National Register of Historic Places in Trinity County

National Register #88000550: Lewiston Historic District
7 November 2011
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National Register #88000550
Lewiston Historic District
Deadwood, Turnpike, and Schoolhouse Roads

The Lewiston Historic District covers 150 acres with sixteen contributing buildings and one contributing structure.

The marker in the garden at the base of the flag reads:

Lewis’ Town / Lewiston

Forty-niner Thomas Palmer, bought Cephus Wood’s property, known as “Old Tucker’s Place,” in 1850. In 1851, he built a ferry, a bridge, and numerous buildings. Palmer hired his adopted son, Benjamin Franklin Lewis, to run his enterprises, known to many as Lewis’ Bridge Estates, called Lewiston. Palmer died in 1853, leaving the entire 320 acres on the river including improvements, to B.F. Lewis. Lewis lost a lawsuit in February, 1855, to Palmer’s former associates and was forced to sell out. In 1856, Lewis married an English woman named Mary, in Sacramento, CA. They had three children; Elvira, Frank P. and Renania. The Lewis’ lived in many locations. Mary died in 1878, in Lakeview, Ore. The man who gave Lewiston its name was known to all as a solid citizen of upstanding character. B.F. Lewis died of natural causes Sept. 28, 1900, in The Dalles, Oregon.

Dedicated by the friends of the Old Lewiston
Schoolhouse Library and Museum and the
Trinitarianus Chapter #62
E Clampus Vitus, July 28, 2007

Name Year Address Remarks Sort Address Sort Name
Acuff-Dysert House1910Building 1 on Deadwood RoadB01Acuff-Dysert House
Lewiston Hotel1899Building 2 on Deadwood RoadB02Lewiston Hotel
Hotel Shed1900Building 3 on Deadwood RoadB03Hotel Shed
Hotel Shed1900Building 4 on Deadwood RoadThis shed was probably used as a stableB04Hotel Shed
Lewiston Community Hall1920Building 5 on Deadwood RoadB05Lewiston Community Hall
Barn1890Building 6 on Deadwood RoadB06Barn
Residence1890Building 7 on Deadwood RoadB07Residence
Baker Paulsen-Dickey House1880Building 9 on Deadwood RoadB09Baker Paulsen-Dickey House
Shed1875Building 10 on Deadwood RoadB10Shed
Olney Phillips House1875Building 11 on Deadwood RoadB11Olney Phillips House
Paulson Store1860Building 13 on Deadwood RoadB13Paulson Store
Siligo Butcher Shop1894Building 14 on Deadwood RoadB14Siligo Butcher Shop
Siligo House1884Building 15 on Turnpike RoadB15Siligo House
Old Lewiston Schoolhouse1862Building 16 on Schoolhouse RoadB16Old Lewiston Schoolhouse
Mart Van Matre House1870Building 17 on Schoolhouse RoadB17Mart Van Matre House
Congregational Church1896Building 19 on Schoolhouse RoadB19Congregational Church
Lewiston Bridge1900Turnpike RoadLewiston Bridge
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