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California Landmark 355
Fort Crook
McArthur Road and Soldier Mountain Road
Fall River Valley

California Historical Landmark #355: Fort Crook in Fall River Valley
California Historical Landmark #355: Fort Crook in Fall River Valley
24 September 2006
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In Commemoration Of
Fort Crook

Established July 1, 1857 by Lieut' George Crook and Command for protection of the immigrants and settlers. Later occupied by Capt' John W Gardner and Capt' McGregor.

The boundaries of the fort were designated as one mile in every direction from the flag pole.

Abandoned June 1, 1869.

Marked Nov 11 1934 by the Fort Crook Historical Society, Fall River Valley.

A companion marker commemorates Captain Dick and Richard Pugh.

  Captain Dick and Richard Pugh Commemorative Marker
24 September 2006
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In Commemoration of Captain Dick and Richard Pugh

The 1850's saw tension and turmoil between the early settlers and the native peoples of the Fall River Valley.

Richard Pugh, a native of Wales, was chosen by Lt. George Crook to be his guide when he and his company were sent to Fall River Valley in 1857. In October 1857 Lt. Crook was transferred to the Klamath Area in Northern California. He asked his guide, Dick Pugh, to remain in the Fall River Valley and help to complete the building of Fort Crook.

Richard Pugh remained in the Valley for the rest of his life. He and his wife adopted an Indian boy and reared him. At the age of 16 this young man, known as Captain Dick, became the leader of the Achumawis. Under his leadership peace was maintained in Fall River Valley, and requests for assistance from other tribes including the Modocs for their long war were declined.

Captain Dick died at the age of 34. Three hundred persons attended his funeral. His place of burial is about two miles east of this monument, at the far end of Creighton Drive.

Richard Pugh died at Ft. crook and was buried there the year the fort was abandoned. All graves were transferred to other places, but less than half had markers. His is one of the unknowns.

Additional information is available at the Fort Crook Museum.


Fort Crook Historical Society
American Legion Post 369
McDonald's Chapel Burney

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