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Spanish Creek Mines in Plumas National Forest 2 May 2010
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Spanish Creek Mines
Bucks Lake Road East of Snake Lake Road
Plumas National Forest
Years 1851-1905

The Clamper plaque reads:

Spanish Creek Mines

Millions in gold were taken from the Spanish Creek Mines between 1851 and 1905. To supply the miners the small town of New Boston sprang up at the mouth of the Wahponsey Creek. Complete with a toll gate, apple orchard and gardens, in the 1870's it was covered by slicking from the large hydraulic mines nearby. Water to mine was brought from Silver Lake and Upper Spanish Creek by a ditch, some 20 miles long. Gopher Hill, Plumas County's largest hydraulic mine, is now the county dump. Also through this area ran the historic Beckwourth Emigrant Trail.

Dedicated September 13, 1997 by Las Plumas del Oro #8 E Clamus [sic] Vitus

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