National Register of Historic Places in Nevada County, California

National Register #85002520: Nevada City Downtown Historic District National Hotel and IOOF Building
14 December 2005
National Register #85002520
Nevada City Downtown Historic District
Bounded by Main, Spring, Bridge, Commercial, York, Washington, and Coyote Streets
Nevada City

Nestled in a natural basin, Nevada City is not only one of the earliest towns in the Sierra mining districts but also one of the best preserved, and much of the 19th century look of the city remains, giving it a special charm.

The town sprang up when gold miners started working the placers along Deer Creek in 1849. It was known first as Deer Creek Dry Diggings, then as Caldwell's Upper Store - so called for a log cabin store on the site where Trinity Episcopal Church stands today. The town was one of the few mining camps to grow and prosper.

The Nevada City Downtown Historic District is the largest and most representative collection of downtown commercial buildings in the area of the Northern Mines. As the county seat of Nevada County and the county's largest historical downtown, Nevada City was the commercial, governmental, and professional center of Nevada County from the 1850's. Since the turn of the century it has gradually relinquished its domination as the county's retail trade center and of late has actively promoted tourism.

One architectural feature that must be noted in connection with these 19th century structures is the wide use of balconies for both residential and commercial purposes. Nearly every building in the historical district had either a roofed balcony such as those that appear on the two firehouses, or a balustraded veranda-balcony such as that on the National Hotel, or shed canopies such as those on the north side of Broad Street between Union and Pine Streets. These provided shade beneath, and shielded windows from the glare of the sun in summer. In winter they kept rain and snow from the space below. They also added a touch of grace to the buildings.

Excerpted from the NRHP nomination.

The Nevada City Downtown Historic District occupies an area of 160 acres containing seventy contributing buildings. The following table itemizes some of the more prominent buildings.

Name Year Address Remarks Sort Address Sort Name
Alpha Hardware1917210 Broad StreetBroad 0210Alpha Hardware
National Hotel1856211 Broad StreetNational Register #73000416 and California Landmark 899Broad 0211National Hotel
Lowell's Jewelry1864218 Broad StreetBroad 0218Lowell's Jewelry
Dickerman's Drugs1856219 Broad StreetBroad 0219Dickerman's Drugs
Family Barber Shop1864220 Broad StreetBroad 0220Family Barber Shop
M'Lady's1868227 Broad StreetBroad 0220M'Lady's
Citizen's Bank Building1859221 Broad StreetBroad 0221Citizen's Bank Building
Mine Shaft1864222 Broad StreetBroad 0222Mine Shaft
IOOF Hall1873225 Broad StreetBroad 0225IOOF Hall
Kidd and Knox Building1856228-236 Broad StreetNational Register #80004628 Broad 0228Kidd and Knox Building
Fur Trader #21865231 Broad StreetBroad 0231Fur Trader #2
Schrieber's Corner (Flagg Building)1856233 Broad StreetBroad 0233Schrieber's Corner (Flagg Building)
Union Building1854301 Broad StreetRemodeled 1904Broad 0301Union Building
Prospector's Furniture1856303 Broad StreetBroad 0303Prospector's Furniture
Novaks1869305 Broad StreetBroad 0305Novaks
Various1864306 - 308 1/2 Broad StreetBroad 0306Various
Apple Faire1895307 Broad StreetBroad 0307Apple Faire
Cirino's1890309 Broad StreetBroad 0309Cirino's
Utopian Stone1863310 - 310 1/2 Broad StreetBroad 0310Utopian Stone
Merrill's Peal Estate1913312 - 312 1/2 Broad StreetBroad 0312Merrill's Peal Estate
Antique Emporium1879313 Broad StreetBroad 0313Antique Emporium
McGee's1890315 Broad StreetBroad 0315McGee's
City Hall1937317 Broad StreetBroad 0317City Hall
Posh-Nosh1881318 Broad StreetBroad 0318Posh-Nosh
Selay's1880320 Broad StreetBroad 0320Selay's
Nevada Theater1865401 Broad StreetBroad 0401Nevada Theater
New York Hotel1880408 Broad StreetBroad 0408New York Hotel
Darlene Crowley Residence1880414 Broad StreetBroad 0414Darlene Crowley Residence
Nevada City Engineering Co.1881416 Broad StreetBroad 0416Nevada City Engineering Co.
Antiques/American Art1881418 Broad StreetBroad 0418Antiques/American Art
Firehouse 21861420 Broad StreetBroad 0420Firehouse 2
Searls Historical Library1872214 Church StreetChurch 0214Searls Historical Library
Love Your Feet1885228 Commercial StreetCommercial 0228Love Your Feet
Chief Crazy Horse1863230 Commercial StreetCommercial 0230Chief Crazy Horse
Sitting Bull Leather1863232 Commercial StreetCommercial 0232Sitting Bull Leather
Gray Goose1863234 - 234 1/2 Commercial StreetCommercial 0234Gray Goose
Osborn and Woods1863244 Commercial StreetCommercial 0244Osborn and Woods
Transcript Building1862244 Commercial StreetCommercial 0244Transcript Building
Royal Gardens1861300 Commercial StreetCommercial 0300Royal Gardens
Vacant1890309 Commercial StreetCommercial 0309Vacant
Vacant1881311 Commercial StreetCommercial 0311Vacant
The Gallery1884312 Commercial StreetCommercial 0312The Gallery
Vacant1881313 Commercial StreetCommercial 0313Vacant
Vacant1880315 Commercial StreetCommercial 0315Vacant
Sierra Mountain Coffees1896316 Commercial StreetCommercial 0316Sierra Mountain Coffees
Nevada County Courthouse1937201 Church StreetChurch 0201Nevada County Courthouse
Ott Assay Office185530 Main StreetMain 0030Ott Assay Office
South Yuba Canal Building1855132 Main StreetMain 0132South Yuba Canal Building
Westamerica Bank1864206 - 208 Main StreetMain 0206Westamerica Bank
Shaw's Antiques1870210 Main StreetMain 0210Shaw's Antiques
Firehouse 11861214 Main StreetCurrently a museumMain 0214Firehouse 1
Residence1870216 Main StreetSecond story added in 1890.Main 0216Residence
Mackay's Realty1880220 Main StreetMain 0220Mackay's Realty
Berliner Office Building1890224 Main StreetMain 0224Berliner Office Building
Hatfield Offices1870230 Main StreetMain 0230Hatfield Offices
First Baptist Church1857300 Main StreetMain 0300First Baptist Church
Waggoner House1874308 Main StreetMain 0308Waggoner House
Masonic Hall1864108 1/2 North Pine StreetPine N 0108Masonic Hall
John L. Larue Building1881205 - 207 North Pine StreetPine N 0205John L. Larue Building
Nevada City Public Library1904211 North Pine StreetPine N 0211Nevada City Public Library
Mama Sue's Restaurant1900108 South Pine StreetPine S 0108Mama Sue's Restaurant
Elks Club1912109 1/2 South Pine StreetPine S 0109Elks Club
Nevada City Baptist Church1860203 South Pine StreetPine S 0203Nevada City Baptist Church
Spring Street Café1884315 Spring StreetSpring 0315Spring Street Café
Heidelberger's Law Office1884317 Spring StreetSpring 0317Heidelberger's Law Office
Residence1885320 Spring StreetSpring 0320Residence
Nevada City Winery1900321 Spring StreetSpring 0321Nevada City Winery
American Victorian Museum1859325 Spring StreetThis collection of industrial buildings was once the Miner's Foundry.Spring 0325American Victorian Museum
St. Canice's Catholic Church1864317 Washington StreetWashington 0317St. Canice's Catholic Church
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