National Register of Historic Places in Santa Barbara County

National Register #78000783: Thomas Hope House in Goleta   National Register #78000783: Thomas Hope House in Goleta 29 March 2017
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National Register #78000783
Thomas Hope House
399 Nogal Drive
Built 1875

Prominent architect, Peter J. Barber, designed this Italianate style residence as the headquarters for Thomas Hope's large ranch, Las Positas y La Calera. Barber also designed the nearby Sexton House.

Hope, who owned and raced famous horses, was one of the richest men in Santa Barbara County. He died in 1876 shortly after the house was completed. His widow and six children lived here for twelve years.

In 1967, when Mr. and Mrs. E. George Obern acquired the house, it had been vacant for two years and vandalized. The county had condemned the building planned to demolish it. Restoration started in March, 1968.

In 1978 when the Hope House was listed on the National Register, it was still in its original setting. Many of the large trees, including live oaks, eucalyptus trees, date palms and the huge arborvitae and Monterey cypress, appear in early photos. The 7½ acres contained typical outbuildings of a working ranch: two cottages, a manager's cottage, a seven-room the bunk house and a ninety-foot long tin roofed equipment shed.

Source: Adapted from the NRHP nomination submitted in 1978.

You can see the house from the street without trespassing. The interpretive marker reads:

Hope House

Built in 1875 by Thomas Hope of Ireland, the house was headquarters for the 4500-acre sheep ranch. The house, which was designed by Peter Barber, was purchased by Mr. and Mrs. George Obern in 1967 and restored to near original condition.

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