Art Nouveau (1890-1914)

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Art Nouveau was popularized by the Maison de l'Art Nouveau, a Paris art gallery operated by Siegfried Bing.

In the United States, Louis Comfort Tiffany, Louis Sullivan, and Frank Lloyd Wright were influenced by this decorative style.

Distinctive Art Nouveau features are:

  • Asymmetry
  • Arches and curves
  • Curved glass and stained glass
  • Mosaics
  • Japanese motifs
  • Elaborate curved embellishments derived from nature


Name Year Address City Sort Address Sort Name
Cadillac Hotel1908366-394 Eddy StreetSan FranciscoEddy 0366Cadillac Hotel
Cranston-Geary House19092101 G Street Sacramento Street G 2101Cranston-Geary House
Einstein House1894584 Page StreetSan FranciscoPage 0584Einstein House
Hallidie Building1917130 Sutter StreetSan FranciscoSutter 0130Hallidie Building
Hammersmith Building 1907301-303 SutterSan FranciscoSutter 0303Hammersmith Building

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