National Register of Historic Places in Mendocino County

U.S. Coast Guard Arena Cove Lifeboat Station No. 314
U.S. Coast Guard Arena Cove Lifeboat Station No. 314
28 February 2018

Arena Cove Pier Arena Cove Pier
13 November 2005

The pier does not contribute to the historic district. The old wooden pier was destroyed during the winter of 1982-1983 and replaced with a 322-foot-long steel and concrete pier with a boat launch and hoist.

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National Register #90001363
Arena Cove Historic District
Arena Cove
Point Arena
Period 1875-1933

The Arena Cove Historic District represents the commercial maritime activity that formed the backbone of Point Arena's economy from the 1860s to the early 20th century.

It was at the cove that lumber, dairy products, and other fruits of local labor were shipped to San Francisco. And it was at the cove that people and manufactured goods arrived on their way to town and outlying areas. The Wharfmaster's house was built at the beginning of this period of commercial activity.

The other structures in the district were built for the life-saving station established at the cove in 1903. The life saving station later became Coast Guard Station #314 and was decommissioned in 1958.

The architectural integrity of all the structures remains high, although some alterations have occurred.

The period of significance has been ended at 1933, the date of the Longshoremen's strike after which the wharf area declined in significance.

The Arena Cove District covers 200 acres with ten contributing buildings and three contributing structure.

Excerpted from the NRHP nomination.

Name Year Address Remarks Sort Address Sort Name
Coast Guard Boathouse1903Resource 1R01Coast Guard Boathouse
Wharfmaster ' s House1875Resource 2R02Wharfmaster ' s House
Industrial Building1925Resource 3R03Industrial Building
Coast Guard Garage1902Resource 4R04Coast Guard Garage
Residence1910Resource 5R05Residence
Coast Guard Captain's Residence1902Resource 6R06Coast Guard Captain's Residence
Garage for Captain's Residence1910Resource 7R07Garage for Captain's Residence
Auxiliary Structure1903Resource 8R08Auxiliary Structure
Storage Shed or Outhouse1903Resource 9R09Storage Shed or Outhouse
Water Storage TanksResource 10R10Water Storage Tanks
Flagpole1902Resource 11R11Flagpole
Shed1910Resource 12R12Shed
Staircase and Retaining WallResource 13R13Staircase and Retaining Wall
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