtained his State Architectural license in 1905.

During his thirty-year career, Young designed almost six hundred residential buildings, many in small groups of adjacent buildings.

Name Year Address City Sort Address Sort Name
Apartment Building on Broadway: 226519232265 BroadwaySan FranciscoBroadway 2265Apartment Building on Broadway: 2265
Apartment Building on Buchanan Street: 210519212105 Buchanan StreetSan FranciscoBuchanan 2105Apartment Building on Buchanan Street: 2105
Apartment Building on Buchanan Street: 215519192155 Buchanan StreetSan FranciscoBuchanan 2155Apartment Building on Buchanan Street: 2155
Apartment Building on California: 200019232000 California StreetSan FranciscoCalifornia 2000Apartment Building on California: 2000
Apartment Building on California: 200119312001 California StreetSan FranciscoCalifornia 2001Apartment Building on California: 2001
Studio19222002 California StreetSan FranciscoCalifornia 2002Studio
Residence on Clay Street: 316919213169 Clay StreetSan FranciscoClay 3169Residence on Clay Street: 3169
Residence on Divisadero: 274019152740 Divisadero StreetSan FranciscoDivisadero 2740Residence on Divisadero: 2740
Residence on Divisadero: 275019152750 Divisadero StreetSan FranciscoDivisadero 2750Residence on Divisadero: 2750
Residence on Divisadero: 276019152760 Divisadero StreetSan FranciscoDivisadero 2760Residence on Divisadero: 2760
Residence on Franklin: 312119233121-3123 Franklin Street San FranciscoFranklin 3121Residence on Franklin: 3121
Residence on Franklin: 312719233127-3129 Franklin StreetSan FranciscoFranklin 3127Residence on Franklin: 3127
Apartments (Former Russian Consulate)19222790 Green StreetSan FranciscoGreen 2790Apartments (Former Russian Consulate)
Residence on Green: 288019172880 Green StreetSan FranciscoGreen 2880Residence on Green: 2880
Residence on Jackson: 200019292000 Jackson StreetSan FranciscoJackson 2000Residence on Jackson: 2000
Apartment Building on Jackson: 215719172157 Jackson StreetSan FranciscoJackson 2157Apartment Building on Jackson: 2157
Residence on Jackson: 246719122467-69 Jackson StreetSan FranciscoJackson 2467Residence on Jackson: 2467
Residence on Jackson: 247119122471-73 Jackson StreetSan FranciscoJackson 2471Residence on Jackson: 2471
Apartment Building on Jefferson: 192019281920 Jefferson StreetSan FranciscoJefferson 1920Apartment Building on Jefferson: 1920
Residence on Octavia: 191919221919 Octavia StreetSan FranciscoOctavia 1919Residence on Octavia: 1919
Residence on Octavia: 223519252235 Octavia StreetSan FranciscoOctavia 2235Residence on Octavia: 2235
Residence on Octavia: 224519252245 Octavia StreetSan FranciscoOctavia 2245Residence on Octavia: 2245
Residence on Octavia: 225519252255 Octavia StreetSan FranciscoOctavia 2255Residence on Octavia: 2255
Apartment Building on Pacific: 189619241896 Pacific AvenueSan FranciscoPacific 1896Apartment Building on Pacific: 1896
Apartment Building on Pacific: 229819262298 Pacific AvenueSan FranciscoPacific 2298Apartment Building on Pacific: 2298
Apartment Building on Pacific: 281519262815 Pacific AvenueSan FranciscoPacific 2815Apartment Building on Pacific: 2815
Apartment Building on Pierce: 210719172107 Pierce StreetSan FranciscoPierce 2107Apartment Building on Pierce: 2107
Apartment Building on Pierce: 348119263481 Pierce StreetSan FranciscoPierce 3481Apartment Building on Pierce: 3481
Residence on Presidio Avenue: 46191646 Presidio Avenue San FranciscoPresidio 0046Residence on Presidio Avenue: 46
Residence on Presidio Avenue: 50191650 Presidio Avenue San FranciscoPresidio 0050Residence on Presidio Avenue: 50
Residence on Presidio Avenue: 56191656 Presidio Avenue San FranciscoPresidio 0056Residence on Presidio Avenue: 56
Residence on Presidio Avenue: 68191668 Presidio Avenue San FranciscoPresidio 0068Residence on Presidio Avenue: 68
Park Lane Apartments19251100 Sacramento StreetSan FranciscoSacramento 1100Park Lane Apartments
Apartment Building on Sacramento: 215319162153 Sacramento StreetSan FranciscoSacramento 2153Apartment Building on Sacramento: 2153
Apartment Building on Sacramento: 224119222241 Sacramento StreetSan FranciscoSacramento 2241Apartment Building on Sacramento: 2241
Apartment Building on Steiner: 223019232230 Steiner StreetSan FranciscoSteiner 2230Apartment Building on Steiner: 2230
Francisca Club 1919595 Sutter StreetSan FranciscoSutter 0595Francisca Club
Hotel Californian 1925403 Taylor StreetSan FranciscoTaylor 0403Hotel Californian
Residence on Washington: 322119283221 Washington StreetSan FranciscoWashington 3221Residence on Washington: 3221
2265 Broadway Designed by Edward E. Young 2265 Broadway is the building on the left.
2265 Broadway
Built 1923
Photographed 1 August 2012
2105 Buchanan Street
Built 1921
Photographed 4 November 2019

This apartment building stands on the northwest corner of California Street and Buchanan Street. To the west on California Street is Temple Sherith Israel. To the north on Buchanan Street is the Brutalist building which houses Sutter Health's CMPC Pacific Campus.

2155 Buchanan Street
Built 1919
Photographed 4 November 2019
3169 Clay Street
Built 1921
Photographed 19 December 2019

This Victorian residence is largely obscured by invasive ficus nitida.

For several years, I lived in a San Francisco house with curved bays similar to this. I heard that curved bays were popular in San Francisco Victorian houses because of the many ship carpenters skilled in building wooden hulls.

2880 Green Street
Photographed 5 September 2019
2000 Jackson Street
Photographed 19 September 2019
2157 Jackson Street
Photographed 19 September 2019

The building hides behind a large Ficus microcarpa nitida.

2467-2469 Jackson Street and 2471-2473 Jackson Street
Photographed 21 January 2020
2235 Octavia Street Designed by Edward E. Young

'West Side of Octavia Street Between Washington Street and Jackson Street The West Side of Octavia Street Between Washington Street and Jackson Street

2235 Octavia Street
Photographed 4 November 2019
2245 Octavia Street
Photographed 4 November 2019
2255 Octavia Street
Photographed 4 November 2019
1896 Pacific Avenue
Photographed 2 August 2012
2298 Pacific Avenue
Photographed 2 August 2012
2107 Pierce Street
Photographed 4 November 2019
2153 Sacramento Street in San Francisco Designed by Edward E. Young Apartment House at 2153 Sacramento Street by Edward E. Young
Arthur Conan Doyle House at 2151 Sacramento Street in San Francisco "Sir Arthur Conan Doyle House" at 2151 Sacramento Street and the Apartment House at 2153 Sacramento Street
2153 Sacramento Street
Photographed 19 September 2019

This apartment building faces Lafayette Park.

The most interesting building in the block is the Beaux Arts building next door at 2151 Sacramento Street which was designed by architect Mel I. Schwartz for Dr. Albert Abrams and built in 1921. A plaque on the front of the building asserts that "this house, built in 1881, was once occupied by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle."

The consensus is that the house was built in 1920 or 1921, not 1881, and that Sir Arthur never occupied it. The creator of Sherlock Holmes did visit San Francisco in 1923 and may have dropped in to visit Dr. Abrams.

2241 Sacramento Street in San Francisco Designed by Edward E. Young Three distinguish apartment buildings near Lafayette Park: 2101 Sacramento Street by H. C. Baumann, 2205 Sacramento Street by C. A. Meussdorffer and 2241 Sacramento Street by Edward E. Young
2241 Sacramento Street
Photographed 19 September 2019

The apartment building at 2241 Sacramento Street turns its side to the street and faces the house next door.

Although this configuration is not typical in San Francisco, it is not uncommon in older residential neighborhoods where homes were designed by architects for affluent clients. Other examples are 2233 and 2255 Lyon Street by Willis Polk, 2600 Washington Street by Edgar A. Mathews, and Mark Zuckerberg's home above Dolores Park.

Francisca Club
595 Sutter Street Street
Built 1919
Photographed 28 November 2019
3221 Washington Street
Photographed 5 September 2019

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