National Register of Historic Places in Yolo County

National Register #99000471: Downtown Woodland Historic District
Hotel Woodland
11 August 2006
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National Register #99000471
Downtown Woodland Historic District
Main Street From Elm Street to Third Street
Period of Significance: 1866-1948

This 370-acre district has fifty-nine contributing buildings.

Name Year Address Remarks Sort Address Sort Name
Woodland Public Library (National Register #81000183)1905250 First Street Street 01 0250Woodland Public Library (National Register #81000183)
Woodland City Hall1936300 First Street Street 01 0300Woodland City Hall
1887303 First Street Street 01 0303
1928412 First StreetSecond Renaissance Revival Style Street 01 0412
Commercial1889414-424 First StreetLate 19th Century Commercial Style Street 01 0414Commercial
Commercial1880415 First StreetOriginally Italianate but Remodeled c.1930 Street 01 0415Commercial
1931423 First Street Street 01 0423
1920423 First Street (Rear)Warehouse Street 01 0423A
1891426 First Street Street 01 0426
1915429 First StreetOriginally a residence Street 01 0429
1940443 First StreetStreamline Moderne Street 01 0443
Congregational Church1874450 First Street Street 01 0450Congregational Church
House and Stable1890458 First Street Street 01 0458House and Stable
1947500 First Street Street 01 0500
1890315-317 Second Street Street 02 0315
Woodland Opera House (National Register #71000212)1896340 Second Street Street 02 0340Woodland Opera House (National Register #71000212)
Vehicle Storage and Maintenance1880411 Second StreetAlso 704 Main Street Street 02 0411Vehicle Storage and Maintenance
Elks Lodge1926500 Bush StreetMediterranean Revival styleBush 0500Elks Lodge
Quonset Hut1940528 Bush StreetBush 0528Quonset Hut
1939534 Bush StreetWorld War II Commercial styleBush 0534
1878350 College StreetCollege 0350
1921427-433 College StreetAlso 519 Bush Street; originally a car dealershipCollege 0427
Apartment Building1904440-442 College StreetCollege 0440Apartment Building
1925618 Court StreetCourt 0618
Newspaper Office1925702 Court StreetCourt 0702Newspaper Office
United States Post Office1936720 Court StreetCourt 0720United States Post Office
Yolo County Courthouse (National Register #86003660)1917725 Court StreetGreek, Roman, Renaissance architetural elementsCourt 0725Yolo County Courthouse (National Register #86003660)
Supermarket1939320 Elm StreetElm 0320Supermarket
Boy Scout Cabin1932515 Lincoln AvenueLincoln 0515Boy Scout Cabin
Auto Showroom and Garage1923325 Main StreetMain 0325Auto Showroom and Garage
Auto Showroom1927333 Main StreetMain 0333Auto Showroom
1900401 Main StreetMain 0401
1929424 Main StreetMain 0424
Hotel Woodland (National Register #94001225)1927426 Main StreetMission RevivalMain 0426Hotel Woodland (National Register #94001225)
427-431 Main StreetMission RevivalMain 0427
Livery Stable1900427-431 Main Street (Rear)Main 0431Livery Stable
Yolo County Savings Bank1903435 Main StreetMain 0435Yolo County Savings Bank
Porter Building1914511 Main StreetMain 0511Porter Building
1875513 Main StreetMain 0513
1875515 Main StreetMain 0515
Fisher's Candy1875522-524 Main StreetCommercial Italianate styleMain 0522Fisher's Candy
1867523 Main StreetMain 0523
1867525 Main StreetMain 0525
1875528 Main StreetFacade remodeled c.1940Main 0528
1875530 Main StreetStorefront remodeled in 1920's or 1930'sMain 0530
1886532 Main StreetMajor alterations in 1930'sMain 0532
Hardware Store1866537B Main StreetMain 0537Hardware Store
1870540 Main StreetOriginal 3rd story removed c.1915; window hoods and cornice brackets also lostMain 0540
1868601 Main StreetItalianate styleMain 0601
Physician's Building1875602 Main StreetStorefront modernized in 1948Main 0602Physician's Building
A&A 18901890604-606 Main StreetMain 0604A&A 1890
S.H. 18901890608 Main StreetMain 0608S.H. 1890
1914 R.B. Cranston1914616-618 Main StreetMain 06161914 R.B. Cranston
1893617 Main StreetRichardson Romanesque styleMain 0617
1893619-621 Main StreetRichardson Romanesque styleMain 0619
1875702 Main StreetOriginally Italianate; ornamentation removed; major modernization in 1945Main 0702
1881722 Main StreetAlmost no original detail remains; stuccoed in 1950'sMain 0722
IOOF Building (National Register #82002284)1905723 Main StreetMain 0723IOOF Building (National Register #82002284)
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