California Historical Landmarks in Calaveras County

California Historical Landmark 251
Valley Springs
Intersection of State Route 12 and State Route 26
Valley Springs

California Historical Landmark #251: Valley Springs
Valley Springs Southern Pacific Depot
7 December 2012
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Valley Springs

In 1885 the San Joaquin and Sierra Nevada Railroad Company completed a narrow-gauge railroad from Brack's Landing to Valley Springs. The line eventually became the property of Southern Pacific Company, and a standard-gauge line into Valley Springs was substituted.

Citation from California Office of Historic Preservation

We were unable to locate a California commemorative plaque for Valley Springs, but the Clampers erected a Valley Spring plaque near the old Southern Pacific depot.

Valley Spring
  Valley Spring

7 December 2012
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Valley Spring

The original three foot narrow gauge line was built by the San Joaquin & Sierra Nevada Railroad, extending from Brack's Landing on the Mokelumne River, east to Valley Springs. The depot and turntable were built around the time of completion of the last section, which was finished in April 1885, at a total cost of $409,570. The line was changed to standard gauge by Southern Pacific around 1904. It was then extended 13 miles further east to Kentucky House to service the Calaveras Cement Company in 1925. Passenger service ended around 1932 but the line continued to serve as a freight line, until closure of the cement plant. The last rail shipment of cement was in 1983.

Dedicated by Matuca Chapter #1849
E Clampus Vitus
May 30, 1993 (5998)
Credo Quia Absurdum

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