National Register of Historic Places in Jackson County

National Register #01000832: Skidmore Academy Historic District in Ashland Skidmore Academy c.1890
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  National Register #01000832: Skidmore Academy Historic District in Ashland This cottage was built on High Street around 1932 for Eugene and Willa Seitz
24 February 2011
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National Register #01000832
Skidmore Academy Historic District
Bounded By Granite, Scenic, Maple Streets and Railroad Tracks
Period of Historic Significance: 1871-1949

The Skidmore Academy District is the oldest residential area in Ashland.

The varied building styles convey the cyclical intervals of growth and decline associated with Ashland during the period of historic significance (1871-1949). These eras include the population increase associated with the railroad's arrival in the late 19th century, the boom created by the orchard industry during the first decade of the 20th century, the post-World War I development preceding the Great Depression, and the increased residential density that followed World War II.

Adapted from the NRHP nomination submitted in 1992.

Ashland Academy was founded in 1872 with Reverend Joseph Henry Skidmore as president. It was located on North Main between South Laurel and Manzanita where the Briscoe Elementary School is now located. (The Briscoe school closed in 2004.)

The name of the school was changed frequently: Ashland Academy and Commercial College (1878), Ashland College and Normal School (1882), Ashland State Normal School (1887), and Southern Oregon State Normal School (1895).

In the 1890s, the school relocated to new quarters on Siskiyou Boulevard at Normal Avenue. In 1926, the school became Southern Oregon University.

Name Year Address Remarks Sort Address Sort Name
Thornton House 1 (Sheridan & Emma Thornton)1886248 Laurel Street NorthThis wood-frame vernacular dwelling was moved from Central Street to this lot in 1906.Laurel N 0248Thornton House 1 (Sheridan & Emma Thornton)
Thornton House 2 (Sheridan & Emma Thornton)1906192 Van Ness AvenueCraftsman dwelling converted to multiple units.Van Ness 0192Thornton House 2 (Sheridan & Emma Thornton)
Clary House1942176 Van Ness AvenueRanch StyleVan Ness 0176Clary House
Hosley-Thompson House1929164 Van Ness AvenueBungalowVan Ness 0164Hosley-Thompson House
Hosley-Hunter House1920160 Van Ness AvenueBungalowVan Ness 0160Hosley-Hunter House
Hammond (Emma) House1901156 Van Ness AvenueVernacular hipped-roof cottageVan Ness 0156Hammond (Emma) House
Applegate (Isabel) House1885148 Van Ness AvenueI-House Vernacular Van Ness 0148Applegate (Isabel) House
Emery (Henry & Alwilda) House1884110 Van Ness AvenueT-Form VernacularVan Ness 0110Emery (Henry & Alwilda) House
Stansbury Warehouse1948160 Helman StreetHelman 0160Stansbury Warehouse
Mitchell (Lillian) House1947175 Helman StreetMinimal EaveHelman 0175Mitchell (Lillian) House
Durkee (Jefferson) House1888173 Helman StreetI-Form dwelling with Gothic Revival elementsHelman 0173Durkee (Jefferson) House
Nelson-Moore House1900171 Helman StreetVernacular I-House with saltbox formHelman 0171Nelson-Moore House
Payne-Tate House1888159 Helman StreetClassic I-House form with saltbox-like shapeHelman 0159Payne-Tate House
Millet (Dale & Zella) House1946119 Van Ness AvenueMinimal EaveVan Ness 0119Millet (Dale & Zella) House
Taylor (Frank) House1880143 Van Ness AvenueL-Form VernacularVan Ness 0143Taylor (Frank) House
Nutter (Bernice) House1931157 Van Ness AvenueBungalowVan Ness 0157Nutter (Bernice) House
Butler House1923171 Van Ness AvenueBungalowVan Ness 0171Butler House
McCoy (Olen) House1937195 Van Ness AvenueColonial RevivalVan Ness 0195McCoy (Olen) House
Lane (Clarence & Minnie) House1903148 Laurel StreetEclectic vernacularLaurel 0148Lane (Clarence & Minnie) House
Walrad (David/Eugene) House1880196 Central StreetL-House Vernacular Central 0196Walrad (David/Eugene) House
Penter-Kentnor House1909188 Central StreetHipped-roof cottageCentral 0188Penter-Kentnor House
Andrews (Thomas) House1885180 Central StreetVernacular I-House with rear saltbox extensionCentral 0180Andrews (Thomas) House
Brown (Elmo & Betty) House1946172 Central StreetCottageCentral 0172Brown (Elmo & Betty) House
Rounds (Emma) House1907160 Central StreetVernacular hipped-roof cottageCentral 0160Rounds (Emma) House
Crouch (Frank & Bessie) House1911148 Central StreetBungalowCentral 0148Crouch (Frank & Bessie) House
Howell-Hughes House1890140 Central StreetI-House Vernacular Central 0140Howell-Hughes House
Dunkin (James) House1895128 Central StreetVernacular with Queen Anne elementsCentral 0128Dunkin (James) House
Stennett (William & Alma) House1905116 Central StreetVernacular hipped-roof cottageCentral 0116Stennett (William & Alma) House
1945145-149 Helman StreetBungalowHelman 0145
Smith-Platko House1945131 Helman StreetBungalowHelman 0131Smith-Platko House
Conner-Bryant House1885130 Helman StreetI-House Vernacular Helman 0130Conner-Bryant House
Hutchins House1884152 Helman StreetL-House Vernacular Helman 0152Hutchins House
Emery (Melvin) House1910114 Van Ness AvenueVernacular hipped-roof cottageVan Ness 0114Emery (Melvin) House
Reedy-Mattox House1946260 Hersey Street1940's Era CottageHersey 0260Reedy-Mattox House
Moved House1940305 Hersey Street1940's Era CottageHersey 0305Moved House
Freeman (Mary & Andrew) House1900261 Hersey StreetL-House Vernacular Hersey 0261Freeman (Mary & Andrew) House
Settles (L. H.) House1895223 Hersey StreetI-House Vernacular Hersey 0223Settles (L. H.) House
Gould (Edward) House1910259 Laurel StreetVernacular hipped-roof cottageLaurel 0259Gould (Edward) House
McWilliams (Charles) House1910247 Laurel StreetBungalowLaurel 0247McWilliams (Charles) House
Sheets-Rose House1911243 Laurel StreetBungalowLaurel 0243Sheets-Rose House
Morris (Willis) House1880212 Van Ness AvenueI-House Vernacular Van Ness 0212Morris (Willis) House
Stubblefield (Raymond & Vera) House1945230 Van Ness Avenue1940's Era CottageVan Ness 0230Stubblefield (Raymond & Vera) House
Baldwin (Phoebe) House1886276 Van Ness AvenueL-House Vernacular Van Ness 0276Baldwin (Phoebe) House
Zboraski Rental I1949292 Hersey Street1940's Era CottageHersey 0292Zboraski Rental I
Zboraski (Edward & June) House1941290 Van Ness Avenue1940's Era CottageVan Ness 0290Zboraski (Edward & June) House
Swyter (Martin) House1900304 Van Ness AvenueVernacular hipped-roof cottageVan Ness 0304Swyter (Martin) House
Payne-Penter House1884348 Main Street NorthI-House Vernacular Main N 0348Payne-Penter House
Trefern (George) House1910438 Main Street NorthBungalowMain N 0438Trefern (George) House
Manor Motel1949476 Main Street NorthHighway CommercialMain N 0476Manor Motel
Beaver (A. M.) Rental1910488 Main Street NorthBungalowMain N 0488Beaver (A. M.) Rental
Thompson (Arthur & Jane) House1926532 Main Street NorthBungalowMain N 0532Thompson (Arthur & Jane) House
Newell-Bailey House1890563 Rock StreetL-House Vernacular Rock 0563Newell-Bailey House
Yarbrough (Frank) House1890532 Scenic DriveL-House Vernacular Scenic 0532Yarbrough (Frank) House
Hadfield (Thomas) House1900151 Coolidge StreetI-House Vernacular Coolidge 0151Hadfield (Thomas) House
Cunningham (George & Tempa) House1945135 Coolidge Street1940's Era CottageCoolidge 0135Cunningham (George & Tempa) House
Alberts (Eli) House1900111 Coolidge StreetI-House Vernacular Coolidge 0111Alberts (Eli) House
Hall (C. F.) House190095 Coolidge StreetI-House Vernacular Coolidge 0095Hall (C. F.) House
Hicks (J. E.) House1890551 Main Street NorthL-House Vernacular Main N 0551Hicks (J. E.) House
Denton (Bertha) House1925477 Main Street NorthBungalowMain N 0477Denton (Bertha) House
Breeden-Hersey House1904451 Main Street NorthAmerican FoursquareMain N 0451Breeden-Hersey House
James-Dodson House1895431 Main Street NorthI-House Vernacular Main N 0431James-Dodson House
Schmaltz (C. T. & Flora) House194647 Wimer StreetMinimal EaveWimer 0047Schmaltz (C. T. & Flora) House
Chrisman (E. L.) House1895407 Main Street NorthVernacular hipped-roof cottageMain N 0407Chrisman (E. L.) House
Parslow-Freeman House190275 Wimer StreetAmerican FoursquareWimer 0075Parslow-Freeman House
Whitham (Emmet & Helen) House1946100 Nursery StreetMinimal EaveNursery 0100Whitham (Emmet & Helen) House
Walker (John & Fern) House194399 Wimer StreetMinimal EaveWimer 0099Walker (John & Fern) House
Acklin (Thomas & Delia) House1915108 Nursery StreetBungalowNursery 0108Acklin (Thomas & Delia) House
Millsap (Charles) House II189091 Nursery StreetVernacular hipped-roof cottageNursery 0091Millsap (Charles) House II
Anderson (Albert) House193875 Nursery StreetBungalowNursery 0075Anderson (Albert) House
Wimer (J. O. C.) House188470 Coolidge StreetQueen AnneCoolidge 0070Wimer (J. O. C.) House
Morrison (Daniel & Jean) House194580 Coolidge StreetMinimal EaveCoolidge 0080Morrison (Daniel & Jean) House
Finchum (W. J. & May) House194596 Coolidge StreetMinimal EaveCoolidge 0096Finchum (W. J. & May) House
Campbell (Forrest & Mabel) House1946488 Rock StreetMinimal EaveRock 0488Campbell (Forrest & Mabel) House
Shaw (R. J.) Rental House1915499 Rock StreetBungalowRock 0499Shaw (R. J.) Rental House
Shaw (R. J.) House1888487 Rock StreetI-House Vernacular Rock 0487Shaw (R. J.) House
Pellett (George) House1904447 Rock StreetAmerican FoursquareRock 0447Pellett (George) House
Hayes (A. H.) House1895141 Nursery StreetVernacular hipped-roof cottageNursery 0141Hayes (A. H.) House
Conway (F. E.) House II1910150 Nursery StreetBungalowNursery 0150Conway (F. E.) House II
Conway (F. E.) House I1910140 Nursery StreetBungalowNursery 0140Conway (F. E.) House I
Hensley (Annie) House1910126 Nursery StreetBungalowNursery 0126Hensley (Annie) House
Conway-Marrett House I1911125 Wimer StreetBungalowWimer 0125Conway-Marrett House I
Conway-Marrett House II1912139 Wimer StreetBungalowWimer 0139Conway-Marrett House II
Conway (F. E.) House III1912151 Wimer StreetBungalowWimer 0151Conway (F. E.) House III
Payne (Champion) House1900508 Main Street NorthQueen AnneMain N 0508Payne (Champion) House
Carter (J. L.) House1880531 Scenic DriveL-House Vernacular Scenic 0531Carter (J. L.) House
Childers (Frank & Myrtle) Rental House1948509 Scenic DriveMinimal EaveScenic 0509Childers (Frank & Myrtle) Rental House
Wall-Winkleman House1944505 Scenic Drive1940's Era CottageScenic 0505Wall-Winkleman House
Leavitt (H. H.) House1910487 Scenic DriveCraftsmanScenic 0487Leavitt (H. H.) House
Van Buskirk (Charles) House1903467 Scenic DriveVernacularScenic 0467Van Buskirk (Charles) House
Pedigrift House (National Register Listing #92000063)1889407 Scenic DriveQueen AnneScenic 0407Pedigrift House (National Register Listing #92000063)
Moomaw (Amos) House1885365 Scenic DriveL-House Vernacular Scenic 0365Moomaw (Amos) House
Kerreman (F. A.) House1905361 Scenic DriveCraftsmanScenic 0361Kerreman (F. A.) House
Whitmore (B. E. ) House1911355 Scenic DriveCraftsmanScenic 0355Whitmore (B. E. ) House
Sackett-Mecham House1886345 Scenic DriveVernacularScenic 0345Sackett-Mecham House
Gillis (William) House1910337 Scenic DriveI-House Vernacular Scenic 0337Gillis (William) House
Peterson-Donnelly House1946325 Scenic DriveMinimal EaveScenic 0325Peterson-Donnelly House
Corbett (John) House1900319 Scenic DriveCraftsmanScenic 0319Corbett (John) House
Porter (C. D.) House1910309 Scenic DriveBungalowScenic 0309Porter (C. D.) House
Osborn (C. M.) House1884283 Scenic DriveL-House Vernacular Scenic 0283Osborn (C. M.) House
Ganiere (Charles) House1888275 Scenic DriveL-House Vernacular Scenic 0275Ganiere (Charles) House
Ganiard (Judson & Sarah) House1895326 Main Street NorthBungalowMain N 0326Ganiard (Judson & Sarah) House
Stone-Casebeer House1883172 Skidmore StreetI-House Vernacular Skidmore 0172Stone-Casebeer House
Bagley (Elmer) Rental House I1895176 Skidmore StreetVernacular Front Facing GableSkidmore 0176Bagley (Elmer) Rental House I
Bagley (Elmer) Rental House II1895245 Van Ness AvenueI-House Vernacular Van Ness 0245Bagley (Elmer) Rental House II
Jacobs-Sutton House1882231 Van Ness AvenueL-House Vernacular Van Ness 0231Jacobs-Sutton House
Bissell (Homer & Eva) House1941229 Van Ness Avenue1940's Era CottageVan Ness 0229Bissell (Homer & Eva) House
Stennett-Burns House1925211 Van Ness AvenueBungalowVan Ness 0211Stennett-Burns House
Howell (Kate) House1880159 Laurel Street SouthI-House Vernacular Laurel S 0159Howell (Kate) House
Stennett-Emery House1910147 Laurel Street SouthI-House Vernacular Laurel S 0147Stennett-Emery House
Brower (D. M.) House1895216 Central StreetL-House Vernacular Central 0216Brower (D. M.) House
Bolton-Wenner House1902224 Central StreetVernacular with Queen Anne elementsCentral 0224Bolton-Wenner House
Bolton-Darling House1903254 Main Street NorthVernacular with Queen Anne elementsMain N 0254Bolton-Darling House
Briscoe Elementary School1949265 Main Street NorthModerneMain N 0265Briscoe Elementary School
Thornton (James & Elizabeth) House II190559 Manzanita StreetVernacular with Queen Anne elementsManzanita 0059Thornton (James & Elizabeth) House II
Thornton (J. Edward) House1903303 Main Street NorthVernacular with Queen Anne elementsMain N 0303Thornton (J. Edward) House
Hardy (Percy) House1923307 Main Street NorthBungalowMain N 0307Hardy (Percy) House
Boyd (James) Rental House1907311 Main Street NorthAmerican FoursquareMain N 0311Boyd (James) Rental House
Thornton (James & Elizabeth) House I1871317 Main Street NorthClassical RevivalMain N 0317Thornton (James & Elizabeth) House I
Whited House (National Register Listing #98000626)1898321 Main Street NorthQueen AnneMain N 0321Whited House (National Register Listing #98000626)
Root (C. W.) House1884325 Main Street NorthI-House Vernacular Main N 0325Root (C. W.) House
Estes-Woods House1913333 Main Street NorthBungalowMain N 0333Estes-Woods House
Green (George) House1936343 Main Street NorthModerneMain N 0343Green (George) House
Mason (P. S. House)1925349 Main Street NorthCraftsmanMain N 0349Mason (P. S. House)
Seitz (Eugene & Willa) House1932358 High StreetBungalowHigh 0358Seitz (Eugene & Willa) House
Hosler (Earl) House1919334 High StreetBungalowHigh 0334Hosler (Earl) House
Royal-Berry House188477 Manzanita StreetI-House Vernacular Manzanita 0077Royal-Berry House
Moody (Zenas & Catherine) House1915107 Manzanita StreetBungalowManzanita 0107Moody (Zenas & Catherine) House
Freeman-McNair House1910285 High StreetCraftsmanHigh 0285Freeman-McNair House
Slingerland (G. R.) House1908271 High StreetAmerican FoursquareHigh 0271Slingerland (G. R.) House
Myer (William & Anna) House1903259 High StreetQueen AnneHigh 0259Myer (William & Anna) House
Grant (Dillon) House1900103 Laurel Street SouthL-House Vernacular Laurel S 0103Grant (Dillon) House
Calkins (Frank & Carrie) House1902111 Laurel Street SouthQueen AnneLaurel S 0111Calkins (Frank & Carrie) House
Burdic-Ruric House1902117 Laurel Street SouthAmerican FoursquareLaurel S 0117Burdic-Ruric House
Neil (Susie) House1904129 Laurel Street SouthVernacularLaurel S 0129Neil (Susie) House
Updegraff (Sarah) House1910134 Manzanita StreetBungalowManzanita 0134Updegraff (Sarah) House
Parmateer-Huntley House1910277 Almond StreetBungalowAlmond 0277Parmateer-Huntley House
Metcalf (James & Mary) House1946265 Almond StreetBungalowAlmond 0265Metcalf (James & Mary) House
McCoy (J. W.) House1910253 Almond StreetBungalowAlmond 0253McCoy (J. W.) House
Tilton (C. F.) House1902237 Almond StreetVernacular Front Facing GableAlmond 0237Tilton (C. F.) House
Beswick (Richard) House1888145 Manzanita StreetL-House Vernacular Manzanita 0145Beswick (Richard) House
Coder (Lawrence & Almeda) House1947133 Manzanita Street1940's Era CottageManzanita 0133Coder (Lawrence & Almeda) House
Clyde (William & Jemima) House1886121 Manzanita StreetClassical RevivalManzanita 0121Clyde (William & Jemima) House
Shoudy (Ira) House1910311 High StreetBungalowHigh 0311Shoudy (Ira) House
Leeke-Mills House1885315 High StreetVernacular with Queen Anne elementsHigh 0315Leeke-Mills House
Barnum (J. H.) House1885323 High StreetItalianate VictorianHigh 0323Barnum (J. H.) House
Dwigans (R. J.) House1884335 High StreetL-House Vernacular High 0335Dwigans (R. J.) House
Ziegler (Joseph) House1906341 High StreetVernacular hipped-roof cottageHigh 0341Ziegler (Joseph) House
Mingus (Conrad & Lavinia) House1895128 Wimer StreetT-Form VernacularWimer 0128Mingus (Conrad & Lavinia) House
Millsap (Charles) House I1888148 Wimer StreetL-House Vernacular Wimer 0148Millsap (Charles) House I
Hatfield (Robert) House1886191 High StreetL-House Vernacular High 0191Hatfield (Robert) House
Fox (Benjamin) House1888110 Laurel Street SouthL-House Vernacular Laurel S 0110Fox (Benjamin) House
Cordell-Badger House1884129 Bush StreetI-House Vernacular Bush 0129Cordell-Badger House
Hicks (H. J. & Margaret) House1890121 Bush StreetI-House Vernacular Bush 0121Hicks (H. J. & Margaret) House
Hartwell (Martha) House1888115 Bush StreetL-House Vernacular Bush 0115Hartwell (Martha) House
Briggs-Ritner House1905111 Bush StreetI-House Vernacular Bush 0111Briggs-Ritner House
Norris-Swingle House1895105 Bush StreetVernacular with Queen Anne elementsBush 0105Norris-Swingle House
Ogg (G. G.) Rental House 11910108 Bush StreetBungalowBush 0108Ogg (G. G.) Rental House 1
Newcombe (W. E.) House1911117 Nob Hill StreetBungalowNob Hill 0117Newcombe (W. E.) House
Stock-Easterling House1932115 Nob Hill StreetSpanish Colonial RevivalNob Hill 0115Stock-Easterling House
Chambers (J. J.) House1899105 Nob Hill StreetI-House Vernacular Nob Hill 0105Chambers (J. J.) House
Sanford (Torbert) House1911129 High StreetBungalowHigh 0129Sanford (Torbert) House
Gillette (George) House1908123 High StreetI-House Vernacular High 0123Gillette (George) House
Stock (Herman) House1905108 Nob Hill StreetVernacular with Italianate elementsNob Hill 0108Stock (Herman) House
Payne-Corbin House1904112 Nob Hill StreetVernacular with Colonial Revival elementsNob Hill 0112Payne-Corbin House
Ogg (G. G.) Rental House 21900124 Nob Hill StreetVernacular hipped-roof cottageNob Hill 0124Ogg (G. G.) Rental House 2
Payne (R. A.) House1905128 Nob Hill StreetAmerican FoursquareNob Hill 0128Payne (R. A.) House
Eggleston (Augusta) House1907134 Nob Hill StreetVernacular with Dutch Colonial elementsNob Hill 0134Eggleston (Augusta) House
McHatton-Miller House1880137 Church StreetVernacular Front Facing GableChurch 0137McHatton-Miller House
Farlow House1873131 Church StreetI-House Vernacular Church 0131Farlow House
Palmer (Augusta) House1905123 Church StreetAmerican FoursquareChurch 0123Palmer (Augusta) House
Fountain (Sarah) House1884117 High StreetL-House Vernacular High 0117Fountain (Sarah) House
Baptist Parsonage1904109 Church StreetAmerican FoursquareChurch 0109Baptist Parsonage
Speece (Dalton & Ada) Rental House1946109 High StreetMinimal EaveHigh 0109Speece (Dalton & Ada) Rental House
Wick (John) House1911103 High StreetBungalowHigh 0103Wick (John) House
Gillette (Charles & Elizabeth) House188279 High StreetI-House Vernacular High 0079Gillette (Charles & Elizabeth) House
Rockfellow (A. G.) House1880116 Church StreetVernacular with Queen Anne elementsChurch 0116Rockfellow (A. G.) House
Norris (Elizabeth) House1889122 Church StreetVernacular with Queen Anne elementsChurch 0122Norris (Elizabeth) House
Walrad-McWilliams House1888126 Church StreetL-House Vernacular Church 0126Walrad-McWilliams House
Borror (Clayton) House191055 Pine StreetBungalowPine 0055Borror (Clayton) House
Grier-Robertson House1915147 Church StreetBungalowChurch 0047Grier-Robertson House
Staples (E. T.) House1911117 Almond StreetBungalowAlmond 0117Staples (E. T.) House
McNair-Brown House1905167 Church StreetCraftsmanChurch 0167McNair-Brown House
Reed (Elizabeth) House1910171 Church StreetCraftsmanChurch 0171Reed (Elizabeth) House
Wild (Jesse) House1888175 Church StreetVernacular Front Facing GableChurch 0175Wild (Jesse) House
Inman (John) House1907166 Nob Hill StreetL-House Vernacular Nob Hill 0166Inman (John) House
Eastman (Wesley) House1905160 Nob Hill StreetVernacular Front Facing GableNob Hill 0160Eastman (Wesley) House
Swain (Elizabeth) House1904125 Almond StreetBungalowAlmond 0125Swain (Elizabeth) House
Kirshbaum (Henry) House1906129 Almond StreetQueen AnneAlmond 0129Kirshbaum (Henry) House
Chambers (John) House1906137 Almond StreetQueen AnneAlmond 0137Chambers (John) House
Strickfaden (Frank) House1909145 Almond StreetQueen AnneAlmond 0145Strickfaden (Frank) House
Dunlap-Perrine House1906159 Nob Hill StreetNorman Farmhouse DetailingNob Hill 0159Dunlap-Perrine House
Walter-Briggs House1889165 Almond StreetL-House Vernacular Almond 0165Walter-Briggs House
Abbett-Mitchell House1903209 Almond StreetVernacular with Queen Anne elementsAlmond 0209Abbett-Mitchell House
Freeman (Andrew) House1905125 Scenic DriveCraftsmanScenic 0125Freeman (Andrew) House
DeHaven (Newton) House1948215 Scenic DriveRanch StyleScenic 0215DeHaven (Newton) House
Mayfield-Dunn House188465 Granite StreetItalianate VictorianGranite 0065Mayfield-Dunn House
Mathes Rental House191074 Pine StreetBungalowPine 0074Mathes Rental House
Taylor (Robert) House189073 Granite StreetVernacular with Italianate elementsGranite 0073Taylor (Robert) House
Briggs (William) House192277 Granite StreetBungalowGranite 0077Briggs (William) House
Woods Rental House194078 Pine StreetBungalowPine 0078Woods Rental House
Horning (John) House192583 Granite StreetBungalowGranite 0083Horning (John) House
Dimmick Rental House190587 Granite StreetI-House Vernacular Granite 0087Dimmick Rental House
Dimmick (E. H.) House190993 Granite StreetBungalowGranite 0093Dimmick (E. H.) House
Daley (W. C.) House188099 Granite StreetI-House Vernacular Granite 0099Daley (W. C.) House
Hardy (Joseph & Frances) House1944107 Granite StreetRanch StyleGranite 0107Hardy (Joseph & Frances) House
Palmer (H. H.) House1920110 Pine StreetBungalowPine 0110Palmer (H. H.) House
Stearns (Luella) House1920112 Pine StreetBungalowPine 0112Stearns (Luella) House
Fridegar (Isaac & Maude) House1939119 Granite StreetMinimal EaveGranite 0119Fridegar (Isaac & Maude) House
Briggs Rental House189061 Nutley StreetVernacular with Queen Anne elementsNutley 0061Briggs Rental House
Hamaker-Taylor House189063 Nutley StreetI-House Vernacular Nutley 0063Hamaker-Taylor House
Nutley (George) House189079 Nutley StreetI-House Vernacular Nutley 0079Nutley (George) House
McGowan-Butler Rental House1895105 Nutley StreetI-House Vernacular Nutley 0105McGowan-Butler Rental House
Butler-Thompson Rental house1890125 Nutley StreetI-House Vernacular Nutley 0125Butler-Thompson Rental house
Barron (Minnie) House1909133 Nutley StreetVernacular hipped-roof cottageNutley 0133Barron (Minnie) House
Roach (Earl) House1909135 Nutley StreetVernacular Front Facing GableNutley 0135Roach (Earl) House
Johnson (Leslie & Anna) House1913143 Nutley StreetBungalowNutley 0143Johnson (Leslie & Anna) House
Routledge (Frank) House1910147 Nutley StreetCraftsmanNutley 0147Routledge (Frank) House
Phipps (E. E.) House1903113 Pine StreetVernacular with Queen Anne elementsPine 0113Phipps (E. E.) House
Weber-Daniel House1902109 Pine StreetVernacular hipped-roof cottagePine 0109Weber-Daniel House
Barker (Raymond & Ella) house1946101 Pine StreetMinimal EavePine 0101Barker (Raymond & Ella) house
Owens (Jessie) House194783 Pine StreetMinimal EavePine 0083Owens (Jessie) House
Burriss (I. W. & Frocine) House188879 Pine StreetL-House Vernacular Pine 0079Burriss (I. W. & Frocine) House
Willey (Laura) House190177 Pine StreetVernacular Front Facing GablePine 0077Willey (Laura) House
Coolidge-Hite House189073 Pine StreetI-House Vernacular Pine 0073Coolidge-Hite House
Adams-Wagner House189063 Pine StreetItalianate VictorianPine 0063Adams-Wagner House
Bolton (Thomas & Elizabeth) House1889142 Church StreetQueen AnneChurch 0142Bolton (Thomas & Elizabeth) House
Smith (Elizabeth) House1890160 Church StreetStick VictorianChurch 0160Smith (Elizabeth) House
Smith (V.O.N.) House1910174 Church StreetBungalowChurch 0174Smith (V.O.N.) House
Reed-Hinthorne House191595 Scenic DriveBungalowScenic 0095Reed-Hinthorne House
Coombe (R. L.) House191079 Scenic DriveCraftsmanScenic 0079Coombe (R. L.) House
Unknown House191071 Scenic DriveBungalowScenic 0071Unknown House
Rocho-Hodgson House190967 Scenic DriveCraftsmanScenic 0067Rocho-Hodgson House
Tanner (Laura & G. W.) House1890196 Nutley StreetVernacular hipped-roof cottageNutley 0196Tanner (Laura & G. W.) House
Mattingly-Neville House1886187 Strawberry LaneBungalowStrawberry 0187Mattingly-Neville House
Mills (Victor) House1927155 Strawberry LaneStucco with modest Spanish Colonial Revival influenceStrawberry 0155Mills (Victor) House
Taylor (Robert) House1920180 Nutley StreetBungalowNutley 0180Taylor (Robert) House
Hicks (Viola) House1908144 Nutley StreetVernacular hipped-roof cottageNutley 0144Hicks (Viola) House
Freeman (Bert & Myrtle) House1935112 Nutley StreetNorman FarmhouseNutley 0112 1Freeman (Bert & Myrtle) House
Conner (Leo & Catherine) House194964 Nutley StreetMinimal EaveNutley 0064Conner (Leo & Catherine) House
Currie (William & Anna) House1949135 Granite StreetRanch StyleGranite 0135Currie (William & Anna) House
Thompson (T. H.) House1909143 Granite StreetVernacular with Queen Anne elementsGranite 0143Thompson (T. H.) House
Barber Rental House1914147 Granite StreetBungalowGranite 0147Barber Rental House
Freeman Rental1930112 1/2 Nutley StreetMinimal EaveNutley 0112 2Freeman Rental
Marsh-Barber House1880153 Granite StreetI-House Vernacular Granite 0153Marsh-Barber House
Watson (Frederic) House1915147 Strawberry LaneBungalowStrawberry 0147Watson (Frederic) House
Alnutt (Hattie) House1909163 Granite StreetBungalowGranite 0163Alnutt (Hattie) House
Yockey (W. R.) House1905171 Granite StreetVernacular Front Facing GableGranite 0171Yockey (W. R.) House
Shoudy-Woods House191075 Helman StreetBungalowHelman 0075Shoudy-Woods House
Fox-Ferguson House1890123 Central StreetVernacular with Queen Anne elementsCentral 0123Fox-Ferguson House
Parson (John) House1899138 Main Street NorthQueen AnneMain N 0138Parson (John) House
Myer (B. F.) House1881142 Main Street NorthItalianate VictorianMain N 0142Myer (B. F.) House
Wyatt-Johnson House1910150 Main Street NorthBungalowMain N 0150Wyatt-Johnson House
Glenn (Daniel) House19002 Bush StreetVernacularBush 0002Glenn (Daniel) House
Simpson (Nellie) Rental House1945145 Central StreetMinimal EaveCentral 0145Simpson (Nellie) Rental House
Phillips (Samuel) House1884147 Central StreetVernacular Front Facing GableCentral 0147Phillips (Samuel) House
Virgin (W. T.) Rental House1900155 Central StreetI-House Vernacular Central 0155Virgin (W. T.) Rental House
Rhodes (Sadie) Rental House1900156 Main Street NorthBungalowMain N 0156Rhodes (Sadie) Rental House
Fox (Heaton) House1885160 Main Street NorthI-House Vernacular Main N 0160Fox (Heaton) House
Virgin-Owens House1884166 Main Street NorthL-House Vernacular Main N 0166Virgin-Owens House
Fordney (W. W.) House1908174 Main Street NorthCraftsmanMain N 0174Fordney (W. W.) House
First Methodist Church1908165 Main Street NorthQueen AnneMain N 0165First Methodist Church
Turner-Caldwell House1912165 Main Street NorthOne of the finest bungalows in Ashland and the only local "airplane" bungalow.Main N 0165Turner-Caldwell House
Atkinson (Eugenia) House190493 Bush StreetQueen AnneBush 0093Atkinson (Eugenia) House
Tilton (C.F.) House II190275 Bush StreetVernacular with Queen Anne elementsBush 0075Tilton (C.F.) House II
Sayles (Herbert) House190263 Bush StreetVernacular with Gothic Revival elementsBush 0063Sayles (Herbert) House
Turner (W. A.) House1913159 Main Street NorthBungalowMain N 0159Turner (W. A.) House
Bagley (E. E.) House1913157 Main Street NorthBungalowMain N 0157Bagley (E. E.) House
Ogg (George) Rental House I190940 Bush StreetBungalowBush 0040Ogg (George) Rental House I
Ogg (George) Rental House II190958 Bush StreetBungalowBush 0058Ogg (George) Rental House II
Coolidge (Orlando) Rental House I188470 Bush StreetL-House Vernacular Bush 0070Coolidge (Orlando) Rental House I
Coolidge House (National Register Listing #80003317)1875137 Main Street NorthItalianate VictorianMain N 0137Coolidge House (National Register Listing #80003317)
Ashland Tire Shop1936145 Main Street NorthCommercial Colonial RevivalMain N 0145Ashland Tire Shop
Campbell House (National Register Listing #80003316)188894 Bush StreetStick VictorianBush 0094Campbell House (National Register Listing #80003316)
Bullis House1945134 High StreetBungalowHigh 0134Bullis House
Woolen House (National Register Listing #79002067)1876131 Main Street NorthItalianate VictorianMain N 0131Woolen House (National Register Listing #79002067)
Atkinson House (National Register Listing #79002063)1880125 Main Street NorthItalianate VictorianMain N 0125Atkinson House (National Register Listing #79002063)
Payne-Burdic House1909122 High StreetNorman FarmhouseHigh 0122Payne-Burdic House
Newbry-Woods House1940120 High StreetColonial RevivalHigh 0120Newbry-Woods House
Nelson-Smith House1909116 High StreetVernacular hipped-roof cottageHigh 0116Nelson-Smith House
Russell (Ann) House1902117 Main Street NorthVernacular with Classical Revival elementsMain N 0117Russell (Ann) House
Mathes (William) House1911115 Main Street NorthBungalowMain N 0115Mathes (William) House
Nelson (John) house191091 Church StreetCraftsmanChurch 0091Nelson (John) house
Gillette-McConnell House188092 Church StreetVernacular with Classical Revival elementsChurch 0092Gillette-McConnell House
Edgington (Robert) House190856 Church StreetVernacular hipped-roof cottageChurch 0056Edgington (Robert) House
Coleman-Mulit House190044 Church StreetVernacular with Queen Anne elementsChurch 0044Coleman-Mulit House
Freeburg (W. A.) House190219 Granite StreetVernacular with Queen Anne elementsGranite 0019Freeburg (W. A.) House
Wagner (Fred Day) House190025 Granite StreetL-House Vernacular Granite 0025Wagner (Fred Day) House
Nelson (Peter) House190129 Granite StreetBungalowGranite 0029Nelson (Peter) House
Grainger House (National Register Listing #90000289)189035 Granite StreetStick VictorianGranite 0035Grainger House (National Register Listing #90000289)
Butler (Gwin) House190541 Granite StreetCraftsmanGranite 0041Butler (Gwin) House
Baum-Crocker House188079 Baum StreetI-House Vernacular Baum 0079Baum-Crocker House
Kinney (A. E. & Mabel) House191555 Granite StreetBungalowGranite 0055Kinney (A. E. & Mabel) House
Wagner (F. D.) House II190947 Granite StreetCraftsmanGranite 0047Wagner (F. D.) House II
DavenHill House194546 Granite StreetSplit LevelGranite 0046DavenHill House
Alice Applegate Peil Walkway19350 Granite StreetSteel stairs and path connecting Granite Street to the PlazaGranite 0000Alice Applegate Peil Walkway
Wagner House/Butler Apartments192440 Granite StreetCraftsmanGranite 0040Wagner House/Butler Apartments
Peil House (National Register Listing #92000062)191052 Granite StreetBungalowGranite 0052Peil House (National Register Listing #92000062)
Kinney-Applegate House60 Granite StreetBungalowGranite 0060Kinney-Applegate House
Perozzi House (National Register Listing #80003320)190288 Granite StreetItalianate VictorianGranite 0088Perozzi House (National Register Listing #80003320)
Miller (Elias) House1888102 Granite StreetL-House Vernacular Granite 0102Miller (Elias) House
Miller (Otto) House192098 Granite StreetBungalowGranite 0098Miller (Otto) House
Satterfield (Joseph & Catherine) House1886108 Granite StreetL-House Vernacular Granite 0108Satterfield (Joseph & Catherine) House
Barnthouse (Verl & Carmel) Bungalow1928114 Granite StreetBungalowGranite 0114Barnthouse (Verl & Carmel) Bungalow
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